Zenith Voluron
None Yet
Titles Large-Fanged Ancient Fossil Serpent
Nicknames Z.Voluron, Z.Volu, Zenith Volu, Land Voluron, Fanged Voluron, Dinoman0310's Evolved Pet, Dinoman0310's Pet
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Marshlands, Interceptors Base, Fortress Ruins, Defiant Stronghold
Size Very Large
Relatives Voluron, Tidecaller Voluron Tsunami Voluron, Crimson Voluron
Signature Move Biting Rampage
Elements Element Thunder Element Water
Ailments Severe Thunderblight Severe Waterblight Status Bleeding Status Paralysis Status StunStatus Resistance Down Status Mudded Status Blood Questionsmark
Weaknesses Element Dragon Element Crimson Demon
Creator Chaoarren

Zenith Voluron are rare mutations of Voluron.

Developed Part

The developed part of the Zenith Voluron is the head, or the fangs to be more precise.

Explanation For Differences

They are Volurons with a birth defect, mainly caused by the egg being too exposed to sunlight on land or damaged on the top.

Aesthetic Differences/Appearance

Zenith Voluron
Zenith Voluron Icon by Chaoarren Individuals of Voluron that have severely enlarged fangs around its mouth and a head plating in place of gills. Recognised as defects, their mutations have rendered them unable to swim in any state due to lacking the parts to be able to. Despite the faults, they are seen as a far greater danger than their normal species due to the higher amount of voltage generating crystals on its body, mainly around its head plating. It is suicidal to attack them from the front due to the highly developed head and higher voltage claws, a single bite can rend one broken, torn, stunned, electrified, and bloody all at once. Only those with knowledge of the standard Voluron species are permitted to fight these individuals.

Zenith Voluron's fangs are severely overgrown, along with the other features on its head to a more minor extent. A blue tinted plating has grown over the head and the neck area around it, with more crystals grown on the areas. Their front claws also have grown more, with more crystals on the hands and longer, brighter claws. Its tail has also changed minorly, with a crystal replacing the top fin at the end of the tail. It is also significantly larger than a normal Voluron in size.

When it gains charge, its eyes will glow blue and leave a trail, sparks will fly around its fangs, and all the crystals on it will gain a bright glow.

How To Unlock

Hunters must have successfully hunted both a Low Rank and High Rank Voluron, as well as hunt 10 of them.


Because of all the growths and changes on the Zenith Voluron, it is incapable of swimming. The head plating has grown over where the gills are on a normal Voluron and the tail doesn't move through water that well due to a part of it being replaced by a crystal. Instead, it is forced to remain on land permanently like the Ivory Lagiacrus was mostly to the standard Lagiacrus in 3rd Gen.


They are mounted like normal Voluron.

Rage And Tired States

  • Enraged: Will generate electricity faster, and will huff electricity from mouth.
  • Tired: Will fail several attacks and drool Resistance Down Fluids from its mouth.


Zenith Voluron uses all the land attacks used by the normal Voluron, obviously excluding the underwater ones.

GR 200-400

  • A Different Way Of Powering Up: Unlike normal Voluron, Zenith Voluron doesn't charge up by becoming enraged. Instead, every attack done by a certain part will power the crystals more and more until they become completely charged.
  • Every Movement Is Dangerous: Hunters must be very careful near the Zenith Voluron's head at all times, as even simple movements will damage hunters and can inflict Bleeding and/or Thunderblight because of its abundance of fangs.
  • Bleeding From All Bites: All attacks involving the fangs now can inflict Bleeding.
  • Quick Bite: Lunges its head forward in a shocking fast bite.
  • Sweeping Chomps: It lifts its head up and moves forwards with three separate sweeping chomps that have wide range and come fast.
  • Lunging Bite: Zenith Voluron lifts up its head quickly and makes a lunging movement forward with a heavy bite, seemingly like the Deviljho.
  • Blindside Bite: Lifts a claw up a bit and bites right around in a direction opposite to the claw. Used to get hunters away from its hind leg.
  • Rock Rip: Zenith Voluron will drag its jaws through the ground and rip out three rocks forward. In GR 600 it becomes four, and in GR 800 it becomes five.
  • Two Double Bites: It will do its standard double bite attack, but then drags its head back and repeats the attack, this time the two bites change direction of the sides they bite in.
  • Head Shaking: Zenith Voluron will make a sound that sounds like "Hmmmm", then will suddenly extend its neck and shake its head wildly sideways extremely quickly. This does multiple hits quickly and cause Bleeding with ease. After this it raises its head up and hisses.
  • Faceplant: Zenith Voluron raises itself up and its head raises skyward in what looks to be a massive bite, but to hunters amusing surprise it instead flops down hard, with its face smashing right into the ground. To hunters not so amusement, if they are hit by the faceplant, they may be given Bleeding but will certainly be upswung.
  • Shaken Faceplant: A combination of the Faceplant and Head Shaking, the Z.Volu will make a sound that sounds like "Grumph" and begin shaking its head to the sides, then suddenly lift itself up and slam its head into the ground with far greater force. This creates a burst of earth in front of the head that hurts hunters close to the impact, and hunters hit by the impact itself will be sent flying and be Stunned.
  • Pounce Chomp: Zenith Voluron will claw the ground with it throwing back its head. It will then pounce at a hunter and make a hard bite forward.
  • Backhand: Zenith Voluron will do a backhand with one of its claws like Amatsu and has a small chance of causing Bleeding.
  • Devouring Of The Small Monster: If a small monster crawls into the sights of this many-fanged land Leviathan then it will likely do this to them. It will knock them down with a snap of its jaws, then gobble them up into its mouth and actually eat them. After doing so it will turn to a hunter if nearby and spit the blood at them to give them the status of the same name, Blood. If the blood isn't spat out, then its bites will cause the status for twenty seconds.
  • Electroblast: It will hold an electroball in its mouth for two seconds, then sweep it across to create four blasts of thunder.
  • Triple Electric Ball: Zenith Voluron will charge for a little bit of time and then shoot three large electric balls in a trident shape.

Head Charged Up

  • Zenith Roar: Now its roar becomes Zenith Level.
  • Thunder From All Bites: When charged all its bites cause thunder damage.
  • A New Kind Of Bleeding: Upon becoming charged, direct hits from biting attacks will inflict its new aliment, Sparkwound. This will cause hunters to spark upon doing an action like Bleeding, doing both thunder and bleed damage in the process. If hunters spark three times in a short period of time, they will fall to the floor Stunned, and will be electrocuted from the thunder taking full effect. They will continue to lose health until they recover from the Stun effect.
  • Electric Chomp: Z.Voluron does the electric bite preformed by 4th Gen G-rank Lagiacrus, which like it, will send hunters flying away should it hit.
  • Charged Faceplant: When charged, the faceplant will create a circle of sparks that Paralyse hunters, and the hit itself now sends them flying.
  • Charged Shaken Faceplant: When charged the shaken faceplant will create two pillars of thunder, one at each side of its head. The ground rupture is also electrified, leaving a line of sparks to Paralyse hunters who try to panic dive from the burst.
  • Electric Bolt: Zenith Voluron will charge electricity for some time and then it will shoot a fast electric bolt.
  • Electroball Rush: Zenith Voluron will charge while rapidly shooting electroballs, similar to Tsunami Voluron's Water Ball Rush. This attack can cause Bleeding and/or stun if the head strikes the hunter.
  • Triple Electric Lazer: Does its Electric Lazer three times in a row, aiming at a new hunter each time.
  • Sweeping Electric Lazer: It will rise up its body for a moment, then fire a Electric Beam that moves from one side to the next.
  • Giant Electroball: Zenith Voluron will charge up a electroball then shoot the giant electroball at a hunter in a large AOE blast. This leaves a electric circle where it impacted for two seconds that will Paralyse hunters who step in it.
  • Stun Pulse: It will bob its head to create a warping shock of thunder across its face to the tip of its maw. The energy is shot at hunters in a fast pulse wave that will instantly Stun them along with receiving minor damage. Zenith Voluron will very often combo this into another attack involving the mouth.

Claws Charged Up

  • Quintuple Claw Swipe: Zenith Voluron will get upon its hind legs and begin making wide swipes with its claws one after the other four times.
  • Electric Claw Shock: Zenith Voluron with a claw raised, will charge thunder through it then slam it into the ground forward, creating a moderately large AOE thunder-shock like 4th Gen's G-rank Zinogre. It may not look bad, but in the two higher levels this attack becomes much worse.
  • Knock Down Burst: If both head and claws are charged then it can do this attack. It will swipe the ground in front of it to knock down hunters on their behinds then rear up and shoot a burst of thunder at the spot to do large damage and knock them down.
  • Stab And Slam: It will first try to stab hunters then use the claws again to slam down onto them, which can easily cause Stun if they both hit.
  • Sweeping Slam: Z.Volu will sweep a claw across its front, then swing it back up and slam it down to create an electric shock that may cause Paralysis.
  • Claw Beams: Gets on its hind legs, shakes its claws, and then fires a quick beam of thunder from both claws forwards.

Tail Charged Up

  • Tail Thunder Bolts: Zenith Voluron will look behind at its tail and shake it upwards, creating four bolts of thunder that move down away from the tail.
  • Tail Smash: It lifts up its tail and slams it behind it, creating a zap of thunder around it.
  • Tail Zap: Zenith Voluron shakes its tail quickly upwards and slams it downwards straight in a line. Its main crystal at the tails top end will emits a powerful zap backwards to hit whatever is behind it.
  • Multiple Zapping: Its tail shall be shaken more than the Tail Zap to generate much more electricity, making an orb of thunder on the tip of the crystal. Using this, it preforms its Tail Zap attack up to six times in a row, in rapid succession.
  • Electric Stomps: In a move unnervingly similar to Frontiers G-rank White Fatalis, it gathers thunder around its hind legs and stomps them once each to create Tremors and big shocks of thunder.

With No Parts Able To Charge

  • Desperate Flail: Should hunters manage the grand achievement of breaking its parts to the point where it cannot use any sort of charge whatsoever, the huge majority of the attacks it gained in all three levels become impossible to do. Instead it gains this in place of them. It will make a harsh screech and begin flailing the parts of its body around at complete random, in shock that its powers have been all taken away from it. Should it not be Enraged when doing this, then it will fall over at the end of it and be left in a position for finishing off.

GR 600

  • Triple Quick Bites: It will do its quick bite attack three times, turning towards hunters with each.
  • Bloody Crunch: A variant of the Devouring Of The Small Monster attack. It snap a small monster in its jaws and break its bones with a small bite so it cannot move. It will then move towards hunters and once near, it widely opens its jaws and completely crunches the monster into pieces with a single chomp. Its pieces will scatter around the bite in a wide splatter of blood, easily inflicting hunters with the Blood status. Its fangs will also be coated in the Ailment so its bites cause Blood for twenty seconds.
  • Pitfall Smash: Zenith Voluron raises its head up high and shakes it wildly and holds it for a second and strikes downwards right into the earth. This will make a pitfall hole that hunters that walk into it will fall into, leaving them completely helpless to attack.
  • Pinned By The Jaws: A pin attack used by the Zenith in this level forward. It will walks backwards while it makes a hiss, then it will place and drag its head forward through the ground ending in an sudden bite. Hunters hit by the bite will end up inside the jaws of the Zenith Voluron, and it will attempt to break them into pieces in a single chomp, stopped only by the hunters struggle to keep it open. Hunters must free themselves from this attack or the Zenith Voluron will preform a huge chomp on them for massive damage, inflicting Bleeding or Sparkwound. If freed, they will cause its head flinch animation and escape.
  • It Can Crunch The Earth!: It will move its head close to the ground and open its mouth then strike and crunch it, breaking apart the earth around the jaws that will cause hunters standing on it to be upswung.
  • Slide Bite: It will ready its fangs upon preparing a slide, and then slide at a hunter with the jaws wide open. When it reaches one it will use the speed gained to make a power lunging bite at the hunter that will send them flying even with the head not charged.
  • Turning Electroblast: Z.Volu will prepare an Electroblast, turn itself around in the opposite direction and the do the attack from there.

Head Charged Up

  • Teeth Zaps: Zenith Voluron rams its head forward, with electricity going all over its fangs. It makes a strange pose with an arm raised as it shakes its head and snaps its jaws. Zenith Voluron will then swing its head upwards to generate another spark, then flail its head forward and around. The motion will send thin zaps of thunder all across its front from each fang it has, making it very difficult to block or dodge easily.
  • Paralytic Pitfalls: When its head is charged, the Pitfall Smashes will now Paralyse hunters who fall into them, increasing the danger of them significantly.
  • Standing Electric Lazer: Using its tail to balance itself it gets upon its hind legs and fires an Electric Lazer that starts by the sides of its feet to all the way up to the sky, leaving a decent opening time for attack as it gets back down to normal position.

Claws Charged Up

  • Electric Claw Explosion: An advancement to the Electric Claw Shock. Zenith Voluron will paw the ground with the claw it wants to use and raise it up to gather a large burst of thunder through it. It will smack the ground to create a zap of thunder around it that does moderate damage and Paralyses hunters struck by it. It then quickly raises its claw again with a flare of blue and slams it hard, reaching forward now. Instantly a big burst of thunder ruptures from the earth around it, and again in a shockwave three more times moving away from the impact.
  • A Strange And Familiar Looking Bodyslam: Zenith Voluron will slither backwards and use its arms in a heavy push to lift itself upwards onto its hind legs. The goofy yet terrifying stance will likely catch one off guard upon first seeing it, it will actually make large wobbling steps towards a hunter with its arms lifted up and ready. When ready, its claws emit a large spark and it will slam down with much mighty weight it will generate a Zenith Tremor and create a large burst of thunder from the claws and the ground around it. Hunters hit by the electric shockwave will be paralysed, while hunters hit by the full power attack will be sent flying away from the Z.Voluron and Stunned.
  • Restraining Pierce: A claw and head combo. It will gather thunder around its claws and then stab them downwards, Paralysing what beneath. With the hunter or small monster underneath pinned down by the claws the Zenith Voluron with make three quick bites out of them and then headbutt them away if they are a hunter with Sparkwound inflicted, or tossed into the air and crunched to pieces in a single bite if its a small monster. This attack cannot be escaped from by mashing buttons because its too fast so a Dung Bomb must be used instead.
  • Thrown Electroballs: Z.Volu will shake its arms quickly to make Electroballs in its claws that it will throw in an arc towards hunters. There's not much limit to the distance it can throw them so hunters must make an actual effort to avoid them because sometimes it will throw one but then throw the second one a second afterwards with greater speed and aim.

Tail Charged Up

  • Super Tail Slam: Gathers far more power into its tail than normal and smashes it hard into the ground, making its shockwave and damage higher, catapulting hunters away from the power.
  • Swung Into A Bite: It will lift its tail up high and put its front low to the ground and swing the tail upwards with a step backwards. Hunters hit will be upswung right to the Zenith Volurons waiting jaws, which it violently rushes upwards to bite them. If the head was charged then the bite will inflict Sparkwound, or just regular Bleeding.
  • Electroballs From The Tail: Zenith Voluron will make circular motions with its tail and then fling three electroballs with its tails that are aimed.
  • Thunderous Tail Spin: It curls up and spins itself around once using the might of its tail, creating several bolts of thunder around the area where it spun.
  • Paralyse And Bite: It will raise its tail up like a Scorpions and gather a yellow tinted thunder on the main crystal and then zap it in front of the Z.Volu side to side and then retract it backwards to normal. If a hunter is hit by the beam produced, then it will suddenly draw its head back and deliver a large bite that may inflict Bleeding or Sparkwound.
  • Slamming In The Paralytic Sweep: Zenith Voluron will charge energy in its tail like a normal Tail Slam attack, but this time it with hold it in the air for a moment before slamming it to create the same effect as before. Unlike before, it will use energy still surging in the crystal in a tail sweep around the back, leaving a Paralysing trail behind.

GR 800

  • Muddy Terrain: Now when in wet areas, in mainly the case the Marshlands, attacks that have it cut/plow through the ground now unearths mud around them or flings it that inflict hunters hit with Muddy.
  • Voltage Charge: Zenith Voluron does a small hop backwards and generates a large spark around its front from an electroball deliberately burst. It will use the thunder to electrify its charge attack, increasing its width and speed.
  • Thunderous Bite: A more powerful version of the Electric Chomp. Zenith Voluron will snarl and generate a large charge of thunder around its mouth for two seconds and then bite hard at hunters, creating a burst of thunder from around it and causing Wind Pressure. This bite will inflict Sparkwound even if not charged and will send hunters flying away. Can be comboed into from other attacks.
  • Fanged And Shaken: When preparing a Shaken Faceplant it may now also be snapping its jaws repeatedly. This is the sign for this new attack. It will plant its face to ground like usual, but will drag them out with speed if it misses. Should a hunter be there, they will be planted in the earth and the pin starts. It will begin shaking its head while still in the ground with the hunter stuck in the unseeable hole being cut up by the fangs. Hunters must break free before it rips them upwards from the ground into an upswing with Bleeding.
  • Chomped To Mush: Since Zenith Voluron has so many fangs, it cannot swallow a hunters like the regular version. It will glare at one hunter with a brief drool and snarl at them before suddenly lunging at them with a large snap of the fangs thats difficult to avoid. If hit, the hunter will be stuck inside the fangs of the Z.Voluron as it chews them repeatedly as it continues attacking others. They must escape quickly, as this pin quickly takes health away like with a Savage Deviljho.
  • Splitting The Ground: A lead up to two similar attacks. It will lift its claws up and drag them underneath the earth and lift up a piece of ground, that is square shaped, which becomes a temporary platform to use, but hunters must be careful about doing so because...
  • Prey Hold: The third version of the small monster interaction attacks. It will swipe its head it the small monster, using its fangs as a hook to catch it. The fangs then impale the small monster, dousing the fangs in blood, but keeping the monster alive for not much longer. It will swing around its head, smashing it against the hard ground to hopefully hit hunters in the brutal killing. Should no hunter be hit in three strikes, then it will begin fighting without use of its head for ten seconds. After that it flings the monster away and causes to break into pieces from the force of the throw so carves cannot be obtained.
  • False Help Calls: It will go to a spawning point for small monsters and make several strange sounding calls repeatedly to it, making whats in there come out to attack. They will think its a Drome, but instead they end up getting many giant fangs through their bodies, as Z.Volu will almost instantly use them in its special attacks.
  • Pitfall Clusters: Zenith Voluron throws its body up with its flailing head and slam it down with far greater power, creating a bigger hole, and creating cracks that spawn cluster type holes that will do the same thing by trapping them. They also become Paralytic when the head becomes charged.
  • Earth Shock Pillars: Zenith Voluron will use its Electric Lazer to thaw a hole in the ground and let energy seep in, then stamp its claws to release pillars of thunder randomly around it that upswing.
  • Triple Double Bite: It can now do its standard Double Bite up to three times in a row.
  • AOE Electroblast: It will swing its head up and fire its Electroblast across the ground like a carpet-bomb made out of thunder like Ivory Lagiacrus.
  • Biting Rampage: Zenith Voluron when Enraged may get so angry it does this attack. It will grasp the ground and make a more harsh sounding roar, then go berserk, charging around randomly while doing many sweeping bites that will all send hunters flying from their strength and quickness. It will do this rampage up to four times before it either chains it into a strong attack or comes to a halt from exhaustion.

Head Charged Up

  • Dragged Faceplant: Does a faceplant, but will then shake its neck and drag its head through the ground in an arc and do an uppercut bite that upswings.
  • Tracking Earth Shock Pillars: The attack that replaces the standard version in charged state. It will now slam its head on the ground once now to create a blue energy wave that senses hunters, those detected must be wary. It will fire a stronger Electric Lazer into the ground, creating pillars of thunder like before, but now with a twist. Hunters detected by the energy wave will soon notice that thunder pillars will rapidly spawn constantly near them, they are being tracked by the thunder. Until the attack ends the hunters must always be on the run or they will certainly be struck from under by a pillar with large damage and upswing.
  • Simply Bitten And Eaten: Hunters must be very careful when trapped in a Paralytic Pitfall in this level, as this attack becomes available for use. It will walk to the hunter trapped in the pitfall and open its mouth to maximum width directly over the hunter and bite them hard to immobilise them. With only the legs hanging out it does two lesser bites to get them in and then swallows the hunter, resulting in an unavoidable faint. Hunters of course will still respawn at camp as usual for fanon gameplay purposes.
  • Backwards Electric Beam: Zenith Voluron flattens itself down then use its neck to point its head behind itself and fire an Electric Beam from there.
  • Electroball Geyser: Forms an electroball in its mouth and swirls it around until it becomes near unstable then slams it through into the ground. It will actually travel forward through the earth until it becomes completely unstable and erupts out a geyser of thunder that shoots electroballs all over the place until it ends.
  • Tracking Electric Beam: Zenith Voluron will make a snarl during its build up of its Electric Lazer, which is the only tell of it using this variant. It will begin charging the beam, but it will be constantly turning its head and moving in aim of hunters during it, and quite quickly too. It will then fire the beam and now it will stop turning with its body around, however it will still track hunters with its head while doing the attack.
  • Super Electric Lazer: Through all the crystals on its head, a power surge starts to enlarge as the Zenith Volu opens up its mouth wide and begins building power for its next enhancement of an old attack. It uses its build up for the Electric Lazer at twice the slower speed, and then fire a double in all sizes beam it is first shot forward then moved around slightly in all directions until it loses power and the Zenith rises its head high and emits a hiss.
  • Mega Thunderous Bite: The second strongest bite attack it has and a stronger version of the Thunderous Bite. It will build up more power in its maw and lunge forward with greater strength enough to cause near one hit faint damage, this time creating a tremor around the area of the bite, High Wind Pressure in place of low, and create a large thunder burst that creates two zaps beside the bite and generates sparks around the head when finished that Paralyse.

Claws Charged Up

  • Full Electric Claw Explosion: Using both claws this time, Zenith Voluron smashes the ground hard, creating a large shock of Paralysing thunder and Tremors, and then repeat it again faster with higher voltage. It then gets on its hind legs as a large blue flare forms as massive bolts of thunder surge around its two claws. With that, it smashes the ground with deadly strength, creating a Zenith Tremor and a giant burst of thunder that creates a shockwave that can easily travel across an entire area, along with several pillars of thunder being created by the sides. The impacted area with have sparks on it for a few seconds that Paralyse. This attack can one shot hunters if their not careful, as they will become Stunned if hit by the full impact and be sent flying by all the forms of thunder created in the attack.
  • Claws Lightning: Strings of thunder swirl around its arms as the energy begins to build towards its claws, slowing pushing itself upwards for its next attack. Once on its hind legs the attack begins. Without much warning many streams of lightning erupt from the tips of its claws and rush all around where the claws point at, and they move quickly and effectively. It can move its claws around to change where the lightning goes. Being hit by the lightning doesn't knock hunters away, but can inflict Paralysis and several hits in a short amount of time.
  • Flipping The Ground!: This is what happens when it decides to use the split ground. It will open its eyes up wide, becoming near circle like and opening its maw, giving the impression its about to crunch the ground, but it doesn't. Instead it will move backwards, dig its claws in the cracks underneath the split ground while on its hind legs to give power to them, inch closer to the earth, and with one mighty heave unearth the ground with a single flip. When it throws the ground with the flip, it will have a unique expression on its face as its circular eyes and open mouth become very visible when doing it. The flipped ground is strangely shaped in shape and effects to be like a table, with four pieces of rubble flying off from its sides. It will smash upon impact into four separate rocks. If hunters where on the earth when it was flipped they take big damage and will be upswung much higher than any other upswinging attacks used by the Zenith Voluron. The place where the earth was will have a sparking circle in its place for a few seconds that Paralyses.
  • Flipping Two Grounds?!: Used should two split grounds be next to each other in a rare situation. Zenith Volurons eyes take a savage look and its jaws close in a contrast to the standard version of the Flipping The Ground attack. It will get on its hind legs and stretch out its arms to grab both pieces of ground from underneath and flip them with power alone, creating an electric circle in their place as before. It will have to regain its balance for a second after this for continuing the fight.

Tail Charged Up

  • Fast Swing Zaps: Its tail will surge with thunder and swung to one side to send bolts of thunder travelling that direction, as the name suggests, very quickly. It can easily catch a hunter off guard.
  • Electroball Circulars: Zenith Voluron will shake its tail in circular motions extremely quickly, making spirals of thunder around the crystal. It will then spasm the tail, yelling to the air as four electroballs are created that circle the Zenith Voluron like 4th Gen Lagiacrus.
  • Electrodarts: Zenith Voluron gathers spear like thunderbolts on its tail and take a curved stance. It then quickly spins around and flings up to six Electrodarts across the area. If the hit the ground they explode and create a burst of thunder like an electroball, but if one hits a hunter they will become Paralysed.
  • Sticking Electrodarts: Its Electrodarts get a moment longer pause before being thrown, this time they become planted in the ground when they impact, instead generating an orb of sparks that Paralyse, then explode as before after a while.
  • Rolluron: A strange yet scary attack used by the Zenith at this level. It will gather all the energy in its tail as it can and lift its body up high and arch so its head almost touches its tail crystal, then it uses the tails energy to create a massive pulse that flips the Zenith Voluron upwards and around. When it lands the unthinkable happens, it curls up and begins rolling around the area. It may choose to aim at hunters but mostly its random in direction. When rolling, the weight and spikes of the Zenith shred up many rocks to its sides and leaves very brief electric sparking trails behind that Paralyse hunters who are in it. When it loses momentum and balance it flips over again and slams onto its front, leaving a three second free opening for attack.

All Parts Charged

  • Extreme Thunderous Bite: The strongest bite attack belonging to the Zenith Voluron and its second strongest overall attack. It will gather energy from all around its body to its open jaws as it slowly raises itself up as a great blue surge rages in its mouth. It will continue getting up until it is on its hind legs, where it will the swing its head forward at where it will strike. It then makes a short jump forward and unleashes all the power of its biting strength and the thunder generated in one gigantic bite that creates a huge rupture of earth instantly, along with creating several thunder pillars around it. The shockwave creates both a Zenith Tremor and Dragon Wind Pressure from the extreme power. Its head and the broken ground will emit an aura of sparks for a few seconds that will Paralyse on the slightest touch. This attack can easily one shot those in the direct aim of its bite, and still cause massive damage from the burst from around the bite. This bite cannot be blocked by usual means, so either Guard Up skills are needed or must be Adept Blocked, which still runs the risk of being Paralysed afterwards.
  • Shredding Thunder Of Crippling Agony: Zenith Voluron's ultimate attack. It will raise its head up high and make a short roar, which immediately begins moving all the thunder energy across all crystals to the ones on its head. Violent surges of thunder will rush around to its jaws as it very slowly gets upon its hind legs and takes aim, as it needs the best precision and balance in order to get the best use out of this grand assault. It will first fire out several bolts of lightning to cover the area in front of it with thunder that Paralyses hunters that are hit by it, a certain death sentence thanks to what comes next. It will brace its head backwards and close its mouth tight as the electricity makes a nerve shaking drone with a bright flare around its fangs. Then, a gigantic wind tunnel shaped torrent of thunder erupts from its maw, one so powerful it struggles to keep it holding and preventing itself from being thrown over. The unique and most dangerous thing about the attack is that the many fangs and spikes of the Zenith Voluron actually shred apart the wind and thunder being emitted from the maw, thus creating forces that tear apart whats inside just like the fangs themselves. Not only this, but like other strong attacks, thunder pillars will erupt around the area of attack, this time shooting out electroballs like with the Electroball Geyser. A burst of Violent Wind Pressure and a Zenith tremor will occur immediately on the attack beginning, which might either save hunters or doom them. Hunters caught in the shredding thunder tunnel are almost certainly done for, as like Peerless Nargacuga's blade winds they will cause the hunter to take damage extremely quickly from barrages of hits. Not only that, they will be lifted upwards from the ground from underneath being devastated and take hits from there, leaving them completely helpless to the attack. If their health depletes to zero then a special animation will play where the hunter becomes nothing but a shadow and evaporates into uncountable amount of pieces, charred and cut to tiny ashes, causing an unavoidable faint. If they somehow do survive, like stepping into the attack in the last seconds of the attack then they will be sent flying all the way until they hit a wall, causing them to collapse down from it with both Sparkwound and Stunned from the impact. After the attack is done the Zenith Voluron will make a lengthy yell and fall down to its front, and becomes motionless for five seconds before yelling up again and resuming battle. It will lose all charge in its body from the attack and will have to recharge it again. Like any other big attack Paralysing sparks will cover the ground where the shredding thunder tunnel was for a few seconds. To their excitement, hunters can preform a very risky chance to turn the attack into a great advantage against the Zenith Voluron. If they flinch one of its hind legs enough it will stumble and cause the shredding tunnel to weaken, if they do it again with the opposite leg then it will lose balance and its scream brings the energy all rushing back to its head, causing it to take large damage, doing break damage to its head and sending IT flying backwards onto its side for a lengthy while with its charge all gone like usual.
  • Tankuron: A special mode only available in this GR and full charge state. Zenith Voluron will stretch its neck out, flowing its parts with thunder. Then, something strange happens. Its limbs become harder than they were before, also stiffening the joints and muscles. The Zenith Voluron's neck becomes pointed forward, with the tail pointed straight and the legs pushing the body upwards. In this state, the Zenith Voluron's movement and attacks change drastically. It will become slower and less agile, but it also becomes far more resilient to damage and flinches. In order to knock Zenith Voluron out of this state, hunters must constantly hit one of its legs to make it stumble and lose the charge holding the Zenith in this mode. Should it be knocked out of this mode two times in a row, then it will lose the charge it all its parts and collapse to the ground for free hits for 6 seconds.
    • Stiff Head Upswing: Zenith Voluron takes a step backwards the forwards and lifts its head forward and up to upswing hunters upwards and possibly give them Sparkwound.
    • Stiff Chomp: With its neck so stiff, it lunges out with a hard chomp without much warning at hunters mostly. This can send hunters flying away with Sparkwound like any other bite attack exclusive to charged state.
    • Thunder Shell: Zenith Voluron may gain a cylinder of thunder in its mouth which hunters must watch out for, because without warning it will fire it with great force should they walk in front of it. This thunder ball is in the shape of a shell round, and upon firing it the Zenith Voluron will be pushed backwards from the strength of the shot, even creating a shockwave around it that damages and inflicts Dragon Wind Press. The thunder shell when it impacts instantly creates a large explosion of electricity that inflicts huge damage to whatever it hits, sends them flying away from the blast and then leaves them Stunned.
    • Pellet Taps: Zenith Voluron gains more charge on its claws and rapidly taps them on the ground to fling small pellets of thunder in front of it, and can also turn while doing so. This acts like a sort of machine gun fire for the Zenith, one pellet does little damage but the amount of them can overwhelm and cart a hunter at full health.
    • Heavy Walking: Zenith Voluron will make large steps quickly advancing towards hunters, putting its legs forwards two at a time, front and back. Its steps cause the ground near them to quake and emit thunder shocks that paralyse. Coming into contact with the body except the tail will knock hunters away like a Nakarkoses built up charge and can cause Stun, certain if they hit a wall.
    • Heavy Walking Bodyslam: Zenith Voluron gets on its hind legs and makes very precise movements towards a hunter with its body still stiffened up, quaking with every step. It then makes a hard and fast bodyslam that inflicts huge damage, flying knockback and Stun to those hit directly, and Dragon Tremors to those near it, along with thunder damage from a slight discharge from the smash.
    • Dual Beam Stamper: With its claws sparking it makes a very short jump upwards on the spot to make a Zenith Tremor and leave a circle of Paralysing sparks around it. Two surges of thunder flow to its mouth and tail, both of which its slams down flat on the ground. It then fires a beam from both parts at the exact same time while also stamping to keep the beams with enough energy to go for three more seconds. It quickly recovers afterwards.
    • Electric Flamethrower: It will build a charge in its mouth that gains a shape thats more flame like, sparkling from the fangs as it build it up. When it gets a good enough aim and distance, it will walk backwards and begin breathing a stream of electricity that crosses along the ground in a wall of thunder like it was fire. Getting hit by the stream won't knock hunters away, but rather knock them down on their behinds into the thunder sparks on the floor, along with doing high damage. The thunder wall of "fire" will rapidly drain health and inflict thunder damage along with it, potentially causing hunters to become Stunned inside it, leading to a faint.
    • Thunderous Wall Death Trap: Zenith Voluron will gather up sparks of thunder in its mouth and breathe a long thick wall of it across its front, then at a further distance. Should hunters be in the range, they will be instantly Paralysed and at the deadly mercy of its follow up to this. It will then use its Electric Flamethrower over the areas hit by the Paralysis to create a Thunderous Wall that will rapidly drain health of those in its area. This can easily cause an easy win for the Zenith Voluron if hunter don't avoid the Paralysis phase of the attack.


  • Head Plating And Some Fangs Slightly Wounded
    • Head Plating More Wounded And Several Fangs Outside Of Mouth Damaged
      • Head Plating Cracked And All Outside Mouth Fangs Damaged
        • Head Plating Broken Off, Fangs Outside Of Mouth All Destroyed And Crystals Around Head Heavily Damaged. Reveals The Disturbing Disfigured Skin Beneath That Is A Major Weak Point.
          • Head Flesh Scarred, Remaining Fangs Broken To A Blunt Form And Crystals Around Head Completely Destroyed, Removing The Heads Ability To Charge, And Removes Its Ability To Causes Bleeding Even In Attacks That Are Guarantied To Cause It.
  • Left Claw Slightly Wounded
    • Left Claw Crystals Heavily Damaged And Wounded
      • Left Claw Crystals Completely Destroyed, Removing The Left Claws Ability To Charge And Cause Bleeding.
  • Right Claw Slightly Wounded
    • Right Claw Crystals Heavily Damaged And Wounded
      • Right Claw Crystals Completely Destroyed, Removing The Right Claws Ability To Charge And Cause Bleeding.
  • Back Spikes Broken
    • Back Scarred
  • Tail Wounded
    • Tail Severed, Removing The Tails Ability to Charge.


Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Grey Zenith Voluron Shard A Zenith Voluron's scale is significantly stronger than a normal Voluron scale in every way, to its conductance of thunder and general defensive capabilities. When charged with thunder, they gain a blue tint and spark with electricity that prevents easy assault.
Hide Icon Grey Zenith Voluron Piel This specimen of Zenith Voluron piel is much more suited to deflecting sharp rocks and rough earth than water currents like a normal Voluron is, but in the most part is only thicker than normal, unlike other parts.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Zenith Voluron Razorclaw Although it cannot float in water, it makes up for the weakness with far more crystals lining its braces and generally longer claws that ruin the nerves of its victims. It is said one of these has the full power of a standard Voluron's electricity around its head.
Monster Parts Icon Grey Zenith Voluron Lash This lash is not built for swimming. It is made to administer immobilising amounts of sparks through the crystal at the end of the fin so the Zenith Voluron could finish them off while helpless. Even now severed the energy can still be felt.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Blue Zenith Voluron Crystal Able to take in four times the amount of thunder a crystal on a standard Voluron, immense care must be taken to ensure that no remaining volts still remain inside it, as any hard movements can discharge its lightning everywhere it can touch.
Eye Icon Dark Blue Zenith Voluron Gloweye An eye from a Zenith Voluron that even it can hold thunder inside, giving the monster a blue and black vision of the world when charged, with the lighter shades telling it where to strike. A brave hunters treasure for sure.
Fang Icon Yellow Zenith Voluron Deathfang One of the unique fangs which sets the Zenith Voluron apart from its other cousins. No normal means of touching cannot be done with being cut or shocked by the deadly sharp edges of it which by their look, show immediately it hasn't developed like a standard fang. Once it impales prey there's no chance escaping a gruesome death.
Shell Icon Dark Blue Zenith Voluron Plating A heavily mutated shell that belongs only to Zenith Voluron. Made extremely hard by the many layers of scales that have merged with defected extra bone, it is lined by many crystals which makes using it impossible without years of experience.
Mantle Icon Dark Blue Zenith Voluron Mantle A special crystal formed deep inside Zenith Voluron that generates the greatest amount of thunder out of them all, complete with spine-chilling fang like spikes covering it. It is very rare to obtain one with quality like this one.



MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-対峙- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR200~Extended

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-対峙- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR200~Extended

GR 600-800

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-烈戦- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR600~ Extended

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-烈戦- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR600~ Extended

GR 800

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-終焉- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR800~ Extended

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-終焉- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR800~ Extended

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper State/Apex

None. Zeniths cannot enter any of these states.



  • Order: Leviathan
  • Suborder: Sea Wyvern
  • Infraorder: Ancient Shell Wyvern
  • Family: Voluron

Voluron are some of the largest Leviathans known to exist, even trumping the mighty Lagiacrus. While Voluron belong to the Order of Leviathans there doesn't seem to be much connection between Voluron and other Leviathans, besides Lagiacrus.

Habitat Range

Zenith Voluron can be found in locations where the normal Voluron can be in, except for areas that are mostly or completely submerged in water. The Zenith Voluron are mainly found in areas with damp ground and a temperate environment, the Flooded Forest and Marshlands being good places for them.

Ecological Niche

Zenith Voluron sit very high in the food chain and preying on pretty much anything it can get its giant fangs on. Prey that aren't immobilised by a single bite are taken down by the deadly high thunder currents it produces in the crystals on its body. They will also use their claws to hold prey down, and the tail to quickly paralyse them. Monsters like Slagtoth, Aptonoth, Great Jaggi, Great Baggi and Daimyo Hermitaur and many more often fall prey to them. Larger monsters are also fair game to the Zenith Voluron, as its scales and strength can deflect most common attacks and take them down with ease.

Zenith Voluron's large size, strong electrical powers and its very appearance scares off many predators but there is still plenty of competition that will try to fight a Voluron and a select few predators that will take down a Voluron. But unlike the normal Voluron, the Rathalos and Lagiacrus are no longer the threats they once were, with Rathalos going down to a well placed electroball and Lagiacrus to a precise chomp to the neck. The only strong competitors for Zenith Voluron are monsters like the Solmaron Variants, strong Deviants like the Blue Thunder Lord Astalos, rare Elder Dragons and other Zeniths which will occasionally take down a Zenith Voluron. Hunters are the only thing smaller than it that are confirmed to have defeated one.

Biological Adaptions

Zenith Voluron have similar adaptions to a normal Voluron, but with several big differences. The most obvious one is that its head has greatly mutated from a birth defect caused by its egg being left in hot sunlight on land for too long, damage or by rare chance. It bares much more fangs than usual, and several have grown up to four times the size of standard sized ones, with extremely sharp features. Also covering the head is a dark blue plating made out of defected extra bone and layers of scales that form an almost impenetrable defence for the flesh underneath. Because this is a mutation, it has grown over in place where the gills would be on a normal Voluron, thus giving the disability of being unable to swim underwater in any form. Its tail has also suffered this too, where the top fin would be on the end of the tail, is instead a crystal. The crystals have also developed to hold much higher levels of thunder in them than normally possible, and they are greater in amount, lining its head plating and creating a brace on its arms.

Because it is limited to ground, it has grown to a size normally only seen in Gold Crown sized Voluron or Crimson Voluron. Its muscle mass has increased greatly, to give it better running abilities so it can adapt to its land exclusive nature. Due to its mutations, it cannot split its lower jaw, meaning it has to use the power of its jaws to crunch anything it eats to mush so it can swallow.


Zenith Voluron have a bloodlust not seen in other Voluron, whenever they smell blood or flesh they will immediately go to where the smell is coming from and search out the source of it. When it sees its prey, there will be no stopping it until its trapped and crunched in its massive fangs. When it is satisfied, it will go to a secluded place and rest until it feels the need to eat again. Most times, the Zenith Voluron will eat what they kill or find on the spot, but larger monsters may have it drag its remains to the place it sleeps to finish later on.

If annoyed, attacked or should something try to steal its food, then it will fly into a rage and immediately attempt to savagely kill the opponent, usually adding it to the meal should Z.Volu successfully slay it. If only slightly annoyed, it will usually walk towards the cause in an attempt to scare them off, then snarl at them, should this fail it will proceed to attack them.


  • Blood is a Fanon Ailment which causes the hunters weapons sharpness to decrease faster, and cause bowguns and bows to reload slower, and arrows to waste a coating. It also will make monsters more likely to target the hunter affected more, and use pins on them more.
  • Unlike normal Voluron, Zenith Voluron's rage mode only increases its speed and attack power.
  • Zenith Voluron's concept was gained while looking at Ailuromancy's render for Tsunami Voluron, which brought up the ideas for a Voluron with huge fangs.
    • It was also thought up because of the original creators excessive talk about the Volurons as a whole in chat.
  • It was originally supposed to have 10 breaks for its head, each getting more graphic until the head itself would be severed for instant victory. This however was scrapped in favour for five breaks.
  • Until the head plating breaks twice it is immune to true hits even with Sky Blue Sharpness, and only Purple Sharpness can damage it without bouncing off when the plating is broken off.
    • Blue Sharpness can damage the head once the final break is obtained.
  • Sparkwound is a status that causes the hunter with each movement to spark and take damage of both Bleeding and Thunder element, if this happens three times in a row they will fall on the ground and be Stunned from there taking steady damage until they recover.
    • Once Zenith Voluron's head plating is broken off it cannot inflict this ailment anymore.
  • Several of Zenith Voluron's attacks and ablities were based off the likes of Dinoman0310, particularly the "flipping the table" emote and World Of Tanks and War Thunder. The Rolluron attack was inspired by a complaint he made about Uragaan once.