Zenith Toa Tesukatora
ZenithToa Tesukatora render byドスジャギィ
Titles Ice Teostra
Nicknames Icy Iceostra
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Snowy Mountains, Polar Sea
Size Large
Relatives Lunastra,Teostra,Toa Tesukatora
Signature Move Ice Comet Shower
Elements Element Kanade
Ailments Element IceStatus Crystalization
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator ドスジャギィ

Zenith Toa Tesukatora are Zenith Species of Toa Tesukatora.


Developed parts

Its developed parts are its horns, wings and tail.


It walks around until it is provoked.

Ecological Information

Placement In Food Chain

it is at the absolute top

Behavior Towards Other Monsters

It is extremely aggressive towards everything it defends its territory ferociously until the death.


It can now summon ice meteors and ice particles

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State: Its left horn begins to grow and chunks of ice fly into the air
  • Tired State: Barely Noticable


It is mounted on its back


  • Habitat Range

x it has been found in the polar sea and the snowy mountains

  • Ecological Niche

it is at the absolute to and it will attack ferociously

  • Behavior

It is extremely aggressive and territorial


It has all of Toa Tesukatora's attacks and has new ones.


Ice Projectile: it slams its claws on the ice sending ice chunks everywhere before sending them at the hunter

ice beam spin:it first spits an ice beam before doing a 360 spin while still breathing the ice beam

Cold dance: it hops around leaving trails of ice particles behind then biting causing an ice spark to make the ice particles explode

upgraded bite: it will bite twice creating ice explosion and then swiping his tail if the hunters get caught

Chunks of Dry ice: it will send chunks of ice in the air followed with a roar that breaks all of the ice that sends it everywhere

Zenith monster roar: it will roar causing the hunter to get knocked back extermely far away.


Ice throw:it will slam his claws in the ground and then swiping it causing chunks of ice to fly everywhere.

Jump and smash: it jumps 2 times causing tremors (no skill can prevent this)and then does the zenith monster roar followed with a claw slam on the nearest hunter.


Single Ice Comet: It roars zenith monster level and summons an ice comet

False ice beam: It will do a taunt but instead of doing a ice beam attack it will send icicles at the hunter that pins them.

Ice aura: It will fold its wings before then suddenly opening them again sending ice particles everywhere that causes the area in the particles to turn into giant ice crystals.

Ice Supernova: It will fly around sending particles everywhere then biting to make them explode causing crystallization then followed with a Teostra like super nova but it is ice and has more range.


Giant ice beam: Its beam now has even more range and it breathes it twice

Crystal explosion: Now every attack that has giant ice crystals at the end will now explode.


Ice Comet shower: Almost the same as single ice comet but it will first crystalize the area(must be i framed though)and then it rains ice comets causing extreme damage.

Absolute Zero: It will flap its wings 20 times sending ice particles everywhere causing constant damage.


Everything deals more damage and is enhanced.

Breakable parts / Damage Effectiveness

  • Breakable parts

List what can be broken on a monster, and if possible, what effect it has on it.

Physical Damage Effectiveness

  • Head =★★
  • Tail =★
  • Wings =✖
  • Legs =★★★

Element Effectiveness

  • Fire = ★★★
  • Water = X
  • Thunder = ★★
  • Ice = X
  • Dragon = ★
  • Earth = ★
  • Wind = ★

Status Effectiveness

  • Poison = ★★★
  • Sleep = ★★
  • Paralysis = ★★★
  • Blast = ★★★
  • Stun =★
  • Blind =★★

Shiny Item Drops

if enough damage is dealt to its head it will drop a shiny

Material Items

Legendary Dragon Treasure

Slinger Ammo




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Zenith Toa Tesukatora
Icon ZenithToa Tesukatora byドスジャギィ Evolved Toa Tesukatora that has a larger horn and has even more control over the ice so be sure to bring something warm with you




Star Level Guide

  • ★★★★★★ =