Zenith Frigid Mizutsune
None Yet
Titles Frost Fox Wyvern
Nicknames Fridge-Utsune
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Glittering Falls, Gem Chasm, Coral Highlands
Size Moderate
Relatives Frigid Mizutsune, Mizutsune, Soulseer Mizutsune
Signature Move Bubbly Blizzard
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Severe Iceblight Status Effect Bubbleblight Freezing Bubbleblight Status Attack Down Status Resistance Down
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator Chaoarren

Zenith Frigid Mizutsune are Zenith Species of Frigid Mizutsune, which was originally created by Werequaza86.

Developed Part

The developed part of this Zenith is the head.

Aesthetic Differences

Zenith Frigid Mizutsune
Zenith Frigid Mizutsune Icon by Chaoarren Many see snowstorms of snowflakes and ice, but very few have seen ones made of bubbles. The Zenith species of Frigid Mizutsune are proficient at spawning bubblefoam so cold, that they begin freezing just a second after creation. Do not embrace the beauty of this event, as should you be caught inside these bubbles the feeling of their cold touch is unforgettable.

Zenith Frigid Mizutsune have larger lighter coloured fins on it's head, white eyes, a fin along the front of it's head, fins beside neck, fins around the eyes, icy spikes along top of mouth, light blue claws, and a coating of frost all along the top of it's body.


Zenith Frigid Mizutsune don't have a different behaviour than the normal version, only a few new interactions involving it's new abilities.


Zenith Frigid Mizutsune have a unique ailment to them, known as Freezing Bubbleblight. They are able to create bubbles that glitter with snow in movement, and being hit by one of those inflicts that status. When inflicted, when the hunter isn't moving enough, the glittering bubbles on them will begin to freeze, making movement extremely unstable while continuously making it harder to control the hunters. Once fully frozen, there isn't anything the hunter can do until he/she slides into something and shatters the ice, but in the process taking heavy damage. These freezing bubbles form much of this Zenith's new attacks, including an AOE tornado of bubbles created by an acrobatic twirl, a large spiralling breath of ice and bubbles which at higher levels can spread out from the breath and fly off on their own and several more. It can also now produce purple bubbles, which inflict Resistance Down in an identical fashion to the red bubbles. At higher levels it gains more elaborate ways of attacking, like flipping around like a spinning top on an icy surface while firing it's freezing water beam, shattering an icy surface and creating a long range misty expulsion of freezing bubbles, multiple freezing water beams in one breath, and an ultimate attack where it covers itself with freezing bubbles and snow, and using it's head fins and mouth to create a raging blizzard made of bubbles and snow which can quickly end hunters.


Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Grey Zenith F.Mizutsune Shard A metal-like scale of a Zenith Frigid Mizutsune. It is fragile now off the body, but its absolutely gorgeous.
Monster Parts Icon Light Blue Zenith F.Mizu Finefin Highly developed fin from a Zenith Frigid Mizutsune. It can drop the temperatures around it to completely freezing in mere seconds, the way it makes it's icy bubbles.
Claw Icon Light Blue Zenith F.Mizutsune Talon A Zenith Frigid Mizutsune isn't the sharpest of claws, or the most durable of claws, but it has the shearing cold factor to make whole limbs break off like coal within minutes of a cut.
Hide Icon Dark Blue Zenith F.Mizutsune Bluepelt A extremely beautiful blue pelt from a Zenith Frigid Mizutsune. The hairs on it keep outside heat out rather than in.
Medicine Icon Dark Blue Freezing Frostfoam Zenith Frigid Mizutsune's signature bubblefoam slowly freezes when bubbles are produced, and creates a blinding mist when force is applied. Only expert hands should store this for use.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Blue Zenith F.Mizutsune Lash The tail from a Zenith Frigid Mizutsune. At times a cute brush, at other times a cool breeze, and in the worst times a numbing mallet of ice and foam.
Mantle Icon White Zenith F.Mizu Permafrost Mantle An exquisite gem found within a Zenith Frigid Mizutsune. The sighting of this brings a foretelling of a blizzard of bubbles which bring more misery than that of snow.


GR-200 Battle Theme

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-対峙- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR200~Extended

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-対峙- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR200~Extended

GR 600 Battle Theme

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-烈戦- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR600~ Extended

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-烈戦- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR600~ Extended

GR 800 Battle Theme

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-終焉- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR800~ Extended

MHF-Z 異ヲ辿リシモノ-終焉- 辿異種戦闘BGM GR800~ Extended


  • The idea to make this Zenith species comes from Chaoarren seeing videos of bubbles freezing.
  • Due to their lower temperature, they are no longer weak to Water element unlike their original counterparts.
  • Credit for the original Frigid Mizutsune go to Werequaza86.