バルカンダ Barukanda
Titles Salamander Wyvern
Nicknames Vulcan
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Old Volcano
Volcano (3rd Gen)
Volcanic Hollow
Ruinous Mountain
Size 2603.19 cm
1377.96 cm
Relatives Pariapuria
Zenith Pariapuria
Uncontrollable Titan Pariapuria
Pyroclastic Vulcander
Signature Move Lava Spit
Elements Element Fire Fire
Ailments Severe Fireblight Fireblight
Status Poison Poison
Weaknesses Element Water Water
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Vulcander is a Flying Wyvern.


Vulcander is a quadrupedal, salamander-like Flying Wyvern. It has smooth black skin with marbled red streaks and spots that look resemble flames. A large red fin runs along the length of the wyvern's back with two separate, smoother fins running above and below its long, thick tail. Its wing membranes are mottled red, yellow, and orange. Its head is round and somewhat flattened with bright yellow eyes and four milky white claws on both front and back legs.


Similar to Pariapuria, Vulcander is an amphibious Wyvern except that Vulcander resides in volcanoes and can swim through lava thanks to its fins and highly heat resistant skin. It can climb on walls and ceilings. It is known to spit globs of lava at enemies, and it can even spew lava out in a pressurized stream. Vulcander can secrete poison through its skin.



Vulcander Icon by TheElusiveOne An amphibian-like Flying Wyvern that resides in volcanoes. Capable of spitting lava and secreting toxins from its skin, it's surprisingly docile and passive to the point its rarely hunted. However, it can pose a serious threat when enraged.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Superfamily: Pre-Winged Leg Wyvern
  • Family: Vulcan

Vulcander is a Flying Wyvern that dwells in volcanoes.

Habitat Range

Vulcander is exclusively restricted to volcanic areas in the Old World such as the Volcano, Old Volcano, and the Volcanic Hollow. They have been recently discovered in the New World Volcano and the Ruinous Mountain.

Ecological Niche

Living in harsh volcanic regions, Vulcander have an odd place in the food chain. Vulcander is a very voracious and opportunistic predator, feeding on any small monsters it can catch such as Apceros, Bullfango, Uroktor, Remobra, and Rhenoplos. It is also capable of taking down and feasting on monsters such as Iodrome, Great Wroggi, Volvidon, Yian Kut-Ku, and Crimson Qurupeco. However, it competes with dangerous predators such as Agnaktor, Brachydios, Brute Tigrex, Deviljho, Uragaan and its Subspecies, Gravios and its subspecies, and Rathalos and its Subspecies. However, Vulcander is capable of holding its own if need be and would rather flee than stay and fight.

Biological Adaptations

Vulcander is a very well equipped monster. It is capable of swimming through lava similarly to Agnaktor and Lavasioth. It uses its smooth heat-resistant skin, wings, and tail to help propel itself through the thick lava. Unlike the aforementioned monsters, Vulcander actually has highly developed eyesight as a protective film covers its eyes as it swims through magma to help retain its eyesight. Adhesive pads located beneath its feet allow for traversing across walls and ceilings if escaping through the lava is not an option. It can also fly using its wings if it needs to. However it very rarely flies. Beneath its skin are organs capable of secreting a toxin through the vibrant patterns on its body. This brightly colored pattern serves as a warning to predators who try to attack Vulcander. Vulcander's signature ability is the ability to store lava in its body and then expel as compressed balls or as a pressurized stream. It swallows lava as it swims and stores it in a special organ to use for later. This is Vulcander's main form of defense and offense. All in all, Vulcander is a very specialized monster with the right tools to find prey and ward off predators.


Unlike most Wyverns, Vulcander is actually quite docile and passive, only attacking other monsters when either hungry, threatened, or provoked. In fact, if Vulcander notices hunters in the same area as it, it will not attack until the hunters attack Vulcander.


Low Rank

Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Hide Icon Black Vulcander Hide The hide of a Vulcander. It has a lovely, fiery pattern. 40% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Red Vulcander Fin A Vulcander's fin. Allows the creature to swim through lava. 30% Body Carve
Claw Icon White Vulcander Claw A Vulcander's claw. It allows the beast to scale the rocky walls of its volcanic home. 27% Body Carve
Fang Icon White Vulcander Fang The fangs from a lava-dwelling Wyvern. It covered in a thin layer of rock. 25% Body Carve
Webbing Icon Orange Vulcander Webbing This vivid webbing is highly resistant to heat, making it an excellent armor lining. 25% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Black Vulcander Tail A Vulcander's tail. Its surprisingly flexible and is adorned with many fins. 40% Tail Carve

High Rank

Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Hide Icon Black Vulcander Hide+ The patterned hide of a Vulcander. Its ornamentation is reminiscent of the monster's underlying temper. 38% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Red Vulcander Fin+ A Vulcander's fin. Slices through lava as it swims. 30% Body Carve
Claw Icon White Vulcander Claw+ A Vulcander's claw. It stabs into rock as it scales high walls. 25% Body Carve
Fang Icon White Vulcander Fang+ The fangs from the lava-dwelling Vulcander. The rocky shell comes from lava being spat out from its mouth. 23% Body Carve
Webbing Icon Orange Vulcander Wing The brightly colored wing of a Vulcander. Not even being submerged in lava will damage it. 23% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Black Vulcander Tail A Vulcander's tail. Its surprisingly flexible and is adorned with many fins. 35% Tail Carve


Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Hide Icon Black Vulcander Piel The ornate hide of the flaming Vulcander. The shades of black enticed with the magma hides a violent mind 30% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Red Vulcander Greatfin The enormous fin of a Vulcander. Large enough to be mistaken for the wings of a flying wyvern bigger than itself. 20% Body Carve
Claw Icon White Vulcander Sharpclaw The extremely tough claw of a Vulcander. Perfectly built for climbing the walls of crags from the tops of volcanic reaches. 19% Body Carve
Fang Icon White Vulcander Hardfang The extremely tough fang of a Vulcander. Its thick layer of rock comes from the constant barrages of magma masses. 17% Body Carve
Webbing Icon Orange Vulcander Fellwing The vivid wing of a Vulcander. The beautiful shades of colour: blends in with the molten hellfire that clads the volcanoes that house the wyvern. 16% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Black Vulcander Lash A bulky and thick tail of a Vulcander. As molten as the rock it stands above. 35% Tail Carve



Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description
Great Sword Icon Orange Marvelous Salamandra 845 0% White/Purple O-- 200 Element Fire A fine sword decorated with a unique pattern. The blade is warm to the touch, and heats up as it slashes through enemies.
Dual Blades Icon Orange Inferno Sabers 300 0% White/Purple OO- 105 Element Fire Twin blades that whip up flames as their wielder dances to cut up prey.
Hammer Icon Orange Volcanic Demolisher 1135 0% White/White OOO 300 Element Fire A hammer that contains the power of an erupting volcano. Each time it smashes the ground a volcano is said to erupt somewhere.
Hunting Horn Icon Orange Luminous Suzu 1135 0% White/White O-- 450 Element Fire This Hunting Horn rejuvenates those who hear its voluptuous melodies.
Gunlance Icon Orange Supervolcano Gunlace 700 - Long 2 0% White/White OOO 175 Element Fire A gunlance with the same magma-spewing abilties of Vulcander. The shells are infused with lava.
Switch Axe Icon Orange Hellfire Hatchet 1368 0 White/Purple OO- 135 Element Fire This Switch Axe's attacks are akin to flowing lava.
Light Bowgun Icon Orange Magma Cauldron 400 0% Reload: Average
Recoil: High
Deviation: None OO- A Bowgun that rains down fiery fury upon its enemies.
Heavy Bowgun Icon Orange Vesuvius Ballista 500 0% Reload: Average
Recoil: High
Deviation: Mild O-- A heavy bowgun that can shoot balls of lava. Fashioned after the Vulcander.



Rarity Name Defense Slots Description
Helmet Icon Orange Vulcan Helm 58-119 O-- A decorative helmet adorned with the fins of a Vulcander. It gives the wearer a resemblance to the creature itself.
Chest Icon Orange Vulcan Mail 58-119 OO- An ornate chest piece that gives its wielder the insatiable appetite of the Vulcander.
Arm Icon Orange Vulcan Vambraces 58-119 OO- These vambraces allow the wearer to scale even the highest of walls.
Waist Icon Orange Vulcan Coil 58-119 O-- A waist piece that is said to grant you impeccable reflexes.
Leg Icon Orange Vulcan Greaves 58-119 O-- Greaves that allow you to move at ridiculously high speed.

Skills: Flame Aura, Fire Atk +2, Fire Res +20, Speed Eating +1, Double Hunger


Rarity Name Defense Slots Description
Helmet Icon Orange Volcano Cap 29-75 OO- A cap that's often sought after for its enticing patterns.
Chest Icon Orange Volcano Vest 29-75 O-- Cheat armor that repels most monster attacks. It protects you from intense heat.
Arm Icon Orange Volcano Guards 29-75 OOO Guards that allow you to dip your arms to hot magma with little to no damage.
Waist Icon Orange Volcano Coat 29-75 O-- A coat that is warm to the touch. The heat it gives off alone is enough to melt metal.
Leg Icon Orange Volcano Leggings 29-75 OOO These leggings let you walk on molten lava.

Skills: Flame Aura, Fire Atk +2, Fire Res +20, Reload Speed +2, Double Hunger


  • Roar: When a hunter first attacks Vulcander or when entering Rage Mode, Vulcander will roar at the hunter. Can be blocked with a shield (without Gaurd Up) or with Earplugs.
  • Charge: Charges very similar to a Tigrex, meaning it can shift coarse twice making three consecutive charges. When enraged it will move considerably faster and spit lava balls left and right. To dodge this attack simply move to either Vulcander's sides. In rage mode, this attack poisons hunters.
  • Double Bite: Vulcander's head goes back, and bites at the hunter. Unlike Tigrex or Pariapuria, Vulcander will always bite twice. It performs this move faster when enraged and can combo this move with other attacks. Guarding is also futile, as it drains a massive amount of stamina. In rage mode, this attack Poisons the hunter should they get hit.
  • Rock Throw: It will thrust both of its front legs into the ground, shooting four boulders similar to Pariapuria. Try to get to its sides or behind it. Roll out of the way if necessary.
  • Claw Swipe: Vulcander swings either its left or right claw at the hunter. This move is performed faster when enraged. Roll in the opposite direction of the attack. Can be blocked if you need to. In rage mode, this attack poisons the hunter.
  • Triple Claw Swipe: Vulcander growls, rears back its right from leg, and walk forward on two legs, swiping its claws repeatedly. It will slash up to three times and slam down its front legs after the third swipe. This attack is performed only in rage mode, and poisons hunters should they be hit.
  • Tail Swing: Vulcander will raise his tail and then horizontally swing it approximately 180 degrees while remaining stationary. The best and easiest way to avoid being hit by this attack is by keeping a distance at least the distance of the tail itself at all times. It's a recommended distance to keep anyhow as it is ideal for circling around a monster and staying safe while remaining able to attack any given point safely at any given time. Poisons hunters in rage mode.
  • Lava Ball: Vulcander will raise its head slightly and then spit a ball of lava at the hunter. It will leave a puddle of lava on the ground for a few seconds. Stay a descent distance away or roll to either side if necessary. When in rage mode Vulcander will spit three lava blobs in a row at the hunter.
  • Lava Blast: Vulcander's head moves up, then goes back down and unleashes a wave of lava at the hunter. It can be blocked with the Guard Up skill only. Even so, this is not advisable so it's best just to roll out of the way.
  • Sweeping Lava Blast: Vulcander does the motion for the Fire Beam, but instead moves its head from its left side to right side while spewing lava. Its harder to get out of the way than the normal fire beam. Can be blocked with Guard Up. Can be rolled through with Evasion+.


Offline Quests

Lava Bath_____ LV 4 Stars
Vulcander Icon by TheElusiveOne
Hunt a Vulcander
Reward: 3300z Location: Volcanic Hollow
Contract Fee: 400z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Wound the Vulcander's head. Sub.Reward: 600z
Other Monsters:

Apceros, Rhenoplos, Glavenus

Client: Volcano Miner

So I was mining in the volcano for some rare ore, right? And suddenly this big salamander-looking thing appeared out of nowhere and attacked me! I kept seeing some big black thing floating around in the lava but I thought it was just a rock. Please Hunter, I need you to get rid of that thing so I can get some ores! I have a debt to pay!



Hardened Lava_____ LV 4 Stars
Vulcander Icon by TheElusiveOne Volvidon Fanon Icon
Hunt a Vulcander and a Volvidon
Reward: 6600z Location: Volcano
Contract Fee: 800z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Sever the Vulcander's tail. Sub.Reward: 900z
Other Monsters:

Apceros, Ceanataur, Agnaktor

Client: Volcano Scientist

Can a scientist's job be done in peace? All I was trying to do was gather a sample for research and suddenly a Lavasioth scared the living daylights out of me! When I ran away, a Vulcander almost doused me in lava! Please hunter, get rid of those lava-covered monsters so I can work without trouble!



Turf Wars

In the Ruinous Mountain

  • Vs. Agnaktor (winner is Agnaktor)
  • Vs. Gravios (winner is Gravios)
  • Vs. Lavasioth (winner is Lavasioth)


Vulcander is a portmanteau of the words volcano, Vulcan, and salamander.


  • Vulcander is based off the mythical fire salamander as well as real world salamanders.
  • Vulcander's head, front legs, and back can be broken and its tail can be severed.
  • When in Rage Mode Vulcander will huff white smoke from its mouth and will secrete poison from its skin, causing certain attacks to inflict Poison.
  • When low on stamina, Vulcander will fail to spit out lava.
    • It will prey on Rhenoplos or Slagtoth to recover stamina.
  • When Vulcander goes to swim in lava, throwing a Sonic Bomb will startle it and cause it to pop out of lava and swim back to land.
  • It can be infected by the Frenzy Virus and Hyper status.
  • Vulcander's roar requires Earplugs to block.