Vrashkia by Setheo
Titles Dragons Loyal Insect
Nicknames Edward, Los sucker, Vra
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats All Areas
Size 1340.25 cm
450.50 cm
Relatives Vespoid, Vespoid Queen
Signature Move Stab attack
Elements N/A
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon
Element Ice Ice
Creator Setheo

A large vespoid looking like Neopteron. Often confused for the Vespoid Queen. A very unique Insect that has gained the soul of a Rathalos, at least this was told in a legend.


Vrashkia are rather large Neopterons which are equally sized to a Queen Vespoid. They usually live in habitats such as jungles or volcanoes where there is great heat so it is suitable for them to live there. They usually prey on small herbivores such as juvenile Aptonoth and Kelbi but if is spots a weakened Wyvern it will attack it and drain the blood from the monster as nutrients.

As well as using its head spike to drain the blood, it can use its stinger on its abdomen similar to a Vespoid, but as the stingers are a lot larger they deal greater damage. Vrashkia also have very strong shelling all over its body which requires rather good sharpness to penetrate.


Their attacks consist of pinning the hunter by paralyzing the hunter with its stinger then draining the hunters blood, Also it may use many aerial swipes and charges to try and kill the hunter.

Breakable Parts

  • Horn x1
  • Stinger x1
  • Back x1


  • Vrash Stinger - Lance
  • Shkia Skinner - Long Sword