Vereoch by DinoHunter2
Titles Firey Sea Monster
Lurker Leviathan
Nicknames Vere
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Volcanic waters
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Neck bite
Elements Element WaterElement Fire
Ailments Element WaterElement Fire
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator DinoHunter2
Vereoch are agressive Leviathans found in waters of volcanic areas.


Vereoch greatly looks like a Plesiosaur with a dark green skin, its big size and chubby body makes it rather slow. However, it has a long tail with a spiked, club-like protuberance and its big fins are sharp as blades. The most remarkable feature is its flexible and long neck, which can stretch or shrink with speed and wiliness, its head is small and has a little curved horn, but its mouth is filled with vicious dagger-like teeth.


This monster lives in aquatic zones of the volcano, the water is murky and steams like a hot spring; thermal vents on walls and the bottom present environmental hazards, both from the damage they do and the thick clouds of smoke they make. It mainly feeds on fish or ambushes big prey in land, stretching its neck at dashing speeds to grab and drag them into the water.


Vereoch Icon
An aquatic predator that makes its home in waters surrounding the volcanic belt. It can stretch its neck to incredible lengths and drag prey into the abyss. If outmaneuvered, it will attack enemies on the shore with tidal waves and devastating fireballs.


Though slow, Vereoch can attack using its bladed fins, clubbed tail, and wickedly large, sharp teeth to attack with. It also has a stretchy neck like certain wyverns, allowing it to perform sudden long-distance attacks or rapidly evade hunters. Its flexibility lets it strike far and fast in any direction and it can raise its neck above the surface to attack hunters on the shore. It can also use the water around it to attack this way, rolling or jumping up and slamming down to create waves that damage hunters on land and drench them with Waterblight. Naturally the leviathan can also come onto land itself, but it moves slowly and awkwardly, relying mostly on its long neck and staying in more or less the same spot. Wherever it is, the leviathan can shoot long-range fireballs from its mouth. It uses its long neck to single out and follow a victim-player while it does so, aiming directly at them when it shoots.