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User Info:
Name: Max
Age: 18
Country: England
Born: 19th of November
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Kweazle
Hunter Rank: MR 184 (world) HR 263 (4U)
Playing Online? on MH4U, MHGU and sometimes MHW
MH Games Owned: MH3, MH3U, MH4U, MHGen, MHGU, MHW, Iceborne and stories
Other Info:
Fav. Weapon: Charge Blade
Fav. Monsters: Glacial Agnaktor
Fav. Element: Ice
Fav. Ailment: Frenzy Virus
Least Fav. Weapon: Heavy Bowgun
Most Hated Monsters: Cephadrome
Least Fav. Element: Thunder
Least Fav. Ailment: Soiled
Fav. MH Game: MH4U
Least Fav. MH Game: none
Fanon Work:
Fan Fiction: none
Fan Arts: none yet
Monster List: on this page and Kweazle's Monster List


I'm a big fan of monster hunter who likes making monsters and areas, I have a few on paper at the moment that i'm going to add to the wiki.

Monster Hunter Northward

Link: Monster Hunter Northward

This is my first fan game set far in the north of the old world, and as far as the Guilds influence reaches north. The Hunters Guild has sent an expedition of hunters and researchers to investigate strange and severe weather reported in these frigid lands.

Monster list


Endemic Life

To do list


  • Volatile Dodogama
  • Rhaanos
  • Gold Kelbi
  • Ash Leviathan
  • Neopteron Siege Monster
  • Neopteron Drone and worker monsters
  • Lytorinthus (Cone snail/Basking shark brute wyvern)
  • Bamboo Slicing Wyvern
  • Ice Neopteron
  • Algatodus
  • Chalcos
  • White Cliffs Monsters (Flying wyvern and brute wyvern)
  • A few WIngdrakes
  • A bunch of others without names yet

Endemic life

  • Tarmite endemic life
  • White Cliffs Endemic Life
  • Siege neopteron grubs

Areas and other things

  • White Cliffs
  • Siege area for the Neopteron