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Jeremiah V10
Lustrous Rajang Artwork by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis.jpg
User Info:
Name: -
Age: 20
Country: Austria
Born: - - -
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Several
Hunter Rank: There are too many hunters I have
Playing Online? Yes (4U/Gen/Stories)
No(everything else) - (does Frontier count?)
MH Games Owned: MHF1 - MHW, Frontier
Other Info:
Fav. Weapon: Hammer, GS, LS, CB, IG and maybe SA and DBs
Fav. Monsters: Congalala (both, don't ask why)
Qurupeco (same thing)
Uragaan (all of the -gaans)
Monoblos (both Species)
Fav. Element: In the first and second Generation it was Dragon, for a simple reason. I was a child at that time, so can you imagine how awesome it felt suddenly releasing a black flash from your weapon? Nothing beat the feeling. Now in more recent generations I don't actually have one.
Fav. Ailment: Maybe Blastblight, because of how awesome it was in MH3U
Least Fav. Weapon: All Gunner Weapons, Lance and Gunlance
Most Hated Monsters: Probably Plesioth and maybe Toridcless, Valstrax too
Least Fav. Element: Simply by element? None. By blight? Several! Waterblight, Iceblight and Dragonblight are so incredibly annoying. Who thought they were a good idea?
Least Fav. Ailment: Paralysis. By far.
Fav. MH Game: Because of Nostalgia I'd say MHFU, but since I played so many games, it's actually really hard to choose. I also really like MH4U and the two Generations. MHWorld started as a huge favorite, but I burned out of it a bit too fast, so I'm currently left waiting for new content.
Least Fav. MH Game: I don't actually know - MHO is a good candidate for that post, simply because just looking at the game already bores me and makes me feel like I'm wasting my time. Does that make sense?
Fanon Work:
Fan Fiction: Umbra - The Hidden Ones
Fan Arts: So, so much Fan Art
Monster List: Monster List


Due to certain changes happening in my personal life at the moment, I will need to start charging money for my artworks.Payments will be done via PayPal and my E-Mail address, so I hope you understand.

Artworks and Drawings

a) Pencil Sketch - *Price to be discussed per commission*

b) Black and White Ink Artwork - *Price to be discussed per commission*

c) Fully colored Artwork - *Price to be discussed per commission*

My e-mail address for the payments is

Terms and Conditions

  • Sale/General Terms
    • I, the artist, agree to sell photographies of my artworks to those interested in purchasing them, acting in accordance with what has been talked about with the customer. To do so, those interested need to provide brief yet reasonably accurate information regarding what should be depicted. Additionally, it should be noted as obvious that any kind of ill behavior from the customer's side is not to be tolerated and will result in an immediate cancellation of the commission.
  • Payment
    • As a result of a reevaluation of the work process, I, the artist, felt the need to clarify the following: All commissions must be paid immediately after both parties have come to an agreement. Alternatively, partial payments will be accepted, the exact percentage that is to be paid until the full price is reached having to be discussed between the two parties. Payments must be made via PayPal, the according e-mail address being
  • Work Progress
    • As the artist, I allow myself a three month timespan to complete a commission. This timespan, however, also heavily depends on several varying factors - health, personal life, work, to name a few. If anything of the stated events happen, you will be immediately notified. WIPs are to be asked for and not mandatory from my side.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • I will do everything to satisfy the wishes of a customer regarding the desired result of my work. However, should a customer be left with a feeling of dissatisfaction upon receiving the end result, only small changes are to be made without the customer having to pay any fee. Any great changes - e.g. entire pose, coloration, etc. - will come with an additional fee; how high this fee is will be discussed between me, the artist, and the affected customer.
  • Copyright
    • I, the artist, hold every right regarding the produced artworks, not the customer. Therefore, I allow myself to use the artwork in any way possible, for example advertisement or printing, among others.
    • The customer is only allowed to:
      • Use the purchased artwork for personal use only, unless both parties agreeing on something else.
      • Use the art to promote the depicted creature/creation/etc. while properly crediting me as the artist.
      • Print the photograph while properly crediting me as the artist.
    • The following are considered copyright infringements:
      • Reproduction of the artwork for commercial use.
      • Promoting the artwork as one's own.
      • Removing or altering the signature or altering the artwork in any other way without the artist's consent.
    • As the artist, I allow myself to add to this list.
    • Should any of the mentioned infringements be discovered, a fee of 300% of the original price is to be immediately paid, with the affected user losing the artwork and Administrators being notified.
  • Cancellation and Refunds
    • As the artist, I have every right to immediately cancel a commission and refund the customer at any time. The customer has no right to demand cancellation and refunding after the money has been received, unless they can mention a very specific reason as to why - e.g. the desired creation no longer existing on this wikia. If money has not been received yet, cancellation can be wished for by the customer and implemented by myself.
    • If you, the customer, aggressively or otherwise unpleasantly demand your money back, or cause any kind of unease or trouble, I, the artist, allow myself to withdraw your right to everything I have ever made for you. Additionally, I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers.
    • This also applies to drawings made before the application of money transactions.

Any statement can be changed, if discussed politely and professionally with me, the artist, prior to commissioning.

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