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I am InvadingTYRANT66, also known as Nrex117, you probably know from some of my creations such as Sicarapax, Ferrumos, or Ryatroxos. I have been a member of this server for a long time and a fan of the Monster Hunter series for even longer and this wiki has allowed me to express my love for the series by creating my own monsters, locales, and fan games.

Monster Hunter Evolution Artwork by Emily Stepp.PNG
User Info:
Name: Noah
Age: 21
Country: United States
Born: September 26
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: TYRANNICAL, Noah
Hunter Rank: N/A
Playing Online? yes
MH Games Owned: MHF2, MHFU, MHTri, MHP3rd, MH3U, MH4U, MHGU, MHW, MHW:I
Other Info:
Fav. Weapon: Charge Blade
Fav. Monsters: Bazelgeuse, Seregios, and Tigrex
Fav. Element: Thunder
Fav. Ailment: Blast
Least Fav. Weapon: Long Sword
Most Hated Monsters: Gobul and Khezu
Least Fav. Element: Water
Least Fav. Ailment: Effluvium
Fav. MH Game: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Least Fav. MH Game: Monster Hunter Online
Fanon Work:
Fan Fiction: lol no
Fan Arts: N/A
Monster List: User:Nrex117/Monster List