FanonMonsterHunter Wikia
Mizutsune Icon by Jeremiah V10.png
User Info:
Name: Marina
Age: I'm older than time itself
Country: The Pacific Ocean
Born: 24.3
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Gloria
Hunter Rank: Depends on the game
Playing Online? Yeah, only with friends though
MH Games Owned: MH Freedom
MH Freedom 2/Unite
MH 3 Ultimate
MH 4 Ultimate
MH Generations/MH Generations Ultimate
MH World/Iceborne
MH Rise/Sunbreak
MH Stories
MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruin
MH Frontier
Other Info:
Fav. Weapon: Dual Blades
Sword and Shield
Hunting Horn
Fav. Monsters: Mizutsune
Fav. Element: Thunder
Fav. Ailment: Sleep
Least Fav. Weapon: Lance
Most Hated Monsters: Paolumu
Least Fav. Element: Ice
Least Fav. Ailment: Stun
Fav. MH Game: Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin
Monster Hunter World Iceborne
Least Fav. MH Game: Monster Hunter 1+2
Monster Hunter Online
Monster Hunter World
Fanon Work:
Fan Fiction: Monster Hunter Odyssey
Monster Hunter Annihilation
Monster Hunter Kingdom
Fan Arts: User:FrostSpino/Icons and Artworks
Monster List: User:FrostSpino/Monster List

Hi, I'm Spino. I do stuff, rarely. My goal with my monsters is to create interesting and unique creatures that both work as natural parts of an an ecosystem as well as dynamic and fun boss fights (Just like real MH, go figure). I like the ocean, it's pretty neat.

I hang out on Discord a lot. Don't ping me in replies unless you have something relevant to say otherwise you will be banished to the Subnautica Void.

Links to my stuff

Favorite Monsters

I complain about a lot of monsters, very often and frequently, but a large majority of MH's monsters are still the cream of the crop when it comes to creatures in media. Here's my favorites (in no particular order).