FanonMonsterHunter Wikia
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User Info:
Name: Something
Age: 20
Country: Netherlands
Born: October 3rd, 2001
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Dinoman031
Hunter Rank: 5 (MHGen/MHGU), MR23/HR76 (MHW:IB)
Playing Online? Mostly only at home.
MH Games Owned: MHGen, MHGU, MH4U, MHWI:IB and MHST
Other Info:
Fav. Weapon: Basically all of them besides Gunner Weapons
Fav. Monsters: Agnaktor, Namielle, Coral Pukei-Pukei, Velkhana
Fav. Element: I don't know
Fav. Ailment: I don't know
Least Fav. Weapon: Gunner Weapons
Most Hated Monsters: Kushala Daora (5th Gen.), Khezu, Gypceros
Least Fav. Element: I don't know
Least Fav. Ailment: I don't know
Fav. MH Game: MHW:IB
Least Fav. MH Game: I don't know
Fanon Work:
Fan Fiction: None
Fan Arts: None
Monster List: Dino0310's Monster List

This is my user page and here you can find a list of my areas, the element/ailment ideas I have and a list of what I'm planning to do on the Fanon.

And this is a link to my Fan Game.


Endemic Life

Element/Ailments (Ideas)

  • Inferno = Fire + Wind
  • Hydrotoxin = Severe Waterblight + Noxious Poison
  • (Solarwind) = Fire + Wind
  • (Black Crystal) = Crystallization + Dragon
  • (Aurora) = Aether + Ice

List of Plans

  • Idk anymore