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User Info:
Name: :3
Age: 22
Country: Ireland
Born: Sep 21, 1999
Hunter Info:
Hunter Name: Arctas (MHXX, MHWI)
Auco (MH Rise)
Hunter Rank: Got a few, can't remember them plus they change quite a bit
Playing Online? Yes
MH Games Owned: MH, MH 2, MH P3, MH Frontier G, MH Frontier Z, MH Tri, MH TriG MH 4G, MHX, MHXX, MHW, MHWI, MH Stories,MHRise, Wings of Ruin
Other Info:
Fav. Weapon: Greatsword, Hammer
Fav. Monsters: The Zinorges, Stygian in particular (Because wolves are awesome and noble creatures, with lightning being an awesome motif for one. However, the black/red lightning of Stygian alongside it's colour scheme steals the show. It doesn't help that it has my favourite theme of any monster as well.)

The Nergigantes (The lore and fighting style of these brutal Elders is just awesome to me, I can't really explain why, but I can say that the design is also why it's become my favourite Fifth Gen monster.)

Gammoth (The design, the theme and the fight come together really nicely for me, and I have come to thoroughly love this monster, and think that she's very underappreciated)

Great Jaggi (Dunno, I just like their design the most out of the "Drome" monsters, and think that they were a first fun fight for my entry to the series.)

White Fatalis (Just like Stygian Zinogre, I love the design, colouration, theme and element, but also the lore of this ancient Black Dragon that is so powerful that no other creature can stand up to it, which makes the fight that much more intense.)

Raging Brachydios (This monster is the one I can legitimately relate to, being angry all the time, stronger than one may think, and the size. Monster-wise though, the theme in World is amazing, the fight is fantastic and the lore is excellent.)

Goss Harag was probably the best monster to come from Rise, it's look and feel as you fight it are amazing, the gear looks excellent and overall this monster is just awesome to look at. The Tetranodon TW definitely makes it a standout as well lmao.
Fav. Element: Dragon - Cause it looks so cool in almost every form I've seen it, as well as the possibilities it creates when thinking of new monsters.
Fav. Ailment: Blast - Cause like... BOOM, y'know ?
Least Fav. Weapon: Switchaxe - I just can't really get used to the playstyle
Most Hated Monsters: Probably Congalala, it's just too stupid and jokey for me.
Least Fav. Element: None
Least Fav. Ailment: None
Fav. MH Game: Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Overtaking my love of the first game with ease, it has so much more to it than Stories, with deeper mechanics, more monsties and really fun gameplay.
Least Fav. MH Game: None
Fanon Work:
Fan Fiction: Monster Hunter World Cataclysm
Monster Hunter Wildlands (WIP)
Fan Arts: Only redesigns of other people's fantastic icons
Monster List: Take a look below, I'd love comments and opinions

Just a guy who loves Monster Hunter, and Creative Writing, I want to make fans go "Ooooo I'd love if this happened" with my fan-made stuff. If anyone would like to use my pages as templates for their own monsters, I'd love to be of help. I encourage people to ask if they can use my monsters or make subspecies of them. I am one of the admins on the Discord Server, feel free to join, as all are welcome.

I welcome all comments on each of my pages.

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