The Southern Reef (Japanese 南珊瑚礁) is an area located in a tropical region with clear water and colourful corals, home of a great variety of sea monsters. All the zones are partially or completely underwater.


Southern Reef Map
  • Base camp: The base camp is located over a tiny sandbank with a lonely palm tree, surrounded by crystal-clear waters.
  • Zone 1: A medium underwater area. Not very deep, it has some marine grass growing in the bottom. Banks of fish can be seen swimming through the area.
  • Zone 2: A wide underwater area with the bottom entirely covered with grases, the right border ends with a cliff facing the open deep blue ocean. Banks of fish can be seen swimming through the area.
  • Zone 3: The beach of a tiny island, it's limited by a cliff and great rocks.
  • Zone 4: A marine cannon of bluish rock, midly-deep, it has different sea creatures on the walls, along with some ores. Hunters can notice a warm water current running through it.
  • Zone 5: A circular area with sand in the bottom and surrounded by coral formations.
  • Zone 6: The most impressive zone in the reef, it's a wide zone that overflows with a numberless variety of coral and exotic fish species, there's a huge skeleton of a sea monsters with corals growing on it. From the left border facing the open ocean, an old shipwreck can be seen in the distance over a great rock.
  • Zone 7: A cave where leviathans and other monsters rest, there are some bones of fish and monsters alike.
  • Zone 8: The inside of the wreckship, it has a variety of goods that the ship carried with at the moment of the sinking. From the left portholes, the endless ocean can be seen (and maybe some mysterious monsters from time to time). The left side has an apparent bite of a great monster, hunters can't go out due to an strong current flowing outside it.
  • Zone 9: A narrow marine cave with mysterious bioluminiscent organisms covering the walls that splits in two, one way leads to a vertical tunnel where valuable goods can be found, the other way leads to an opening facing the main warm water current that flows across the reef, hunters are pushed by the current and sent to zone 1 again.

Hazards: Water currents.


  • Small Monsters: Tuna, Molid, Perciform, Sharq, Arrowana, Ludroth, Epioth, Qemys, ???
  • Big Monsters: Plesioth, Royal Ludroth, Hopuru, ???