Somnioth by DinoHunter2
Titles Tundra Piscine
Giant Frozen Water Wyvern
Nicknames Somny
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Tundra, Frozen Seaway
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Frozen waterblast
Elements Element WaterElement Ice
Ailments Element WaterElement IceStatus Snowman
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator DinoHunter2
Somnioth is a huge Piscine Wyvern found in frozen waters.


Somnioth is similar to Plesioth or Lavasioth, but with a massive size and a bulkier body. Its skin is pale blue with dark grey dots. The head is quite big, similar to a salmon shark, and its eyes look dull. It's back has three dorsal fins, each one with a noticeable spine at the front.


This titanic predator slowly cruises below the frozen surface of the sea, gobbling up anything that falls through. It will also ram through the ice to grab any large monsters above it or even launch itself skyward to snag airborne wyverns. Immensely huge and able to ambush from beneath the ice, it is a foe far beyond the ability of low rank hunters.

It's also worth note that the spines at the front of each fin are never used in combat, but instead appear to be for self defense. One must wonder what such an enormous beast would ever need defense from...


Somnioth Icon
A gargantuan Piscine wyvern that lurks beneath the ice. It can devour a whole herd of Popo or snatch wyverns from the sky. Hunters are not usually its concern, but it will rise to the surface if riled and can shoot a torrent of freezing water. The spurs on its back are thought to protect it from even a larger predator...


Underwater, Somnioth is slow moving and hard to anger, but has an extraordinary range when it does decide to attack and can one-hit KO most hunters with its full body check and bite. On land it is just as slow but fights more actively, using its muscular tail and giant body to crush opponents flat. It also gains the ability to spit blasts of water, inflicting Snowman status, this prevents the hunter from moving or attacking and must be struggled out of unless a teammate helps. If the piscine's waterblasts miss they will instead freeze the patch of ground where they hit, causing hunters who walk over it to slip and slide. It is too large to be affected by traps, but is very weak to fire and takes a long time to get up if tripped.