Titles Deceiving Desert Noble
Thousand Blades
Nicknames Sia.
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Deserts
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Blade Dance
Elements Element Earth
Ailments Element Earth Status Bleeding
Weaknesses Element Water
Creator YukiHerz

The Siahad is a bulky Flying Wyvern that roams deserts and canyons.


Siahads are distant relatives of Espinas, instead of having thorn-like forms, their shells curve backward while also decreasing in width, effectively making them seem like Scimitars or Scythes growing in its body, its face is completely white, with a blade coming out of the nose, its eye sockets and lids are pitch black while its pupils are blue, its tail is also white in color, with two stronger blades on each side that allow it to use its tail as an axe.

Unlike the sleepy and inactive Espinas, the Siahad is an active predator, it will not attack without reason, but simply walking too close to it is reason enough to fight, their bodies have a special sac that stores Dash Extract, which they use to enter into Rage Mode for prolonged periods of time.

Its wings are heavily developed, comprising 60% of its horizontal length, these powerful wings allow the monster to fly and create sandstorms when flapping.


Siahad Icon
A bulky Flying Wyvern that roams deserts and canyons, predatorial yet passive, it is a distant relative to the Espinas.

Siahads are passive creatures that will only actively hunt when hungry or startled, it can't compete against colossal monsters like the Deviljho but it can be more than a match for Diablos and Rathians, if needed, it will use its Dash Extract reserve to escape a fight.

It has been seen using its weight for advantage, jumping from high ledges onto smaller monsters to kill them instantly.


Siahads use their weight and blades to their advantage, they like to jump and land directly into the foe's body, rush towards them and hitting with the blades and swinging their tails. Their most well-known move is similar to Duramboros' spin, but it doesn't make a jump at the end, instead it keeps spinning until a whirlwind is created, which sucks the enemy in while also dealing damage.

When enraged it will use its wings to attack, sometimes adopting a posture similar to that of the Nargacuga, and also waves its tail violently with each attack, dealing damage to hunters that have been attacking from behind.


Helmet Icon Yellow
Skull-like helmet made from Siahad parts, the mark of a desert ranger.
Chest Icon Yellow
A scalemail made from Siahad parts, bearing a desert camouflage pattern, the shells covering only one shoulder are the mark of an end-times warrior.
Arm Icon Yellow
Only one arm is covered by sturdy shells, while the other is only covered in soft scales to increase mobility.
Waist Icon Yellow
A belt with many straps to hold tools.
Leg Icon Yellow
Features a desert camouflage on a protective design that also takes mobility into account.
Sharpness+1, Defense+10, Taunt.
Pierce Up, Defense+5, Taunt.
Great Sword Icon Yellow
Backsword Club
A long club with protruding blades, the weapon of a raging warrior.
Long Sword Icon Yellow
Wave Scimitar
A Scimitar made from processed Siahad blades, it is exceptionally sharp and has a long reach.
Dual Blades Icon Yellow
Two blades that curve back into the user's fists, short ranged but brutally effective.
Medium Bowgun Icon Yellow
A gas-operated gun with a large curved clip and moderate rapid-fire power.
Tonfa Icon Yellow
Copper Arm Blades
These Tonfas consist of two strong blades attached to handles, an extra blade extends from below the main ones.
Sword and Shield Icon Rainbow
Canyon Splitter Blade
A legendary sword from ancient folklore, said to be able to cut through canyons as if they were paper.
Bow Icon Rainbow
Blade Rain
A legendary bow from ancient folklore, arrows shot from this bow will be able to cut and break any material with ease, and arrows thrown to the sky will land on the target with almost perfect accuracy.


  • Their chest is only covered in soft scales, which make this an exploitable weakness.
  • If the head is damaged, one can see the inside of the blades have veins.
  • There are reports of a stronger variant nicknamed the Thorn Siahad, which has stronger blades and legs which it uses to step and drag on foes around.
  • Icon made by Narwhaler.

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