Seasonal Island
Name Seasonal Island
"An ever-changing colorful island far from the shores of Jango, the contrast between this lively island and the wastes of mainland Jango led natives to believe the land was cursed."
Area No. 8~10
Hazards Floods, Mudslides
Small monsters Aptonoth, Mosswine, Epioth, Kelbi, Gargwa.
Big monsters Rathian, Congalala, Daimyo Hermitaur, Plesioth, Royal Ludroth, Velocidrome, Yian Kut-Ku, Denied Heir Yian Kut-Ku, Deviljho, Yian Garuga, Kushala Daora, Kirin.
Creator/s YukiHerz
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Climate Tropical
Weather Fair, Rain, Storm
Secret Areas None
Aquatic Areas None
Shortcuts None

The Seasonal Island is an Area far off to the shores of Jango Village, unlike the rest northern portion of the region it is located in, this Area features clear skies and bright sunlight.

The name comes from the color shift in foliage between seasons, as the cold season comes, the foliage turns a light blue color, while in the hot season it turns an autumn red.


Seasonal Island

This is one of the possible layouts of the Seasonal Island, taking into consideration Season, Weather, Floods and Mudslides which can change the layout in real-time.

Common Resources

Ore Icon GreyStone Ore Icon GreyIron Ore
Ore Icon PurpleMachalite Ore Ore Icon GreenDragonite Ore
Ore Icon Special 6Raw Steel Ore Icon PurpleCarbalite Ore
Ore Icon RedEltalite Ore Whetstone Icon GreenGreen Whetstone
Herb Icon GreenHerb Herb Icon Dark GreenIvy
Herb Icon YellowDay Herb Herb Icon Special 4Nightshade
Mushroom Icon BlueBlue Mushroom Mushroom Icon YellowParashroom
Mushroom Icon RedNitroshroom Mushroom Icon PurpleToadstool
Mushroom Icon RedDragon Toadstool Mushroom Icon WhiteSpecial Mushroom
Bug Icon WhiteGodbug Bait Icon BrownGlue Bug
Bug Icon YellowThunderbug Bug Icon RedDragonbug


Herbivores that roam this Area are the Aptonoth, Mosswine, Kelbi and Epioth, along with the Bird Wyvern Gargwa, Large monsters such as Rathian, Congalala, Daimyo Hermitaur, Plesioth, Royal Ludroth, Velocidrome, Yian Kut-Ku, Deviljho and Yian Garuga roam this island. Elder dragons sighted here include Kushala Daora and Kirin, with sightings of Shen Gaoren moving beneath the water in the distant horizon.

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