1. The age requirement to contribute on our site is 16 (California and EEA) or 13 (For the rest of the world). These rules are directly connected to the official Fandom Policy.
    1. Underaged users under normal circumstances will be blocked until their sixteenth birthday, which shall be given by the underaged user. We enforce C.O.P.P.A. and Wikia Terms of Use on underaged users.
    2. Admins reserve the right to not forego this procedure and can imply an infinite block instead.
    3. Should users be questioned by an admin about their age due to behaviour or writing, they are required to give it to them. Should they refuse, the result will be getting banned from the wikia.
  2. English is the main language on the wiki, so please talk and create pages in English only!
  3. Don't spam edits.
  4. Respect copyright. Wikia uses the GNU Free Documentation License. Everything you contribute must be compatible with that license.
  5. Edit summaries and clear and transparent explanations are universally appreciated. Other editors need to understand your process. Please state what you changed and why.
  6. No personal attacks. Instead, explain what they did wrong, why it is wrong, and how to fix it.
  7. Refrain from including your personal stances on political/gender or other sensitive topics in any pages you create.
  8. If you are contacted by an administrator about an issue or problem that you have created, do not ignore them and follow instructions. Refusal or continued failure to cooperate with warnings will result in blocks. Users who display aggressive behavior towards what admins say on the first warning may get banned immediately.
  9. Stay polite, even when giving Constructive Criticism (Constructive Criticism is defined as when any user with experience and/or knowledge in a subject gives their input to improve on the topic of which they know best).

Behavior & Interactions

  1. The Fanon Monster Hunter Wiki does not tolerate any form of cyberbullying, spam, vandalism, racism, sexism, or any other kind of prejudice; and there are several other behavior patterns that may be punished for. The details can be found Here.


  1. Promotion: At the moment no promotions are planned.
  2. Demotion: Admins may be demoted if:
    1. They are inactive for a few months, depending on Activity levels of Wiki.
    2. They disobey rules.
    3. They vandalise.
    4. They misuse or abuse Administrator tools.
    5. They don't wait for agreements on major changes.
    6. They may also Self-Request their demotion.


  1. Definition
    1. "Wiki" or "Wikia" means the Fanon Monster Hunter Wiki (
    2. "User" means any user registered as a user of the wiki
    3. "Block" means the user is unable to edit on the wiki for 7 days
    4. "Ban" means the user is permanently unable to edit on the wiki
  2. Each type of rule violations may be handled by Admins to their fitting.

Copying and/or Stealing Content

Within Fanon

  1. Do NOT steal ideas and content from other users.
  2. However, it is allowed to draw inspiration from and use their works if permission is requested and granted.

Outside of Fanon

  1. You are NOT allowed to use any works from this wiki without the permission of the content creators. This applies to both personal websites and other public platforms such as YouTube, DeviantART, and so on.

Violations and Moderation Procedures

  1. As is the case with plagiarism and other forms of theft in regards to our Icon and Image Policies, violations that fall under this category will, likewise, be met with either a temporary or permanent ban from the Fanon, on top of being reported to any relevant staff teams on other platforms.

Rules concerning the Moderation and Administration

  1. Don't claim to be an administrator or moderator. It is automatic grounds for a block.
  2. Impersonating an admin by creating an account with a name extremely similar to a current one's name will result in an instant indefinite ban for that account.
  3. Follow what Administrators and Moderators say. If you have reason to believe what they say is wrong or should not be done, contact one.
  4. List of admins can be found here: Admin Board.

Content Creation Guidelines

New Pages

  1. When creating any sort of page, DO NOT make it a low quality page. Low quality page means a mage with barely an infomation added to the page, a blank page, or a page containing only infoboxes.
    1. This will result in a warning from the wiki admins, and will result in the page being deleted. Further occurrences can warrant a block of the user.
  2. If you cannot add infomation in a large bulk within a timely manner, you are recommended to create the page in a userspace, or move one into it. Alternatively you can also create a Blog Post. To do this you give the page the title of "User:{Username}/{Page Name}".
  3. All present sections of a page must contain information.


Monster Pages Categories

  1. Monsters Sizes are split into three categories, Small Monsters, Large Monsters, and Giant Monsters.
    1. These three categories do not refer to their actual size, but the way they are fought.

New Monster Classes

  1. The monster hunter fanon wiki is not open for a new monster class creation at the moment.
  2. Creating a new monster class without discussing it beforehand with an Admin will result in the class being deleted and the user receiving a warning.
    1. If you want to createa new class please contact an Admin and explain as to why your class qualifies for creation.
    2. Please make sure to check our other Monster classes (Fanon & Canon) we have in our wiki!

Monster Level category

  1. All monster creations have a star ranking from 1 to 8. The category name of all eight rank are "Category:{level} Star Level Monster". Please add the correct one in correspondence to the star level your monster has. It helps users find a monster of a certain tier easily.
    1. For monsters of 7 and 8 stars level, the monster must be approved by the wiki admin if it fits that rank or not.
    2. For monster star rank references, see Monster Star Level Guide.

Category Tags

  1. Please list category tags for the elements and ailments of your monster pages.They look like this:
    1. Monster Elements: Category:{Element} Element Monster. For existing elements on the wiki, see Element.
    2. Monster's Ailment Status: Category:{Status} Monster. For existing ailment status on the wiki, see Status Effects.

User Categories

  1. User categories are categories that list all the pages and images a user has created. Having one makes it easy for you and others to find the things you've made here.
    1. These categories look like this: Category:{Username}


  1. Templates are basic tools used in the wiki for a large-scale standardization.
  2. Please refrain from creating templates or altering existing ones if you do not have the coding skills.
    1. Templates must stay within the .css and .js abilities of the Wiki. Do not make templates that have to be dragged out of the content area.
    2. Most Templates created from Admins are free to use. If you are not sure about a template please contact the Admin on their message wall.


  1. Before you start creating a new monster Idea, please note that there are a lot of people in the wiki, and chances aren't low that your idea was already created. You might want to check out some pages and see if anyone has already created what you had in mind.
  2. Here are some of the categories containing monster creations:
    1. Monsters in Canon Classes
    2. Monsters in Fanon Classes
  3. Please read the Monster Creation Example page to see the layout for monster creation pages. While it is not mandatory to use this layout we highly recomment users to use this format. Sections that are not desired can be left out.
  • Our goal here is to have a minimum Standard Layout. We do not want to see hundreds of pages all with different layouts. So, please use the format we have set up.
  1. The Universe of Monster Hunter is on a "Low Fantasy" setting. Please refrain from using "magic",sci-fy or other unrealistic (such as monsters from outer space or other dimensions) features when creating content.
  2. Do not create content out of spite, to bait or to offend political stands, opinions and other beliefs. Content that goes against this rules will be deleted and the creator will be banned.

BGM (BackGroundMusic)

  1. A user is allowed to upload a BGM (background music) video onto the wiki to be used as a theme for the monsters.
  2. Any other video will be deleted immediately and the uploader warned.
  3. Please keep in mind we have a category for BGM here

Monster Variations Control

  1. Important! Please keep the amount of subspecies moderate and check if your idea already exists.
  2. If a user want to create a variation of a monster from other users, they should ask for thier permission first.

Canon Monster Revamping

  1. When creating revamps of canon monsters, you must list Capcom as their original creator, as said monsters are their creations and intellectual property, and leaving them uncredited can lead to administrative action due to it reflecting poorly on the users who revamped them.
  2. Pages for such creations must be named "{Monster Name} ({Username})"

New Elements/Blights/Statuses

  1. Currently, we do not allow any creation of new elements, blights or statuses.
  2. Before creating a new Ailment or Element, please look at our pages for existing Element and Status Effects.
  3. All of Canon and Fanon Elements/Ailments are listed on those pages. Feel free to use them in your creations.
  4. Elements/Ailments are OPEN for use, hence everyone is allowed to use them.
  5. If you do not agree to this please contact an Admin (write on their Message Wall) and explain why.


  1. Please add the right permission tags on your content when uploading. Every user is responsible for their own conent.
  2. If you fail to apply the correct license tag they will automatically fall under the fandom wiki rules of CC-BY-SA.
  3. All images uploaded to the Fanon must be categorized and properly tagged.
  4. Images uploaded should be following the a naming convention on the wiki, which would be;
    1. Areas: "AreaName Artwork by Username.png"
    2. Armors: "ArmorName Artwork by Username.png"
    3. Monsters: "MonsterName Artwork by Username.png"
    4. Weapons: "WeaponName Artwork by Username.png"
  5. You are allowed to upload images as long as they are directly related to anything within the series.
  6. Images should ideally be uploaded in high-quality formats such as .png or any other compatible file format with minimal risk of quality loss.
    1. Avoid converting a file's original format into another to prevent the risk of quality loss unless you are well-versed in graphic editing software.
  7. Official Monster Hunter images in formats other than .png are allowed.

Image we do not want

  1. Low-Quality Images:They must be clear enough to distinguish the details easily. Things to consider here include using a proper camera to take pictures of drawings, using a scanner, saving a file in a high-quality format such as .png, drawing on blank paper instead of lined, and so on.
  2. Content that originates from other websites other than Fanon may not be uploaded unless you are the author or possess tangible evidence of an author's permission to do so.
  3. Images that can be considered NSFW: This includes but is not limited to nudity, pornography, gore and otherwise traumatizing events in real life.

Violations and Moderation Procedures

  1. Because violations in this category will likely include plagiarism, copyright-infringement and theft, all administrative actions taken as a result will include not only the immediate removal of said illicit content but will also result in both temporary and permanent bans from the Fanon depending on the severity of the case.
  2. If a user re-uploads an image that was previously removed by an administrator, they may run the risk of receiving either a block or ban from the Fanon as well.


  1. Please add the right permission tags on your content when uploading. Every user is responsible for their own conent.
  2. If you fail to apply the correct license tag they will automatically fall under the fandom wiki rules of CC-BY-SA.
  3. All Icons must be categorized as such when uploading.

Item Icons

  1. All images under this category must be named in the following naming convention: "ItemName_Icon_Color.png".

Monster Icons

  1. All images under this category must be named in the following naming convention: "MonsterName_Icon_by_UserName.png"
    1. For the event of Monsters being a Deviant, however, there are some nuances. We separate them in 2 categories: Official and Fanmade, each with their own naming convention.
      1. Official Deviants would be named "Thunderlord_Zinogre_MHGen_Icon.png".
      2. Fanmade Deviants would be named "Moldbreaker_Najarala_by_Username.png".
  2. Icons should be handled with care during their creation. This means there should be no white backgrounds (use .png format for them), no editing artifacts (color changes when resizing), no resize blur (use nearest for up-sizing and linear when downsizing) and make sure there are no large empty spaces within.
  3. Before uploading a Monster Icon please check if a relevant artwork already exists by typing File:MonsterName_Icon.png. A lot of pre-existing icons on Fanon are of superior quality compared to their official counterparts found on MonsterHunterWikia and therefore preferred to be used and edited.
    1. Some icons, however, may be off-limited from public uses.

Elements/Blights/Status Icons

  1. Do NOT create Icons for any of these categories unless granted permission by the Admins.
  2. If you wish to create an Icon for one of these categories please contact the Admins.

Fan Fictions & Fan Games

Fan Fictions

  1. Don't be TOO extreme with writing in monster pages. Making contents deliberately to offend will be immediately removed and the content creator will be warned.
  2. Do not write fan fictions unrelated to Monster Hunter on the wiki.
  3. If you start a fan fiction, finish it. Starting multiple fan fictions before finishing old ones will not be tolerated.
  4. Fan Fiction naming policy:
    1. FanFiction:<<Name of fanfic/Chapter nr./name of Chapter>>

Fan Games

  1. A user can have ONLY ONE running Fan Game at a time.
  2. You need to contact User and ask for permission to use their ideas (Monster/weapons/armors/areas etc.) before using it in your fan game. Don't go against their wishes if you receive a negative answer.
  3. FanGame naming policy:
    1. FanGame:{FanGame:Name}
    2. Please check Category:Fan Game for which names have been used already.
  4. Keep the amount of flagship monsters in your fangame moderate.
  5. Each user is allowed to make a category of one of their fan games. This is within the "one-running-project-per-person" rule, meaning if you start a category for your fan game it should be either complete or being under regular maintenance.
  6. Once the fan game is completed please inform the wiki Admins (best would be to leave a meesage on their Profile wall, as a sort of Documentation).
  7. Wiki admin will give a "Lock-Down" to people who start too many projects and don't keep working on them or just leave them bare.
    1. When under a Lock-Down users must finish or cancel the projects they have unfinished. Should a user create any pages while under this, the pages created will be deleted
    2. Repetitive User who create unfinished content will be blocked.


  1. In order to make a crossover please contact an Admin. Do not create a Crossover until you have been reviewed by an Admin.
    1. You must be deemed capable of creating pages of quality on the wiki.
    2. If possible, the inclusion of mechanics from that crossover franchise should be added as part of the crossover monster. It is forbidden to insert a crossover monster into the Monster Hunter universe and just make it a standard MH monster by not including any unique traits of that monster from that franchise.
    3. Please try and keep to the lore of the crossover franchise and the Monster Hunter franchise while making the page.
    4. The page must be of good quality.
    5. Please keep the amount of crossovers reasonable and work on them till they are finished. Onced finished report your Crossover to Admins so they can Review them (send them a notification on their Message wall, as a sort of documentaion)
    6. Currently, crossover areas aren't allowed due to there being no instance yet in the canon games, only crossover monsters can be created.
  2. Artwork, pictures, or music may be allowed for inspiration or ideas with the purpose of creating or otherwise construction of fanon material. However, such material cannot be used to mimic or otherwise copy any material under copyright or trademark. Failure to comply will see your page removed from the wiki.
  3. It is forbidden to create monsters that rely entirely or heavily on concepts and/or ideas from things from other franchises outside of the crossover. This also falls under violation of the Monster Creation Policy.
  4. Do NOT upload images from other sagas unless it is for an allowed crossover creation, the image will be deleted and the user responsible for this will get a warning or punishment if deemed fit.

Banned Franchises And Other Internet Content

  1. There are certain franchises that cannot be used in any form other than mild inspirations included as a note. The franchises and content that its images, as well as BGM, cannot be used in creations and Fan Game collaborations are shown below with reasons why they are banned. This includes;
    1. Minecraft: Infamous fanbase mostly consisting of underage users and risk of unwanted advertising, e.g. MH skins and mods.
    2. Undertale: Infamous fanbase and content that can lead to a bad image. No contents in those games fits for MH content.
    3. Five Nights At Freddy's: Infamous fanbase and high risk of low quality content creation and underaged users. No content that would be suitable for a proper MH monster.
    4. Battle Royale Games: These games are heavily disliked here, and as well as having a fanbase of mostly underage users. Nothing from those games would suit a game like MH or on fanon as creations.
    5. Certain Internet Memes: Etc, Hitler Rant Parodies (even if they have to do with Monster Hunter), MLG, Derude Sandstorm, this also includes memes created by the MH community if deemed tasteless or an annoyance.

Contest & Community Events

General Rules

  1. To participate in one, you must post a comment in the comment section of the contest page detailing the your creations. The details can vary between contests to contests, from a complete page for a monster contest or a detailed paragraph in the comment section for a new element/ailment contest.
  2. Monster contests required details are;
    1. A monster page that meet the standard of the wiki and requirements of the contest, whether a newly created page for the contest or a preexisting page. The page should be as detailed as possible.
  3. After the expiration of idea submitting, a second blog is created. In this blog, the submitted and approved ideas get placed in a poll in which they vote for their favourite. Once the deadline for it expires the one with the most votes wins and gets rewarded according to each contest.

Disqualification and punishment

  1. The following will get your entry disqualified from the contest:
    1. Advertising your own fan games
    2. The idea is too impractical
    3. Submitting more ideas than permitted
    4. Posting the idea on the comment section of the poll blog.
  2. Should users post their disqualified entry again it will be deleted on sight and the user will be blocked for a limited amount of time.
  3. Drama or insulting over results, other ideas or disqualification will result in the user's idea submission (if they made one) being removed, and they will be blocked for the duration of the event. And it is possible for a user to be banned from participating on all future event blogs if the drama/insults get out of hand.
  4. If a user is discovered to have voted for their own idea in the poll, and that idea won the contest, then that user will receive a temporary block from editing, and won't be able to take part in the next contest that follows. A second offence means a permanent ban on the offending user. What happens to the idea next is up to the admins.

Adoption Policies

Adoption Process

  1. In order to start the adoption process users must first file an inquiry with the Fanon Staff, who will then go through a list to verify how many adoptions are currently in progress.
  2. Do NOT try and collect adoption like Pokemons. Please work on your own ideas and content first before proceeding to adopt pages from other users. Admins may refuse adoption requests.
  3. Upon receiving permission to adopt a page, users are not yet allowed to edit them directly but must first create a draft of their revamp in either a namespace page, on old fanon or another sandbox wiki. Once the draft has been finished, contact the Fanon Staff again so it may be evaluated as to whether it meets the standards for page creation. If approved, users may go ahead and put their revamp in the original page.

Restrictions to Adopting Pages

  1. Users must first finish their revamps for a page and have them approved by the Fanon Staff before any additional inquiries may be made.
  2. If a User seems to "collect" adoptions, request to adopt any further pages will be negated.

Finished Pages

  1. Pages that have already been finished cannot be adopted unless there is an agreement between both its current owner and a person who is interested in both adopting and revamping it.
  2. Requests where in someone merely wishes to adopt a page will be rendered void.
    1. This also applies when the creator of a page has been inactive for an extended period of time. In such cases, requests for adoption will not be granted if the page had been deemed complete prior to their absence.

Public Pages

  1. Alternatively, if an author finishes a creation but loses interest in it afterwards, they may make it a Public Page instead. This means that said page may be included in another user's work, without having to contact the creator beforehand.
  2. For example, if a monster page ​is Public, users could:
    1. Add that monster to their FanGame.
    2. Create subspecies of that monster (Please note that the regular variations control rule still applies).
    3. Add that monster to a map. (However, be mindful and try to respect its ecology when doing this. For example, a monster that lives in the cold should not be added to a volcanic area).
    4. Mention the monster in other miscellaneous situations (such as a creation being related to it, having a Turf War with it, etc).
  3. Users however are not allowed to directly edit or modify any Public Page or its contents, meaning the page will stay as is. Exceptions to this rule will be made for edits that are very minor in nature, such as adding a map or variant to a monster's Infobox template.
  4. If the author of a Public Page no longer wishes to be associated with it, they may also request having their name removed, in which case it'll be replaced with "Fanon Wiki".

Unfinished Pages

  1. Unfinished pages may be requested for adoption only if their current owner has been absent for a long time but will also be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Mass Deletions

  1. The Fanon Staff will NOT grant any requests for mass deletions regardless of whether a user wishes to restart or retire from the Wiki. Individual pages can still be inquired for but those too shall be subject to a case-by-case evaluation.

Concept Art Usage

  1. First comes, comes first. Meaning the fanon wiki no longer supports "Idea gatekeeping" (User who are holding up concept art/ideas not creating pages and thus hindering page creation from others).
  2. Please finish your concept pages before moving on to a new conept.
  3. Inform Admins on their message wall when finishing a concept (As a sort of Documentation).

Other Rules and Policies



To (Ordered by Alphabet): 

  • Chaoarren  for helping expand upon and suggest new Rules.
  • Democide  for helping Word and Suggest new Rules.
  • Dry-Bawful for helping Word and Suggest new Rules.
  • Main Monster Hunter Wiki for using their rules in here.
  • MasterCeadeus27 for being the creator of the Old Fanon rules which we applied here.
  • Narwhaler  for helping Word and Suggest new Rules.
  • YukiHerz  for helping Word and Suggest new Rules.
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