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This is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter Project Gigas

MHX MHGen - Theme of Spearbreaker Daimyo Hermitaur Fanmade

MHX MHGen - Theme of Spearbreaker Daimyo Hermitaur Fanmade

Narveldar Theme
Narveldär by Setheo
Titles Sand Singer
Lance of the Dunes
Horned Whale Wyvern
Nicknames Nar
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Dunes, Sandy Plains
Size 2856.03 cm (Big)
Relatives None
Signature Move Revolving charge jump
Elements Element Water
Ailments Element Water Status Mudded Status Stun
Weaknesses Element IceElement Dragon
Creator Narwhaler (art by Setheo)

Narveldär is a newly discovered Leviathan found in the sandy zones of restricted deserts.


Narveldär resembles a cetacean in body shape, with a great spiral nasal horn as its main trademark. It's sand colored, with different tones of brown on the upper body and light yellow on the belly. Its flippers are stylized, but also tough and armored with strong claws for burrowing. Its strong tail looks like a great paddle, used for efficient propulsion through sand. It has a spiracle above its head to breath when partially diving.


Narveldär Icon Horned leviathan that swims through the sands. With poor sight, it uses hearing and echolocation to detect prey and attack from below.

Narveldär is commonly found in desert regions, where it swims through great dunes. It's a predatory monster that uses its horn to stab incautious prey from below. Due to spending most of its time underground, its sight is poor, but it has sensible hearing and it's able to use echolocation via clicking noises to know the environment that surrounds it. It can even use these clicks to stun prey before stabbing. Narveldär is also known for producing beautiful songs when communicating, but this is a rare occurrence.


Narveldär is a great swimmer, so it can attack and move very quickly when in the sand. It can jump and charge with its massive horn to stab any threats, including hunters. Other attacks are tail flips, beating its flippers, sweeping its horn, sliding and spinning around, biting, and jumping to smash hunters with its body. It can also blow wet sand through its spiracle inflicting muddy and waterblight effects.

When enraged, Narveldär can shoot water from its mouth from side to side inflicting waterblight, swim sideways while throwing sand with its spiracle and jump from below the sand multiple times. It can also charge and then turn while burrowing and jump forward. Its most powerful attack is stunning the hunter with a powerful click and then attacking from below with enormous strength.


  • Each flipper, tail, horn (x2) and back can be broken.
    • When broken, hunters can notice that the horn is actually navy blue.
  • Narveldar's weakest point is its spiracle, then its belly and then its tail.
  • In normal state it can be affected by sonic bombs when underground.