Monster Hunter World: Demons Abode
Monster Hunter World: Home of the Devil
Monster Hunter World Demons Abode Title Cover by TheElusiveOne Release Dates:
Creator/s TheElusiveOne
Flagship Monster Shipex, Thorazhal, Zurrokudda, Kirashiraa
Monsters first appearing in this game
N/A (List coming soon)
Areas first appearing in this game
Arid Jungle, Lost Glacier, Styx Wetlands, The Abyss, The Skyrise, Temperate Echo, Fortress Canyon, The Borderlands

Monster Hunter World: Demons Abode is a fangame created by TheElusiveOne and is the grand expansion of World/5th gen as a whole.

General Information

The name's reminiscence of the Iceborne expansion for World is intentional - It is tied to Monster Hunter World: similarly to how Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is tied to Monster Hunter Tri with its own separate main village hub, new monsters, new mechanics, etc, This fangame features the 'Deva Four' - four monsters that never faced fate and are the flagship monsters of this fangame.

Returning Areas

Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess

New Areas

Arid Jungle, Lost Glacier, Styx Wetlands, The Abyss, The Skyrise, Temperate Echo, Fortress Canyon, The Borderlands


Gameplay is largely the same as Monster Hunter: World although you can now choose between felynes, canynes or gajalakas as your palicos (it is possible to have more than one) alongside the access of a Halk that doesn't replace your palico. There is much more content present in this game compared to World. You can have NPC Rasta's alongside you on your quests when hunting monsters (you make your own main Rasta: transported from the Mezoporta region: customisable, in similar fashion to the pawns in dragons dogma). alongside the addition of the Halk, both of which won't replace your Palico, however, when going on quests, the health of the monsters will correspond with the amount of Rastas the player has with them on the quest: This does not apply to Halks nor Palico's however. The questing system is a combination of how it is in Portable 3rd and how it is in World - with key quests being utilised - but assignments being story-related quests.


Instead of just playing as the palicos, you can also take control of canynes, gajalakas and even halks - each have their strengths and weaknesses.

[Returning Weapons: Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Greatsword, Longsword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, Light Bowgun, Medium Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow]

[New/Ported Weapons: Accel Axe, Prowler, Halk Bomber, Scythe, Disk Repeater, Tonfas]

Minor Features

  • Alpha, Beta and Gamma armour sets are still present in the game as they were in World.
  • Alpha has more general skills but negatives skills tend to go with it, while Beta usually has no negative skills to make up for the lack of armour skills that the beta sets grant.
  • The amount of monsters that can be present in the map at one time has increased from 3 to 6.
  • The weapon designs are now drastically improved, going back to the roots of the older designs with weapons looking far more fantastical compared to being a weapon with monster parts slapped to it.
  • Negative food skills with the wrong combination can now occur if the wrong ingredients are used.
  • Online players can trade jewels and streamstones with each other to make grinds less heart-aching.
  • Large scale monsters have 3 minutes carve times rather than the standard 1 minute carve times.
  • A new alteration of monster is known as the 'Eldritch Status' - these extremely rare individuals have been overtaken by a certain elder dragon... killing them grants 'Eldritch Pieces' which is used to craft the most powerful end-game armour and weapons that the game has to offer. These have a 1% chance of spawning during an expedition.
  • The vast majority of the returning monsters present in-game, have had either alterations, given new abilities or gained new attacks.
  • Arch-Tempered isn't present in this game: instead replaced with Guild Quests - akin to how they are in MH4U with a few attributes from frontier being borrowed. - Almost every monster in the game has guild quests present: although unlike in MH4U, the guild quests can randomise with locale, number of monsters, intrusion, etc
  • Healing is mildly altered: standing still makes the consumption of something like a Potion much faster while consuming a potion while running will take a longer amount of time to heal the health bar.
  • While in World, you could only choose up to 250 Investigations, in Demons Abode, you can choose up to 2000.
  • Daily Bounties are now much more spliced and a bigger number of them is listed compared to the amount in World - they also offer a large number of rewards.
  • You now get streamstones from doing HR-rating Guild Quests - the higher the HR of the Guild Quest: the larger number or more rarer the streamstone is. Hero Streamstones are exclusive to HR100 Guild Quests and you can get an extremely rare streamstone known as a 'Kami Streamstone'; this can only be obtained from doing HR


'"You are a member of the 8th Fleet that is reaching the New World to help study on its more unknown parts of the continent, during this, the Lost Glacier has just crashed into the New World without warning, this has caused a massive amount of distortion in the ecosystem and has unveiled monsters that were undiscovered prior to the crash. However, the Lost Glacier opened a gateway leading into the more unknown parts of the New World, this uncovers some dark and deep discoveries of what the New World contains, far beyond even the comprehension of Xeno'jiiva, mysteries from the past has seen potentially solutions and but stakes are higher than ever once a huge mistake occurs during the game."'


50 Achievements present - W.I.P


Tempered monsters are now exclusive to investigations, events and its own questline called 'Tempered Research' - not touched in key quests.

  • They're still High-Rank + G-Rank Exclusive although
  • The appearance of Tempered monsters now are much more distinct, still retaining the metallic texture but also featuring mild splodges of bioenergy crystals littered around the monsters body, is engulfed in white mist that trails behind as the monster moves and the eyes of the monster will be constantly glistening a bright colour (This does not affect the monsters natural eye colour: a Tempered Jade Barroth for example would still retain the red eyes that the original Jade Barroth has but it will glisten and shine much brighter in comparison).
  • Tempered Monsters can rarely be encountered in Expeditions, this can be a very good way to collect tracks and unlock investigations for tempered monsters.
  • Tempered Monsters still deal the higher amount of damage they do, their health still stays the same from their regular counterparts, however, tempered monsters now gain major resistances, lasting half the time a normal monster does in a trap or with a status ailment inflicted on them.
  • Tempered Monsters now have altered movesets, not new moves but monsters can now alternate their moves: sometimes performing combos. For Example: a Tempered Barroth's charge ends with the Barroth auto-aiming at a hunter and charging again, or a Tobi Kadachi's tail slam ends with a leap upwards and 360 spin attack with the tail electrified. This makes tempered monsters more unpredictable and more interesting than just being a stat-stack of the exact same monster.
  • The drop rate for streamstones are majorly increased: gleaming streamstones do not exist anymore, every property that the gleaming streamstone offered is now appointed with regular streamstones.
  • In Low-Rank, there is a certain plot point involving the Tempered state and Akura Vashimu: a powerful temnoceran from Frontier that in-grain the bioenergy within them naturally compared to other monsters due to their crystallic nature and spreads it around the New World. This is a major plot point in the Low-Rank storyline for the game and grants Akura Vashimu with a major antagonistic presence in the plot - This is why Akura Vashimu has its own achievements to it.

Tempered Barroth Render by TheElusiveOne


See for more information -

Eldritch Status

  • W.I.P


Monster Hunter World Demons Abode Title Cover by TheElusiveOne

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  • There are a colossal amount of new mantles present in the game that grant new attributes and abilities.
  • With points, you can visit the Illegal Trader and buy illegal items that you can't get normally: a list of the illegal items will be made at a later date.
  • Monster Hunter: Arcade is a gamemode that is entirely separate from the main game, where you can create custom maps, custom quests, alternate monsters with complete customisation, setup gear, alter mechanics, etc - See the link for Monster Hunter: Arcade for more information.
  • Behemoth and the Leshen are present in the game but as event-exclusive monsters.
  • Low Rank Behemoth has no magic attacks, High Rank Behemoth is the same as it is in World, G Rank Behemoth is a whole different beast - page coming soon.
  • Leviathans and Fanged Beasts are absent in the New World to keep the roster not going overboard.
  • The in-game world has general events, see Events for more information
  • The medium monster tracks are no longer present, medium monsters like Dodogama, Great Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku, etc will use the base area battle theme, although the chase themes are still present.
  • HR100 Guild Quests have separate battle themes for each area in the game (similarly to in
  • Siege Mode is present, but each siege mode monster has a separate slay mission: meaning all siege mode monsters can be slain.
  • In the arena quests, there's a selector that lets you choose the battle track you want playing, this has all the area and arena battle music from the 1st to 5th gen games alongside frontier tracks.
  • Both forms of arenas from World can now have alterations in the landscape for specific monsters, such as Lava molds for the likes of Lavasioth + Vulmandra, etc, alongside Mud streams for Jyuratodus + Barroth, Small lakes for Gariyatodus + Great Coralos, etc
  • The name is based off of the predicament of the 'Iceborne' DLC naming style as akin to a concept of being the final and most expansive DLC package.
  • The Warning system has been brought back although now can be reserved for UNKNOWN monsters invading: If its an UNKNOWN monster that has invaded, then separate theme tracks will play.
  • Mi Ru was originally going to be included, but was ultimately scrapped due to unnecessary roster expansion: Mi Ru is replaced by Omni-Kadachi which can be considered a New World/Fanged Wyvern counterpart to Mi Ru.
  • There will be a link to a page that lists all the changes that the older monsters returning in this game have recieved.
  • The term 'Deva Four' replicates to a higher tier equivalent of the Fated Four which the Deva Four represent due to them being of a much higher threat level. Credits to this explanation goes to Nin.
  • Thank you TheEpicOne89 for letting this fangame include Great Shamos.
  • Thank you Werequaza for letting this fangame include Chrymos and Cerahund.
  • Thank you Jaggid or letting this fangame include Asashiugu.


The entire roster is in the link below:

Monster Hunter World: Demons Abode Monster List



Progress the story quests in order to unlock guild quests which are entirely optional: both have different quest givers.

- Low Rank Story Quests

- High Rank Story Quests

- G Rank Story Quests

- Low Rank Guild Quests

- High Rank Guild Quests

- G-Rank Guild Quests

- HR100 Guild Quests

- Event Quests

- Xtreme Quests

- Custom Quests


  • This fan-game was originally called Monster Hunter: World Unite, but the name was changed due to the alterations that are intended to be made.