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General Info
Monster Class Monster Classification(Flying Wyvern, Fanged Beast, etc.)
Habitats Locales where it can be found
Size Size of the monster (Large/Small/Medium) or Crown sizes
Relatives Relatives to this monster like Subspecies, Variants, etc.
Signature Move Attack the monster is known for
Elements Elements Use {{Element}} to use icons
Ailments Ailments Use {{Ailments}} to use icons
Weaknesses Elemental Weaknesses, Use {{Element}}
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If you are new to editing here and are about to create your first monster page, this is an example for a general layout a page about a monster can have. You are permitted and encouraged to copy and paste this page's text into your first page and continue from there using our information as help, but you can also take inspiration from it and create your own page layout. The information of sections, which are marked with an *, have to be present in the page in some form to be considered complete, the sections don't have to be identical to how they are shown in this page. Other sections are optional and can be added if you want to add more information to the pages. Sections marked with ' are used for explanation and aren't supposed to be on a regular page. Add some small summary about the Monster here, it can be a very basic one like: Monster are/is a (Monster Classification) that was introduced in (fan game). If available you can add a second image of the monster here.


A description of the monster's appearance and physical traits.


Information about the behavior of the monster outside of fighting hunters.


Information about what tracks the monster leaves behind which hunters can use to find it.

Specific Locale Interactions

Information about environmental interactions the monster has only in certain locales or areas. (eg. a monster that has special attacks with vines cannot use those attacks unless its an an area and locale with them)

Special Behavior

Information that describes any special behavior the monster has. Instances of such behavior can depend on the time of day, the weather, as well as other conditions. (a monster that likes to bathe in the sun at daytime; a monster that enters areas of the locale it usually doesn't visit when it rains; a monster that is covered in sticks fears being near fire and backs away from it.)

Interactions with Other Monsters

How the monster behaves when other monsters are near it. A passive monster would ignore small monsters, but a very aggressive one would attack them if they wandered too close. A list of special interactions with certain other monsters apart from Turf Wars. For example like:

(With )>other monster<

Description of special behavior with that monsters.

Turf Wars

Battles that the monster may engage in when it encounters certain other monsters.

(Against )>othermonster<

Description of the fight between the two monsters and the outcome. Optionally special conditions that may change the outcome.


Describe the abilities this monster possesses, like which elements and/or ailments it uses and how it uses them, the monster's main gimmick etc., you can also list attacks here. The Attacks section can be skipped with a more detailed descriptions on its attack patterns. But please keep in mind, the more detail the better.

Ecological Information*


A view over the taxonomy of the monster.


Information about the locales it inhabits and its environmental preferences.

Ecological Niche*

Information about the niche the monster occupies within the ecosystem of the locales it inhabits. This includes what spot it takes within the food chain, consisting of its diet and potential predators it has. Example for a food chain within the Ancient Forest: Aptonoth is the lowest part of the chain as it feeds on plants, Great Jagras is a predator at the lower end of the food chain, Anjanath is in the middle, and the apex predator is Rathalos. Small Elder Dragons or monsters on the same level (6 star monsters) usually soar above the apex predators even. Incredibly powerful monsters, that are often much bigger than other monsters, may even overpower the small Elder Dragons and stand in a tier of their own above the food chain. Note that the placement in the food chain doesn't translate into strength, as there are herbivores like Diablos that can fight back apex predators.

Biological Adaptations*

Information of the different adaptations in ability and physiology that help it survive in its environment. For example, Fur on a monster that lives in cold locales, a stream-lined body for a monster that lives within the water, big sensory organs for the sense it excels in, smaller ones for senses that aren't as important to the monster, etc.


Information about what happens when encountering the monster for the first time as a target in a regular quest, as well as other cutscenes if the monster has relevance in the story of a fangame.

Game Data*

Rage and Tired States*

  • Rage State: Information about changes when entering enraged states.
  • Tired State: Information about changes when entering tired state.

Interactions With Unique Statuses (Frenzy/Apex, Hyper Status, Tempered Status, Fanon Status, etc)

Description of which changes the monster undergoes when entering these states and if the monster can be in a certain state or not.

Mounts/Clutch Claw Effects


Information about mounting this monster.

Clutch Claw

Information about using the Clutch Claw on this monster.

Breakable parts*

List of what can be broken, wounded or severed on a monster, and if there is, what effect this has on it.

Physical Damage Effectiveness

How much a monster is effected by various methods of damage on different parts of the body.

Body Part Great Sword Icon White.png Cutting Damage Hammer Icon White.png Impact Damage Shot Icon White.svg Piercing Damage
Head X ✖ ★★★ (★) X ✖ ★★★ (★) X ✖ ★★★ (★)
Arms/Wings Y ✖ ★★★ (★) Y ✖ ★★★ (★) Y ✖ ★★★ (★)
Tail,etc Z ✖ ★★★ (★) Z ✖ ★★★ (★) Z ✖ ★★★ (★)
  • ✖ means very little or no effectiveness, very minor amounts of damage is done.
  • ★ is fairly effective, minor damage is done, ★★ is effective, moderate damage is done ★★★ is highly effective, high damage is done and is considered a weakspot.
  • (★) means that effectiveness changes due to a condition.

Sharpness Damage Effectiveness

How much weapon sharpness is needed to damage a monster's parts without attacks bouncing off. In G-rank/Master Rank the hardness of parts increases.

Body Part Sharpness Required
Head/Arms/Tail,etc Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/White/Purple/Sky Blue

Elemental Effectiveness


Element Element Fire.png Fire Element Water.png Water Element Ice.png Ice Element Thunder.png Thunder Element Dragon.png Dragon
Effectiveness ★✖ ★✖ ★✖ ★✖ ★✖


Element Element Earth.png Earth Element Wind.png Wind Element Nature.png Nature Element Aether.png Aether Element Void.png Void
Effectiveness ★✖ ★✖ ★✖ ★✖ ★✖

Status Effectiveness

Status Effects Status Poison.png Poison Status Sleep.png Sleep Status Paralysis.png Paralysis Status Blastblight.png Blast Status Stun.png Stun Status Blind.png Blind
Effectiveness ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★)

Item Effectiveness

Item Trap Icon Green.svg Pitfall Trap Trap Icon Purple.svg Shock Trap Ball Icon Yellow.svg Flash Bomb Ball Icon Grey.svg Sonic Bomb Dung Icon Brown.svg Dung Bomb Meat Icon Red.svg Meat
Effectiveness ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★) ✖ ★★★ (★)


Quests for the monster as they would appear within the game you are working on or one of the canon games. The template below is used for creating quests.

The name of the quest_____ LV Rank the difficulty in stars: ★/or as G1/M2
Insert an icon of the monster, if there isn't one, use a question mark icon instead.
Does the quest require a certain rank?
Reward: The amount of Zenny you receive for completing the quest. Location: Where the quest is located.
Contract Fee: The contract fee for the quest. Time Limit: How much time you have to complete the quest.
Subquest: A optional requirement that give an extra reward on completing it. Sub.Reward: The amount of Zenny you get for completing the sub quest.
Other Monsters:

Monsters small and large that appear in this quest.

Client: The person that gives the quest.

The description for the quest.


Other notes about this quest like the requirements to unlock this quest.


A list of attacks that describe how the monster moves when it executes each of them.

  • Attack 1: x
  • Attack 2: x
  • Attack 3: x


A list of materials that can be carved from or obtained through rewards or shinies.

  • Carve tabber here

Shiny Item Drops

Information about what kinds of items the monster drops as a shiny and when it does so.

Material Items

White shaded shiny drops that give a monster material like a Scale or similar, or an accountable item like a Wyvern Tear or similar.

Slinger Ammo

Red shaded shiny drops that give ammo for the Slinger, most often dropped when certain health percentages are left on a monster or through clutch claw attacks. The pods the monster dropped should be effective against said monster, an example being Barroth dropping Thorn Pods that do Stun damage, which Barroth is weak to.


Armor and weapons that can be crafted using materials from this monster. The information can be presented in the form of tables, bullet lists, templates, etc.

In-Game description

Name of your Monster
Icon for your Monster
(File:monstername_icon_by_username)(make sure the size fits the template!)
Short description of your monster in the style of the In-Game monster books.


Any kind of information that doesn't fit into the other sections or are just side notes.

  • Notes
  • Notes
  • Notes

Star Level Guide'

  • ★☆☆☆☆☆ = Small Monsters e.g. Kelbi, Aptonoth, Bullfango, Apceros
  • ★★☆☆☆☆ = Beginner Boss Monsters e.g. Velocidrome, Great Jaggi, Great Maccao, Great Jagras
  • ★★★☆☆☆ = Weak Boss Monsters e.g. Yian Kut-Ku, Barroth, Jyuratodus
  • ★★★★☆☆ = Intermediate Boss Monsters e.g. Rathian, Blangonga, Anjanath
  • ★★★★★☆ = Flagships / Apex Monsters e.g. Rathalos, Tigrex, Barioth, Legiana
  • ★★★★★★ = Minor Elder Dragons / Minor Elder Dragon Level e.g. Kirin, Kushala Daora, Teostra, Rajang, Deviljho, Shagaru Magala, Rare Species, Strong Deviants. Monsters that in lore have the ability to destroy entire mountains to mountain ranges.
  • An Admin/Content Moderator's permission is required to be given to have monsters at the "red star" levels.
  • ★★★★★★ = Major Elder Dragons / Major Elder Dragon Level Monsters e.g. Lao-Shan Lung, Shen Gaoren, Akantor, Jhen Mohran, Amatsu, Kulve Taroth, Dalamadur, Raviente and some of the strongest Rare Species / Deviants. Monsters that in lore have the ability to destroy entire islands all the way up to influencing entire continents.
  • ★★★★★★★★ = First-Class Elders / World Destroyers e.g. The Black Dragons (Fatalis, Alatreon, Dire Miralis), Shantien, Disufiroa, Duremudira, etc. Monsters that in lore are able to wipe out all life or even destroy the world.