A weapon class consisting of a shield attached to a complex hard chain system.


Burst Shield Icon White
The Burst Shield has two modes, the main one is used by default, with the shield being mounted to the left wrist of the hunter, normal attacks are as fast as dual blades with a higher base damage, but can't cause any elemental damage, special attacks also share this weakness but do more damage as the Shield's blades are extended while attacking.

When attacking in this mode, a bar is filled, when this bar is full the weapon can be transitioned into the second form, in which it becomes a flail-like weapon capable of unleashing elemental attacks, with the main attack being a fast and powerful chain of attacks, most attacks can hit the target multiple times due to the rotating blades, and a special aim attack which will allow you to freely attack in a direction and then aim while still attacking to keep on offense without retracting the shield, when the bar runs out the weapon reverts to the first mode.

You can also sacrifice the entire bar (it must be full) to unleash a small automated chain attack which ends in a large explosion.

Both modes have a defense function comparable to that of a lance, the first mode can use it at any time, while the second can only access it if the weapon is being aimed for the first time in a chain.


The weapon consists of a shield (About twice the size of a standard SnS shield) with a special gauntlet on the left hand, both connected by a retracting chain, and protuding blades which can rotate along the shield's edges.

Drawing Needed.