Reworking weapons of Palicos/Nyantas

Instead of making no difference other than damage type, the Palico Blade and Hammer become separate weapons with different functionalities.

Felyne Blade

Palico Blade Icon White
Works much like it has always been, but now damage is comparable to that of a hunter's SnS, and also must account for sharpness loss, it can be used to defend for a small sharpness loss, but it doesn't have a built in ranged attack.

Felyne Hammer

Palico Hammer Icon White
Swings slower than the Blade, but with higher damage, it doesn't have a defense function but it has unlimited boomerangs that can be used to attack from a distance, it also has to account for sharpness and can K.O. monsters.

New Weapons

In addition to the two already existing weapons, felynes get access to other weapons.

Felyne Bow

Palico Bow Icon White
A ranged felyne weapon that improves on the concept of composite bows, made specially for felynes, the inside of each Bow is filled with carefully crafted mechanisms and magnets that increase the arrow's speed when fired, some Bows have special rapid-fire mechanisms.

While the arrows fired from this weapon fly faster than those from a hunter's bow, they are less accurate, and only accept up to 3 built in coatings, which must be refilled using a Coating Slug, a process that takes as much time as sharpening a sword.

The available coatings for Felyne Bows are:

  • Aero-Dynamic Coating: A specialized coating that increases accuracy.
  • Elemental Coatings: Designed to deal elemental damage based on the Bow's attack.
  • Status Coatings: Add status effects to your arrows.
  • Exhaust Coating: Drains a monster's stamina.

Felyne Boomerang

Palico Boomerang Icon White
Specialized boomerangs that rely on element/status damage, they are more powerful than the basic boomerangs, which can still be thrown indefinitely, but unlike said basic boomerangs, only one Weapon Boomerang can be thrown at a time.

Felyne Pick

The Pick swings faster than the Blade, it can do both Impact and Slash damage depending on what is more effective, but it has no defense and it can only do short combos, can throw boomerangs.

Felyne Hatchet

Palico Hatchet Icon White
Swings slower than the Blade but faster than the Hammer, it has decent slash attack with defensive moves, it doesn't have access to boomerang attacks but it can be thrown, after which it will come back to the user's hands via a chain, or be used to reach higher places.