Hydregora DinoHunter2
Titles Sand Nightmare
Three Tailed Scorpion
Nicknames Gora
General Info
Species Carapaceon
Habitats Desert
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Sand cloud
Elements Element Earth
Ailments Status StunStatus Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator DinoHunter2
Hydregora are predatory Carapaceons that live in the desert.


This carapaceon looks like a scorpion, similar to the Akuras. Its exoskeleton has different tones of yellow to match with the sand of the desert. Its abdomen ends in three tails that can move independently, while its front legs have become great pincers with great thorns to grab prey. Its numerous red eyes and big fangs give it a nightmarish look.


Hydreogora is a desert-dwelling monster with a wide reach similar to Shogun Ceanataur. In addition to forward and backward motion it can also scuttle sideways like a crab, rapidly moving back-and-forth or circling around a hunter. It can also pick them up in its claws as a "pin" move. Large flaps on the back of its body can unfold to fan the air, kicking up clouds of sand to hide itself or blow back hunters. Its stinger strikes with great force, enough to inflict quake when it hits the ground, and causes paralysis. The true reason it is so powerful, however, is that it's actually three thin tails wrapped together and bound by slime. When enraged it can suddenly unravel them, losing it's quake effect but gaining the ability to strike independently with each tail and target three enemies at once.


Hydregora Icon
A ferocious carapaceon that seizes prey from beneath the dunes. It can strike at multiple weak-points using its three tails or combine them to punch through hard armor. When harassed, it will kick up clouds of sand to disorient its enemies. Can move in any direction and climb rock walls.