Titles Volcano Ink Volk
Nicknames Inklet
General Info
Species Lynian
Habitats Volcano, Old Volcano
Size N/A
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Ink spalts
Elements Element Water Water, Element Fire Fire
Ailments Severe Fireblight Fireblight
Severe Waterblight Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Setheo

A very weird Lynian. Though it reminds people of a squid it has more attributes of a jellyfish.


It uses some sort of odd liquid it stores in itself to produce ink for various purposes, such as writing, drawing or blending their foes. The liquid is flamable which these creatures know and using it for their fullest advantage, squirting prey as also enemies then enflaming them by igniting sparks. This creature has no solid form. Making it a rather odd Lynian. Reaseachers are still trying to figure out if this species is really an "Unknown" species or "Lynian".


Not much is known from these Lynians, due to them avoiding humans.

Hunter Paleontologists have found cave drawings from these creatures with stories of the old Wyvern Wars, thus they believe that they have been eye witness of the ancient days. Making them critical information holders. A lot of researchers have tried to get information from them about what happened as also about certain monsters but never got any close to unrevealing the secret they hold.

Due to their "silent" type a lot of hunters and other people think they are just primitive beings, oddly it is quite the opposite. They are very well able to understand the human language as also read their letters.

There is a small legend saying that hunters have learned in the ancient days reading and writing form a white Hoha.


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