Heoleoth Artwork by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles The Feathered Tsunami
Nicknames Malf's Cousin, The Better Owl
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Jungle, Misty Peaks, Jurassic Frontier, Ancestral Steppe, Ancient Outback, Drenched Thicket
Size Medium
Relatives none
Signature Move ---
Elements Element Water Element Earth
Ailments Element Water Element Earth Status Stun
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Rathalosaurus rioreurensis (originally by Cottonmouth255)

Heoleoth are unusual Bird Wyverns that have recently been discovered in many parts of the known world.


Heoleoth can easily be identified by their shaggy coat of feathers and their rather peculiar stance, that is for a Bird Wyvern. Their bodies are mainly brown in color, except for some green accents at the tips of its feathers. There are parts on its body where no feathers grow, revealing a bright orange carapace. Their tails are surprisingly massive, the thick muscles making for a formidable weapon.

In addition to their large tails, these monsters also possess strong forelegs with strong claws. When not in use, the wings and feathers look rather minuscule. However, this is an illusion, as the feathers are intricately folded, allowing the Heoleoth to move around more freely. When it unfolds the wings, their true size is revealed. The Heoleoth is an excellent flier, however, it prefers to walk and run, rather than fighting while airborne.

Its main roar sounds like this:

Heoleoth Main Roar by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis

Ecological Information

Placement In Food Chain

Heoleoth are the Apex Monsters of the Drenched Thicket, being rivalled only by top-tier monsters like Palombola, Tsunami Voluron or Deviljho. In fact, Heoleoth trump every other monster within the Drenched Thicket - monsters like Great Varukamaq, Rugotaratua or Anjanath are no match for them.

Behavior Towards Other Monsters

Heoleoth are formidable fighters, viciously defending their territories from whoever dares to enter. They are known to compete with other predators like Tobi Kadachi, Rathian, Malfestio, Anjanath or even the occasional Palombola. Herbivores like Rugotaratua don't share food sources, instead they fight over territory.

However, while Heoleoth are very aggressive towards most monsters, they usually choose to avoid the likes of Mikiragaan or the Voluron Subspecies. However, they are known to fight with Deviljho, fights which usually end badly for the Heoleoth.

Turf Wars

  • Heoleoth vs. Malfestio: The two Bird Wyverns first screech at each other, before the Malfestio begins circling the Heoleoth. The Heoleoth, in turn, suddenly enrages, puffing up its feathery coat. With a screech, the Malfestio flies up and tries to latch onto its opponent. It rams its claws into the Heoleoth's back, dealing around 250 damage. The Heoleoth reacts by rearing up and startling the Malfestio. It then grabs the unlucky Malfestio by the neck and slams it down, dealing around 750 to 900 damage.
  • Heoleoth vs. Anjanath: The Brute Wyvern screeches in anger, revealing its nose and two sails. It lunges at the Heoleoth, mouth agape. The Heoleoth evades swiftly, before taking to the skies and plummeting onto the Anjanath. The Brute Wyvern tries to defend itself by breathing fire, dealing around 300 damage. However, the Heoleoth is stronger. It grabs the heavy Anjanath with its strong hindlegs, flies up a few meters and then suddenly lets itself and the Brute Wyvern fall down, landing on its opponent's body. This deals around 700 to 900 damage to the Anjanath - sometimes one of its body parts can be wounded.
  • Heoleoth vs. Rathian: The two wyverns roar, taunting each other. With a swift move, the Rathian flies up, aiming to crash onto the Heoleoth. The Bird Wyvern, however, reacts fast, taking to the skies as well. The two wyverns then fly up at breakneck speed, before the Rathian launches itself at its opponent, locking claws with the Heoleoth. Attacking each other almost like fighting birds, each wyvern tries to knock the other down. Suddenly, however, a cracking sound is heard and both wyverns screech in pain, for they wounded themselves badly (results in a break for both, usually Heoleoth's hindleg and Rathian's head), and let go of each other. Both take damage, usually around 850 to 900.
  • Heoleoth vs. Rugotaratua: The Heoleoth roars, angered about the intruder. The Rugotaratua responds by snorting violently, flailing its large tusks around in a threatening gesture. The Heoleoth flies up and - mid-air - sucks in a huge amount of air, before suddenly spitting out a huge clod of earth, precisely aimed at the Rugotaratua's head. The sheer force of this is enough to break on of its large tusks. The Behemoth enrages, lifts up its tail and - surprisingly fast - turns itself around and rams the huge club into the wyvern, knocking it down. The Turf War end with Rugotaratua having received around 800 to 900 damage, while Heoleoth received around 700 to 950 damage.
  • Heoleoth vs. Palombola: The fight starts much like with Malfestio. The wyverns screech and one of them flies up. However, this time Heoleoth is the one to do so. It plummets onto the huge Palombola, latching onto its back. However, the Palombola suddenly erects its back feathers, revealing razor sharp edges. The Heoleoth hisses and lets go of the Bird Wyvern, which, in turn, spreads its wings. With a pirouette, it sends out five huge and sharp quills, which all pierce the Heoleoth's hide. It finishes the Turf War by ramming one wing into the Heoleoth, dealing additional damage. The Heoleoth receives around 950 to 1000 damage in total, each quill dealing 100 damage and the final attack dealing up to 500 damage.
  • Heoleoth vs. Tsunami Voluron: The Heoleoth and Tsunami Voluron growl and hiss, taunting each other. The Heoleoth wants to lunge at the Voluron, however, the attempt fails miserably. The Leviathan grabs the Heoleoth by the neck, dealing around 250 damage, and then rears up. Then it slams the Heoleoth and itself down, dealing devastating damage to the Bird Wyvern (from 1300 to 1400). Sometimes this can even break one of its body parts.
  • Heoleoth vs. Deviljho: The Heoleoth and the Deviljho taunt each other, growling and roaring loudly. The Heoleoth enrages and puffs its feahters up, before pouncing at the Deviljho. It latches onto its neck, clawing and biting, but dealing almost no damage. Suddenly the Deviljho manages to grab the Heoleoth by the neck while continuously emitting clouds of Dragon Energy, before launching it away. This deals around 900 to 1500 damage.


Heoleoth individuals can leave behind a number of tracks, most commonly the "Heoleoth Track", which is either from their fore- or hindlegs. A bit more rarely they leave behind "Brown Feathers" (which they shake from its body or tail when not disturbed) or either an "Earth Clod" or "Dried Clod" (which it occasionally coughs up ,much like a cat's fur-balls), depending on how long that particular track has been there.

Specific Locale Interactions

When in the more dense parts of the Drenched Thicket, Heoleoth will actively break down trees or other plants. They do this in an attempt to hit the hunter with it. Sometimes they pick up a branch that it just kicked down and keep it in their beaks for a while, adding a wider range to some of their attacks.

Special Behaviors



The Heoleoth prefers living in areas with high humidity, or at least the appearance of fog. It uses its coat of feathers not as insulation or just simple display, but rather as a weapon. Its fine and soft feathers serve as condensation cores for water. The longer the Heoleoth stands in fog and/or areas with high humidity, the more drops of water appear on its coat. The Heoleoth then starts using this water as a weapon, shaking it off its body with every move it performs, while also actively using it with certain attacks.

When enraging, the Heoleoth screeches loudly and widely spreads its wings, scattering the remaining drops of water. Then, it reveals its own elemental powers - it is an adept wielder of the Earth Element.


Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon The Heoleoth is a Bird Wyvern like no other - in fact, it fooled many scientists into thinking it is a Flying Wyvern. Its unique mechanic of using water as a weapon, together with the earth element it possesses make it a truly dangerous foe.

Rage and Tired States

  • Enraged
    • Feathers puff up, breathes steam.
  • Tired
    • Feathers droop, carapace's colors fade.

Interactions With Alternate States 

Frenzied Heoleoth do not display any changes in attack patterns. However, its water drops and elemental attacks are infused with the virus. The existence of Apex Heoleoth is not confirmed.


It has the mount animation of Nargacuga, Barioth and other four-legged Flying Wyverns, while of course also being able to run around and ram their body into obstacles to get rid of the hunter. Hunters can jump on its head, back and tail.


Rage Mode

Music Theme

Avatar Soundtracks Agni Kai Extended

Avatar Soundtracks Agni Kai Extended


  • Beak Wounded
  • Tail Carapace Scarred
    • Tail Severed
  • Neck Carapace Damaged
  • Wing damaged
  • Hindleg damaged



Material Description
Feather Icon Dark Brown Heoleoth Feather+ The feather of a Heoleoth, fine and soft. The brown color is rich and deep, making for optimal camouflage.
Carapace Icon Dark Orange Heoleoth Carapace+ A high-quality carapace of a Heoleoth. Sturdy but light, it is a perfect armor.
Scale Icon Orange Heoleoth Scale+ A very light scale from one of the paws of Heoleoth. It is sleek and glossy, repelling even the strongest weapons.
Claw Icon Black Heoleoth Claw+ A Heoleoth's claw, sharp and elegant. The black color is beautiful, adding to every armor it is on.
Feather Icon Dark Green Heoleoth Facefeather One of the feathers growing on a Heoleoth's face. It is soft and light, while the deep green color is a beautiful but also intimidating sight.
Ball Icon Teal Heoleoth Emerald A jewel formed within the body of a Heoleoth. Countless years of exposure to earth and water have shaped it and colored it this way. Its insides seem fluid.


Material Description
Feather Icon Dark Green Heoleoth Flightfeather One of the primaries of the Heoleoth. It's a deep green color and so fine that almost no sound is produced when it glides through the air. What kind of armor could come from it?
Carapace Icon Red Heoleoth Cortex An unbelievable hard part of a Heoleoth's carapace. Its color is incredible, forming a beautiful contrast with the green feathers.
Claw Icon Black Heoleoth Talon Sharp and pointed, this claw exceeds even the best katana in quality. It glides through flesh like a hot knife through butter.
Claw Icon Brown Heoleoth Strongbeak This beak can pierce through even the hardest armor, ripping apart any opponent who is unlucky enough to face it.
Feather Icon Teal Heoleoth Piuma One of the incredibly soft and light feathers growing on the Heoleoth's back. Its beautiful color makes it an item every upper-class women salivates over.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Orange Heoleoth Mace This tail is incredibly powerful, being so heavy that it could purée an opponent with merely one strike.
Ball Icon Dark Green Heoleoth Jade Grown in the insides of a Heoleoth, this gem is of an irregular shape and coloration. This is what makes it so precious. It is said to be the incarnation of water and earth.
Mantle Icon Teal Drenched Scamura A god-like scale, mentioned only in ancient texts. It is thought to give its wielder control over water and earth, making them the ruler of the Drenched Thicket.






High Rank

Splashes In The Green_____ LV ★★★★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon
Hunt 1 Heoleoth
Reward: 4500z Location: Drenched Thicket (Noon)
Contract Fee: 500z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Wound the Heoleoth's wing Sub.Reward: 900z
Other Monsters:

Larinoth, Rajirija, Maccao

Client: Chlorophile Gardener

My title already says everything - I LOVE everything green. Plants, armor, weapons, equipment for gardening. I collect green stuff like nobody else can. However... a Heoleoth now roams the Drenched Thicket. Can you imagine? It is destroying the precious plants! The precious GREEN! Go get that splosh-splashing bastard!



Fog In The Outback_____ LV ★★★★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Heoleoth
Reward: 4500z Location: Ancient Outback (Night)
Contract Fee: 500z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Aptonoth, Maccao, Waeopial, Rugotaratua

Client: Eager Hunter

My husband is a hunter, just like I am. However... he is not that well trained. He wanted to take out a Heoleoth in the Outback, which didn't go all to well. Anyways, I wanted to avenge his wounds, but he is too much of a crybaby to be left alone. So please, get rid of the Heoleoth for me.



Water, Water Everywhere!_____ LV ★★★★★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Heoleoth and 1 Vurvuolumu
Reward: 9000z Location: Drenched Thicket (Dawn)
Contract Fee: 900z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Wound the Vurvuolumu's tail Sub.Reward: 1200z
Other Monsters:

Ludroth, Rajirija, Jagras, Great Jagras

Client: Chlorophile Gardener's Significant Other

Oof. You know how exhausting my man can be? I mean, don't get me wrong, I still love him. But whenever something even minorly inconvenient happens, he flips out. "Get me more water!!" - "Where is the fertilizer!!" - "MY POOR BABIES ARE DYING!!" yadayadayada. How good that two... watery monsters are in the Drenched Thicket. Now he will get some water!




The Walking Sprinkler_____ LV G2★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Heoleoth
Reward: 18900z Location: Misty Peaks (Dusk)
Contract Fee: 1900z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Mosswine, Hermitaur, Rathian, Apex Mizutsune

Client: Treshi

This heat is unbearable! Harth is just not my place... but hey, I know what could help, dear friend. WHat if you got me some water and earth from a Heoleoth? I can already imagine the cool mud bath... the freshness after getting out of it, the rejuvenated ski- sorry, I got carried away. Anyways, go get me some Heoleoth!



Capture The Wave!_____ LV G2★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Capture 1 Heoleoth
Reward: 22800z Location: Jungle (Day)
Contract Fee: 2300z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Mosswine, Hermitaur, Anjanath, Apex Lagiacrus

Client: Jumbo Villager

"Caed'mil, vernarat!" How are you doing? I noticed some unnatural activities in the Jungle right next to our village. I went to investigate and saw a Heoleoth roaming around! I told our chief, and he ordered it captured. He wants to see a specimen with his own two eyes. Maybe I can sneak away one or two of those wonderfully soft feathers...



Playing With Feathers!_____ LV G3★★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon IconFrenzy Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Heoleoth and 1 Palombola
Reward: z Location: Ancient Outback (Day)
Contract Fee: z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Deliver 1 Bird Wyvern Tear Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Aptonoth, Jaggi, Maccao

Client: Manano Protector

Two birds, locked in one epic fight! The Palombola and the Heoleoth. Feathers flying around, a strange purple mist surrounding them. Truly a sight to behold. But now they are a tad bit close to the village. I don't want the frenzy to reach Manano, so please, take the two out.



Green And Brown Ballet_____ LV G3★★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon Rathian Fanon Icon Terra Shogun Ceanataur Fanon Icon
Hunt 1 Heoleoth, 1 Rathian and 1 Terra Shogun Ceanataur
Reward: z Location: Jurassic Frontier (Night)
Contract Fee: z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Larinoth, Maccao

Client: Catalina

My poor Moofah almost suffered a heart attack when we walked through the frontier. I just got back from recruiting some cute little Felynes and suddenly *BOOM* a Heoleoth, a Rathian AND a Terra Shogun Ceanataur were after me! I barely made it out there, but now the area is not safe for villagers! Please, get rid of these nasty monsters!



Green and Soaked_____ LV G4★★★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon Tsunami Voluron Icon by Narwhaler
Hunt 1 Heoleoth and 1 Tsunami Voluron
Reward: z Location: Drenched Thicket (Night)
Contract Fee: z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Mosswine, Hermitaur, Varukamaq, Great Varukamaq

Client: Felyne Bounty Hunter

I wandered through the Drenched Thicket when I saw it - a Heoleoth fighting an invading Tsunami Voluron. I am not sure who won, but the Heoleoth seemed to be in some trouble. I wish I could have watched the whole fight... maybe you are lucky enough!



Water, Earth And Acid_____ LV G4★★★★
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon Seltas Fanon Icon Seltas Queen Fanon Icon Mikiragaan Icon
Hunt 1 Heoleoth, 1 Seltas Queen and 1 Mikiragaan
Reward: z Location: Misty Peaks (Night)
Contract Fee: z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Bullfango, Ludroth

Client: Yukumo Villager

So our cook just wanted to get some Yukumo Wood to experiment with for a new creation. But then three- no FOUR monsters ruined that plan. So I contacted every hunter I knew, but all refused for some reason. Maybe you can help our village! Avenge the food!





Habitat Range

Ecological Niche

Biological Adaptations


Introduction Cutscene


  • Upon discovering Heoleoth, scientists put it into the Flying Wyvern class.
    • However, after being able to closely examine a living specimen, it was decided to put it into the Bird Wyvern class.
  • When fatigued, Heoleoth will either prey on Rajirija, Larinoth or even Ludroth, or it will feast on a random carcass.
  • Scientists found out that the hunted individuals are all male, while the females are smaller and less dangerous.
    • It is rumored that Heoleoth have a very dramatic heat period, especially the males. However, what exactly happens could not yet be documented.


  • While Heoleoth is a revamp of Glauxiturn, it also has its own sources of inspiration - namely the griffins from "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt", several types of eagles and owls, as well as Tigrex, Barioth and especially Nargacuga.


  • Cottonmouth225: Created the original monster.
  • Dinoman0310: Adding the reward and contract fee amounts.


Glauxiturn by Cottonmouth255
Titles Spiny Owl Wyvern, Eyes in the Night
Nicknames Glaux
General Info
Species Pseudowyvern
Habitats Old Swamp, Great Forest, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, Heavenly Mountain, Primeval Forest, Idyllic Ocean, Wet Rainforest, Murky Bog, Cavernous Cliffs
Size 2356.1 cm
1760.0 cm
Relatives none
Signature Move Aerial Tail Swipe
Elements none
Ailments Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon
Creator Cottonmouth255

The Glauxiturn is a Pseudowyvern that is owl-like in appearance and nature. It is thought to be the missing link between Bird Wyverns and Flying Wyverns.

English: Glauxiturn

Japanese: Togefukurosu

Latin: Magnaglaux terribilis

In-Game Information

Called the "Eyes in the Night" due to their fiery gaze, these owl-like monsters are thought to be the missing link between bird and flying wyverns. They are crafty to a fault and will shriek loudly to stun prey and predators alike.

Introductory Cutscene

Location: Wet Rainforest Area 2

Synopsis: The hunter steps into Area 2 and immediately notices that the area is infested with Rograt. The little Fanged Beasts are everywhere, searching for food. The hunter cautiously advances forward, never noticing the shadowy form behind him/her that is stalking through the moonlit forest.

The hunter suddenly turns around, only to find that the three Rograt he/she had already passed have disappeared. He/she slowly looks around for any hiding place the Rograt could have vanished into, when a soft rushing sound emanates from behind him/her, and a faint, shadowy figure darts across the screen.

The remaining Rograts sense what is going on around them and flee the area in blind terror. The hunter stares after them, tense for anything that might happen next. This time, the hunter witnesses the shadowy figure leap out from the darkness and pick off two more Rograt - in a flash of shadow, they are simply gone. Spooked, the hunter backs away slowly, unaware that he/she is moving toward the silent Glauxiturn. It hoots shrilly, causing the hunter to duck and cover his/her ears, and the hunt begins.

Basic Information

Monster Class: Pseudowyvern

Weakness: Dragon

Element: none

Status Ailments: Stun

Habitats: Old Swamp, Great Forest, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, Heavenly Mountain, Primeval Forest, Idyllic Ocean, Wet Rainforest, Murky Bog, Cavernous Cliffs


  • Kills and eats Rograt to restore stamina
  • Falls after using Slashing Fury when low on stamina
  • Drops an item when a Sonic Bomb is used while enraged
  • Eyes glow red and pupils disappear when enraged

Physiology and Behavior

The Glauxiturn is a Pseudowyvern - that is, a wyvern whose wings have developed into legs, thus allowing for quadrupedal movement. Its tail is extremely long, at least the size of its body, and is used for both balance and a weapon. The most distinguishing feature of the Glauxiturn is its feathery wings and its owl-like face. It also has long black talons that it uses to clutch and crush prey with. Its hide is specifically designed to reduce air resistance when flying.

While the Glauxiturn can fly, it prefers to hunt on land. It is an ambush predator, hiding in thick foliage before pouncing out at its prey. If its prey evades the initial strike, it can easily make up the distance by running with its powerful legs. Its beak, tail, and talons are all weapons that it uses to dispose of prey. They are also territorial, and will not hesitate to stalk and ambush anything that enters their territory.

Frenzied/Apex Behavior

Glauxiturn can become infected with the Frenzy. Its feathers turn darker and its scales become tinged with purple, while its eyes glow red even when not enraged. Its hoot becomes distorted to the point where it sounds like a Frenzied Zinogre. It gains the use of no new attacks or combos.

Glauxiturn can overcome the Frenzy and become Apex Glauxiturn. It can now perform several complicated combos, such as a Whip-Spin-Peck combo (a Tail Whip followed by a Tail Spin and then a Leaping Peck), a Tackle-Jab (an Aerial Tackle going into a Talon Jab), and a Triple Sonic Blast (three Sonic Blasts in rapid succession).


Glauxiturn can be carved three times, have its tail severed, have its head and both wings broken, and drop an item.

Note: Items are listed in order from most common to least common.


Icon Name Description
Monster Parts Icon Dark Brown Glauxiturn Feather The feather of a Glauxiturn. The silky edges deaden the noises it makes.
Scale Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Scale The scale of an owl-like wyvern. It has a green gloss to it.
Hide Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Hide The skin of a Glauxiturn. It is streamlined one way, but ragged the other.
Claw Icon Red Glauxiturn Spike The deadly spine that lines a Glauxiturn's tail. Sharp enough to pierce rock.
Claw Icon Black Glauxiturn Talon The talon of a Glauxiturn, used for climbing and grabbing. Don't let it get you.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Tail Studded with thorns and feathers, this tail is odd-looking but certainly deadly.
Claw Icon Yellow Cruel Beak A Glauxiturn's beak. The fine edge ensures that prey caught in it cannot escape.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Magnificent Feather A feather that once adorned the wing of a wyvern. They fetch high prices, even by themselves.


Icon Name Description
Monster Parts Icon Dark Brown Glauxiturn Feather+ The feather of a Glauxiturn. Its incredibly fine edge allows the Glauxiturn to move in total silence.
Scale Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Scale+ A high-quality scale of an owl-like wyvern. The green glimmer is desired by many.
Hide Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Hide+ A Glauxiturn's skin, designed to lessen the resistance between it and the air around it.
Claw Icon Red Glauxiturn Thorn A super-sharp Glauxiturn spine. It can streak through the air and crack rock without making a sound.
Claw Icon Black Glauxiturn Talon+ Used to climb and snatch prey, this quality talon is revered as a symbol of stealth and physical prowess.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Extravagant Feather A Glauxiturn feather so fine, it can make thousands of zenny at a minimum. Blissfully silky to the touch.


Icon Name Description
Monster Parts Icon Dark Brown Glauxiturn Primary This Glauxiturn feather's edges are so fine, not even the sharpest ears can detect it swooping in to deliver the fatal strike.
Scale Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Shard Because of its beautiful yet foul green lustre, this scale has been called the Incarnation of Envy.
Hide Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Piel There is almost no resistance between this hide and the air around it. It is the secret to the Glauxiturn's superhuman speed.
Claw Icon Red Glauxiturn Surthorn The victims of this steel-piercing spine never hear it coming - and then they never hear anything again.
Claw Icon Black Glauxiturn Ripper Any other talon scraping against metal would dull with a screech. A Glauxiturn talon, though, slices right through with nary a sound.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Flail This tail is incredibly powerful on its own, but the sharp spines that line it do the most damage.
Claw Icon Yellow Malevolent Beak A terrible beak straight from a deadly owl-like wyvern. Prey snatched in it never live to see the light of dawn.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Ludicrous Feather People are known to become hypnotized by this feather's soft feel with just a touch. This is something the Glauxiturn knows very well...


Note: Advanced Screamers can also be carved from most Bird Wyverns.

Icon Name Description
Monster Parts Icon Dark Brown Glauxiturn Plumage Silky-soft feathers that break multiple records for their quietness. No known technology can detect the imperceptible sounds it makes.
Scale Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Splinter This fragment of a Glauxiturn scale has a green luster. Small, but very valuable.
Hide Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Dermis Only the finest in friction-resisting apparel, the Glauxiturn's hide could probably scrape against steel with no sound.
Claw Icon Red Glauxiturn Pike The ultimate weapon as far as stealth is concerned. It slices through the air with nary a whisper and deadly accuracy.
Claw Icon Black Glauxiturn Slicer A talon that can fracture even metal without making any sound whatsoever. A must-have for sneak attacks.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green Glauxiturn Tailbone The powerful bones of a Glauxiturn's tail, with bits of hide still attached. You can even see where the spines attach to the vertebrae.
Claw Icon Yellow Sadistic Beak A beak strong and sharp enough to break a Rograt's neck with only the slightest exertion.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Preposterous Feather With its hypnotizing touch, this preposterous feather defies the laws of softness. The Glauxiturn that grew this must have been proud!
Sac Icon Grey Advanced Screamer An organ that produces and amplifies sound, causing a monster's roar to break the sound barrier.



Leaping Peck: Starts charging with a little jump forward, then several pounces forward. When it reaches its target, it ends with a peck.

Sonic Blast: Rears its head back in a circular motion, then lowers it again and hoots loudly, creating a sonic projectile. Can also do this in the air. (Stun)

Tail Whip: Takes a quick step back and swings its tail to the side, then swipes its tail in the other direction. The tail curves all the way to the front of it.

Tail Spin: Holds its head up, angles its body to the side, and hoots once, then spins 270 degrees, hitting the target with its tail.

Body Spin: Similarly to Tigrex, it will hold its legs close to its body, look to the side, and hold its tail up before doing a powerful 360 degree spin.

Talon Jab: While in the air, quickly flies forward at the hunter and strikes out with its talon, landing immediately afterwards.

Aerial Tackle: While in the air, it rears back ever so slightly, then charges, skimming the ground as it does so. It sometimes lands directly afterward.

Sonic Beam: Raises its head way up, inhales, then lowers its head again and produces a long, echoing hoot that creates a sonic beam. (Stun)

Aerial Tail Swipe: In the air, suddenly charges, then stops at the last second and swipes its tail upwards. This sends the target flying, and Glauxiturn catches it in its talons and, hovering, starts pecking at it. (Pin)

Slashing Fury: Similarly to Nargacuga, it will do a hop with one wing held back, then jumps forward and slashes outward with its wing talons. Often does two or three.

Roar: Shifts its front talons a little, then raises its head high and hoots loudly. Can be blocked with Earplugs.

G-Rank Onwards

Body Spin: It can now do two in a row.

Slashing Fury: When enraged, the Glauxiturn will do up to five slashes.

Whip-Spin Combo: Will do a Tail Whip before going immediately into a Tail Spin.

Roar: Now requires High-Grade Earplugs to block.



Elemental Resistance:

  • Fire -10
  • Water +20
  • Thunder +5
  • Ice (0)
  • Earth -10
  • Sky +10
  • Dragon -15

Skills: Sneak, Wide Range +1, Short Sprinter


Elemental Resistance:

  • Fire -10
  • Water +20
  • Thunder +5
  • Ice (0)
  • Earth -10
  • Sky +10
  • Dragon -15

Skills: Sneak, Attack Up (L), Short Sprinter


Elemental Resistance:

  • Fire (0)
  • Water +30
  • Thunder +15
  • Ice +10
  • Earth (0)
  • Sky +20
  • Dragon -5

Skills: Ninja, Attack Up (L), Sharp Sword, Awful Sprinter


Sword and Shield

Silent Blood --> Silent Blood+ --> Empty Silence --> Hollow Silence --> Hollow Silence+ --> Void of Silence --> Vacuum of Silence

Great Sword

Silent Death --> Silent Destruction --> Silent Destruction+ --> Complete Silence --> Complete Silence+ --> Absolute Silence --> Sound of Nothing

Dual Blades

Silent Night --> Silent Squires --> Silent Knights --> Silent Knights+ --> Dual Silencers --> Dual Silencers+ --> Silence Times Two

Hunting Horn

Silent Hoot --> Silent Scream --> Silent Scream+ --> Dead Silence --> Dead Silence+ --> Deaf Silence --> Deafening Silence

Insect Glaive

Silent Rod --> Silent Rod+ --> Spear of Silence --> Watchful Silence --> Watchful Silence+ -->Silence from Above --> Silence of Glaux


Silent Arrow I --> Silent Arrow II --> Silent Arrow III --> Silent Arrow IV --> Silent Arrow V


  • Glauxiturn gets its name from the words "nocturnal", and "Glaux", the owl god in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series.
    • Its Latin name means "terribly great owl".
    • Its Japanese name means "spiny owl".
  • Glauxiturn's weapons all have names with the word "silence" or "silent" in them. They are also known for their excellent Raw Damage and Sharpness, surpassed only by Nargacuga's weapons.
  • Its A-Rank armor introduces the skill called Ninja, which makes it highly unlikely for monsters to target you, as well as Awful Sprinter, which rapidly decreases stamina at the same rate as Iceblight.
  • All quests take place at night due to the Glauxiturn's nocturnal nature.