Titles Swamp Volk
Nicknames Wawa
General Info
Species Lynians
Habitats Ponds, Swamp, Old swamp, Old Forest
Size N/A
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Hat spin attack
Elements N/A
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Setheo

Small little swamp dwellers who have said to become one with the great spirit of the jungle and the swamp. Hunters reported that these little fellows learned how to fish with Sticks.


Useing their leaves on the head, they will either use it as a shield to prevent minor damage from ailment attacks or as a sloppy hammer to slap the one or other being if needed. Along with that they can be hired as underwater "collectors", if hunters give them a precious trading item which will result with higher/More rewards at the end of a quest.


These little Lynians are known to hide in swampy areas by placing a sea lotus leaf on their heads and hiding underwater. They have fully adapted to living underwater as also on land, hunters even reported that these creatures use underwater roots to build fish traps to trade goods with hunters. For some reason the are attracted to blue and green shiny objects.


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