Garigia by Setheo
Titles Living Fortress Tree
Nicknames -
General Info
Species Rooted Wyvern
Habitats ???
Size {{{size}}}
Relatives None
Signature Move x
Elements N/A
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses Element Dragon
Creator Setheo

A "small" living Fortress living in mostly dark places.


This particular form of chloro has very tough armor, making it almost impervious to blunt weapons, such as hammers and hunting horns. Like all Chloro wyverns, its not the most mobile creature, but it is highly capable in combat.






The Garigia tends to live in colonies with its kind, witnessing a pack of Garigia move is a sight to behold. The beast has symbiotic relationships with many different animals, including providing shelter for Neopetrons. It has only two natural predators: the duramboros, which often mistakes It for a tree, and the Dredgonis, which feeds on Garigia corpses.