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Monster Hunter World Cataclysm
Monster Hunter World Cataclysm Logo by Akitau.png Release Dates:
Creator/s Main Creator: Aucoustism
Co-Creator: Akitau
Flagship Monster Bercrinox
Monsters first appearing in this game
Apodaroth, Apstrusis, Fulcos, Goltos, Hrogas, Kalaccao, Mantinoma, Marshland Zamite, Rodenna, Solnang, Trigora, Vustodon, Werccao
Coinquera, Great Rodenna, Kurdanoth, Mira-Ya-Ku, Auros, Benitrilos, Clartán, Obsidoron, Sleeras, Euophistos, Joranoth, Protalus, Teriskla, Kuge Mantinoma, Scoxinis, Alazonioth, Atualius, Baixiling, Chiros, Darvestus, Dirudon, Garchadon, Gryaztora, Impirica, Litanu, Luxilys, Onaga, Seiltsume, Skollfús, Stominanth, Seltas King, Xerdralos, Erdama, Bercrinox, Gaiu'Jerra
Subspecies/Variants/Rare Species
Cardinal Kulu-Ya-Ku, Sponge Nerscylla, Marshland Zamtrios, Colossus Banbaro, Fungal Duramboros, Lightvein Gravios, Obsidian Gammoth, Revenant Beotodus, Riptide Seregios, Seafoam Mizutsune, Storm Garchadon, Tremor Astalos, Grim Diablos, Divine Lunastra, Maelstrom Kushala Daora, Murky Namielle, Sandstorm Velkhana, Skylight Teostra, Crystalhorn Kulve Taroth, Ravana Ishvalda
Dredge Somnacanth, Gemstone Dirudon, Gelid Rakna-Kadaki, Harrowing Stominanth, Perdition Malfestio, Petricast Almudron, Pyre Gryaztora, Radiant Magnamalo, Acrid Yian Garuga, Barren Goss Harag, Brazen Barroth, Frost Najarala, Ironclad Tetsucabra, Ionic Glavenus, Phantom Skollfús, Salvo Legiana, Tarnished Odogaron, Wrathful Litanu, Archa’Jiiva
Goliath, Nosferatu Zodd, Darkeater Midir
Areas first appearing in this game
Lagura, Ruins of Astera, Glimmering Isles, Sunken Catacombs

Monster Hunter World Cataclysm is a fanmade expansion made by Aucoustism that is based on the world and lore of CAPCOM's Monster Hunter franchise.

Feature Lists

New Features

New Story

A new story is available as the expansion explores the ruined New World, trying to track down the Dalamadur and discover why it is acting so odd, and rampaging all over the continent, along with why the Bercrinox is following so closely...

New Hub

A new hub/base is available in Cataclysm, unlocked during the story, known as Lagura. It is situated in the Northern Island of the Glimmering Isles, and can be built alongside the people by completed certain optional quests, and customised by choosing building materials, statues and more.

New Weapons

2 new weapons to hunt with, being the Whip-Spear and Trapshot.

New House

A new house, in this case a mansion, is available for hunters once they complete the story of Cataclysm, with far more space for pets as well as a trophy hall for the skeletons and wall mounts from the new Trophy System.

Tailrider Stables

A new location in your home to care for and bond with your Tailriders.

Trophy System

Each hunt in the Guiding Lands now has the chance for a certain bone of a monster, or more rarely a trophy, for you to collect, piecing together fossils will grant rewards for each one completed, as well as the trophies.

Paleontology and Archaeology system

Send out Tailriders on expeditions for fossils, artifacts and more from the New World's ancient past, for display in your trophy room.

Monster Classes

Cataclysm introduces three new monster class to World: the Rampart Wyverns, the Sauridians and the Behemoths.

  • Rampart Wyverns are large beasts that function like four legged saurian dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Ankylosaurus, with improved defensive options over their more offensive cousins, the Brute Wyverns.
  • Sauridians are similar to these, but sport larger size, long necks and tails and less armour.
  • Behemoths are similar to Leviathans in shape, but bulkier and less streamlined, having adapted to life fully on the ground.

As well as this, some monster have been reclassified, with the herbivore class being split up into the other classes, and subspecies like Black Diablos now classed as variants.

New Elements

Cataclysm adds some new elements, both to the hunter's weapons as well as the monsters. These are: Earth, Wind, Nature, Aether and Void.

Gameplay features

  • Improved and unique turf wars and other monster interactions.
  • Dynamic ecosystems and weather systems.
  • Extended Tailrider abilities and utilities.
  • 8 Player Raid-styles Hunts.
  • Reworked Clutch Claw and Tenderiser skill, for optional damage increase, not decrease if not used.
  • Cataclysm introduces G-Rank as the rank above Master Rank, and includes slight revamps of monsters already seen in Master Rank, as well as some new locations to face off against these familiar monsters.
  • Elements on weapons now also apply statuses to monsters in a limited capacity when built up.


Each trailer will be shown here, alongside the new monsters that appear in each trailer.

Monster Hunter World Cataclysm Teaser

We see a group of hunters eyeing their prey, a Nargacuga, in the brush of the Ancient Forest. One motions to another to set up a pitfall trap nearby, and when set, all charge at the monster. It snarls and begins to attack. In the flurry of combat, it is injured severely, and falls into the trap, and is quickly captured. The team arrives in Astera, monster in tow, and are greeted by the research team, excited about the new capture.

Suddenly, a massive tremor is felt, and the world turns upside down as a massive claw smashes into Astera. After a moment of darkness, with only a heartbeat and panting heard, a Hunter is pulled to their feet by another, and they gather around with other survivors. In shaky shots, we see the back of the Dalamadur continue its march towards some unknown objective, as the video fades to black. The title, Monster Hunter World: Cataclysm comes into view, along with the release date, and the video ends.

New Monsters shown in the trailer:

Monster Hunter World Cataclysm Gameplay Trailer

We first hear the voice of the Commander on a black screen stating bluntly: "Astera lies in ruins. Our home is gone.". After this the trailer's visuals begin with the devastation left in the Dalamadur's wake, Astera reduced to broken wood and rubble, flames consuming the wreckage as the Hunter and Handler arrive to the scene and watch in horror, with the Handler asking what should be done now. The Admiral arrives and put forward a suggestion to find a new home. The scene then cuts to the iconic "Capcom Presents" and fades into a full view of the Glimmering Isles, showing off the jungles and beaches, with Bullfangos and Hermitaur seen in these respective places. The Hunter is seen in-game walking through these places, showing off some endemic life and walking past a Larinoth.

The scene then transitions to the cutscene involving the Kuge Mantinoma, the Hunter dodging past its young to face off with the creature itself. It then switches to active gameplay, showcasing the Kuge Mantinoma's ability to create explosive spikes and punch ferociously with its front limbs, as well as showing off the Whip-Spear as the Hunter attacks back. Next, the beginning of the second cutscene with Litanu is shown, and the Hunter shows off the Trapshot as the Litanu roars and attacks, showcasing the brute strength and sharp tail at its disposal. Next, the Hunter is seen looking at tracks in the Wildspire Waste, and is suddenly attacked by a Seregios, allowing it to show off its signature scale throws and soaring kicks.

After the gameplay segment, there is a short display of the cutscene involving Bercrinox, without showing off the Dalamadur involved, showing its roar and manic eyes off as we see the Hunter, Handler, Commander and Aiden reacting with visible fear in their eyes before fading into the title: Monster Hunter World Cataclysm.

Monsters shown in the trailer:

Monster Hunter World Cataclysm Story Trailer

The trailer opens on a sandy beach, a jungle seen looming over the camera as it pans upwards, then cutting to a shot of some murky water in a swamp-like area, a green and purple fin rising from the depths for a moment before the scene fades into the typical "Capcom Presents".

The next scene opens on the core Commission group, the Commander, the Third Fleet Master, the Second Fleet Master, the Serious Handler, Aiden, the Handler and the Hunter, all standing on the prow of a ship, water spray up from the sea below as they gaze out over the horizon. Suddenly the Handler points out, crying "Look ! There it is !" and the scene cuts to a wide shot of the Glimmering Isles, specifically the North Island. Next, there are a few scenes of basic camp being made, the Smithy being set up, researchers carrying books and the chefs pulling ingredients in a cart. The Commander is heard saying: "This is the place we will call our home... Lagura." as more shots of the camp being set up are shown, and he continues, saying: "However, we must make sure this land is not too dangerous to settle."

The next shot opens on a swampy location on the Marsh Island of the Glimmering Isles, as that fin rises from the murk, swimming quickly towards the Hunter and splashing everywhere as the Marshland Zamtrios erupts from the water, narrowly missing the Hunter, and turning with a snarl. Next, some in-game footage is captured of the Marshland Zamtrios attacking the Hunter, who is clad in G-Rank Barroth gear and with a Beotodus Charge Blade. It first performs a Claw Swipe, in the next shot a Slime Spit, then two more shots showing it inflate before crashing down on the Hunter with its Slime Bomb attack. The next shot shows a small snippet of Bercrinox's hunt cutscene, showing it roaring at the camera, before small shots of gameplay, showing it slashing forward with its arm-blades and ending with a bite, the scene cutting to black. Next, we're shown Najarala's head rising from the dunes in the Wildspire Waste, hissing at the Hunter, before cutting to some gameplay with the monster, the Najarala throwing around scales, biting at the Hunters and ending with it coiling around two Hunters, rearing up before cutting to black.

The next shot shows a short segment of the boat ride mechanic in the Glimmering Isles, the Hunter rowing the boat past several of its islands, as the Handler talks: "This place really could become a new home for us... I mean look at all these beautiful islands !!! We have to protect them, no matter the cost !!!" As she states the last sentence, we see Dalamadur's head rising from the smoke of Astera and it roars to the sky, fading out in the title; Monster Hunter World Cataclysm.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning crashes down down the black screen, illuminating a row of crystal-like spikes on a broad back, and a familiar roar is heard.

Monsters shown in the trailer:

Monster Hunter World Cataclysm Lagiacrus Trailer

Trailer WIP

From the darkness comes a cold wind, snow trailing past the frame, as a loud trumpeting roar is heard, and the screen fades to black.

Monsters shown in the trailer:

Monster Hunter World Cataclysm Insanity Trailer

Trailer WIP

The trailer cuts to a scene looking at the trees in the Ancient Forest, and we see that one tree in particular is shaped in an odd way, and then it begins to move, as the screen fades to black.

Monsters shown in the trailer:

DLC & Crossovers Trailers

Some monsters will be added post expansion through free DLC, with three crossovers made available. Each DLC trailer will be shown here, alongside the monsters within each dlc, with their rank and class.

Monsters shown in the trailer:

Monsters shown in the trailer:

Monsters shown in the trailer: