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Espinas Screenshot by TheElusiveOne.png
Titles Thorn Wyvern
Nicknames Ruler of the Forest, The Passive Juggernaut, The Elusive Wyvern
General Info
Monster Class Flying Wyvern
Habitats Great Forest, Marshlands, Verdant Hills, Flourished Jungle, Mystic Bog, Lost Ruins, Remote Exile, Wilderwoods, The Everlands, Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Guiding Lands
Size Gold Crown Large 2477.2

Gold Crown Small 836.9

Relatives Auburn Espinas, Pearl Espinas, Meraginos
Signature Move Intoxicated Flame Barrage Combo
Elements Element Fire.png
Ailments Severe Fireblight.png Status Poison.png Status Noxious Poison.png Status Paralysis.png
Weaknesses Element Ice.png
Creator Capcom/TheElusiveOne - ElusiveSeeker

Espinas is an elusive Flying Wyvern from the region of Mezeporta that has been recently discovered in the New World.

Espinas Render by Capcom.png


Espinas is physically similar to the likes of a Rathian, but alongside scales its body is covered in hot pink spikes full of venom and rough green armor plating. A long, pink, venom-filled horn protrudes from the front of its head, in a similar fashion to Monoblos. Venomous thorns also protrude from its body, wings, tail, feet, and head. Its body, tail, and feet are bigger and more muscular than those of other Flying Wyverns. It has four pink claws upon its feet. Red-orange veins will appear when it is enraged, similarly to Tigrex.


Espinas is an unusually passive Flying Wyvern. In the wild, it can almost always be found sleeping. Even when disturbed and woken up, it still responds disinterestedly to any attacks, casually walking back and forth whilst relying on its thick hide to protect itself.

However, if enough damage is dealt to Espinas, it will become enraged. When this occurs, it turns its full attention to the aggressor and will attack them brutally without hesitation: charging aggressors down, ramming them with its horn, and unleashing intoxicated fireballs.

Ecological Information

Placement In Food Chain

Minimal - Extremely Low - Low - Average - High - Extremely High - (Apex) - Legend

Main Prey: Meat (the common Kestodon, Aptonoth, Mosswine)

Arch-Rivals: Deviljho, Rajang, Yian Garuga, Bazelgeuse

Behavior Towards Other Monsters

In-game, Espinas pays little to no attention to the smaller monsters around it. This also applies to larger monsters until such of the like decide to provoke it, in which case, Espinas will turf war with the aggressor.


Tracks: Intoxicated Thorns, Intoxicated Scar, Carcass

Specific Locale Interactions

  • Espinas is often sleeping on the corner of Sector 12 in the Ancient Forest, within the shrub and a distant away from the radius of the Suspended Boulders.
  • In the Wildspire Waste, it is instead sleeping on the corner-centre of Sector 2, hidden within the shrubs.
  • Its extremely rare that Espinas ever wakes up by itself - when it does, it will walk around before flying into another sector of the locale and attacking an Aptonoth/Apceros to eat its carcass before returning to the same area where it was found sleeping and proceeds to continue its sleep.
  • Unprovoked Espinas is completely passive, similarly to Nargacuga, Tobi-Kadachi and Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter World. It will acknowledge your existence with random curious glares but it ultimately won't attack you unless you attack it first.
  • It will occasionally grind its tail onto the ground which leaves behind Intoxicated Thorns which can be gathered to collect tracks and gain points.


Espinas has the ability to shoot toxic fireballs that cause both Poison and Paralysis upon impact. In addition, most of its physical attacks cause poison status as well due to the toxic thorns all over its body. Espinas also has the ability to charge at great speed whilst ramming with its horn.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State: The veins around its body will start pulsating red while white smoke will emit from its mouth. Its movements are 1.85x faster.
  • Tired State: It will leak saliva from its mouth - it will fail to shot out any fireballs from its mouth - it will trip over when doing a charge - its movements are 0.75x slower.


The hunter climbs Espinas in the exact same fashion that the hunter mounts any other Flying Wyvern. However, the thorns on its back will deal continuous damage to the hunter while they're mounted, to balance this out, Espinas stays tripped for a much longer period of time compared to other monsters that are tripped from mounts.

Minor Notes/Alterations

  • When hit by one of its standard physical attacks and possibly poisoned - it will inflict the regular Poison status. If hit by any of its fireball-based attacks and definitely poisoned - it will inflict the Noxious Poison status.
  • If a hunter is able to hit Espinas's legs right when its doing a charge attack, it will trip to the ground for several seconds before getting back up - this loses effectiveness when its done more than once until Espinas becomes immune to it.
  • Due to Espinas's immunity to poison, the likes of Poisoncups will not affect it but Paratoads will.
  • If the hunter has put an Espinas to sleep, it will drop a shiny which is usually a Large Wyvern Tear.
  • The gap between Espinas's non-enraged state and enraged state is bigger than any other monster in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.
  • The Alpha Armour set uses the FX Espinas armour design while the Beta Armour set uses the GX Espinas armour design.

The Reiji and Divol Armour designs come in layered armour that can be unlocked - each of the two requiring 1x Espinas Ticket.

  • The Zenith Espinas Armour set is also a layered armour choice that requires 1x Espinas Ruby and 5x Espinas Tickets in order to unlock it.
  • Its Weapons have both poison (200 Poison) and paralysis (200 Paralysis) as attributes and both are extremely high on infliction.



Espinas is an Elder Dragon-Level Flying Wyvern species that is well-known for defeating an Elder Dragon: whichever elder dragon it was is entirely unknown but its speculated to have either been a Kushala Daora, Yama Tsukami, Teostra or Rukodiora.

Habitat Range

Espinas in the New World can be encountered in the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste. They've also been spotted in the Guiding Lands

Ecological Niche

Due to the spines that adorn it's body it is shown that it is at the top of the food chain in the locales that it inhabits. Common prey include Kelbi, Mosswine and Aptonoth although it will make prey of whatever it can if truly ravenous. Espinas's adaptations put it at advantages against the likes of Rathian, Anjanath, Rathalos, Diablos and Plesioth but it still has to compete against the likes of Yian Garuga, Deviljho, Rajang and Bazelgeuse.

Biological Adaptations

Espinas get the title, Thorn Wyvern, due to the many thorns found throughout their body. The thorns are very tough, sharp, and ooze poison when Espinas is angered. The miasma, from the thorns, is enough to stop someone from touching the thorns. The hardness of its shell is abnormal to a point where most attacks are repelled, though some scars can still be seen. It isn't easy to damage this shell without Espinas being angry. If greatly damaged while the threat is attacking or if the threat is truly a danger, Espinas will become aggressive as a last resort. Blood veins will be seen on its body, making its armor softer but also allowing it to move faster. By making its armor softer, it makes it so the armor doesn't inhibit its movements. This means that Espinas gives up defense for a good offense. While enraged, Espinas are able to breath poisonous fireballs at their enemies. These fireballs not only burn prey but, also poisons them. These poisons not only slowly kill prey but also can even paralysis prey. Even if a creature survives a blast from the fireball, the poisons will eventually spread throughout the body.


The Espinas is an entirely docile creature, until it is enraged. Espinas are known to lay perfectly still while sleeping due to this being their hunting style. While sleeping, the green color gives it good camouflage in its environment, making it just mimic the background though not perfectly. If prey is close enough, they may or may not strike it. Compared to other Flying Wyvern species, the hunting style of Espinas isn't at all very aggressive. Usually if attacked to a point where it wakes up, Espinas won't bother to attack the threat. The reason why is because of its thorny body being the perfect defense and offense. They use this to their advantage and usually wait for the threat to give up. Espinas will occasionally swing their tail, flap their wings, and bite at enemies to make them give up quicker.


In the Old World - the fabled Espinas is known as the Ruler of the Great Forest due to it successfully fending off an Elder Dragon from its territory without much injuries which put it on the same leveled vein as them. Confirming just how powerful the Wyvern is.

The discovery of Espinas in the New World is a new one and not much information is known about it besides the fact that it retains the passive and volatile nature of their Old World Counterparts. This makes the Commission wonder if there are any other visitors from Mezeporta in the New World. Rumors of a primordial species of Espinas that lives in the depths have been circulating ever since the discovery of the Espinas, but nothing can confirm these rumors as of yet.


Espinas gains brand new attacks while also having several moves from its HC variations. Still retains its passive behaviour when not-enraged, showcases most of its brand new attacks when it is enraged.


Note: Espinas will take many hits before actually waking up from sleep. When awakened, it will wander around aimlessly and proceed to yawn several times. It will on occasion do mild attacks. - No sharpness can pierce its thick hide, the only part of its body that can be hit without bouncing is the tip of its tail and its stomach.

Slow Bite: It will rear its head slowly and proceed to bite in front of it in an attempt to hit the hunter.

Body Shake: It will shake its body around to mildly injure any hunters extremely close to it.

Tail Sweep: It sweeps its tail from side to the side to the left and the right before sweeping it to the left again.

Horn Thrust: It will rear its head at a hunter and proceed to thrust its horn upwards into the air, sending the hunter flying if they're hit by this attack. Inflicts Poison.

Stomp: It will lift either its left leg or right leg and proceed to slam it into the ground which causes Tremors.


On a certain threshold of damage done to it, Espinas will become enraged and will turn its full attention to the hunter. The veins around its body will glimmer around its body in a red hue while the Wyvern huffs white smoke - its entire body can now be pierced with a minimum of Green Sharpness, lowering Espinass defense values. When enraged, Espinas will attack any and all hunters and palicos on sight zero regard.

Note: when weakened, it will stay Enraged until death.

Charge: It will instantly charge forwards at extremely high speeds - homing in on hunters/palicos if they're in its line of sight during the charge.

Alternating Charge Bite: Sometimes when doing a Charge, it will alternate to a different direction mid-charge before then proceeding to bite the targeted hunter.

Charge + Horn Thrust: After doing a Charge, it will often combo-chain with an instant backwards turn to charge again and then thrust its horn at the targeted hunter. Inflicts Poison.

Triple Charge: It will Charge multiple times in a row, sometimes standardly but will often combo-chain each of its charges with alternating moves mid-charges.

Charge + Hipcheck Combo While charging, if the hunter was able to roll away from it, the Espinas sometimes will immediately turn to the side and hipcheck directly at the hunter.

Charge + Fireball Barrage: While charging, it is able to alternate directions and shoot a barrage of fireballs while running to the side of the hunters direction: shooting up to 5 before stopping. Being hit by the fireballs inflicts Noxious Poison and has a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis.

Stomp + Charge Combo: It will lift up either its left or right leg and stomp the ground which causes Tremors, Espinas will then take a step backwards and instant-charge the stunned hunter.

Wing Flap + Tail Slams: It will flap its wings repeatedly which unleashes mild gusts of wind that blows hunters away before it then leaps and slams its tail on the targeted hunter, it then proceeds to slam its tail in different directions three times in a row before stopping.

Wing Flap + Intoxicated Triple Fireballs: It will flap its wings repeatedly which unleashes mild gusts of wind that blows hunters away before it then shoots multiple fireballs that get caught in the wind gust and sweep away at the hunters general direction before fading. Inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight - has a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis.

Intoxicated Fireball: It will rear its head and position its body and wings before then shooting a fireball from its mouth (identical to the Rathian/Rathalos ground fireball attack). Inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight - has a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis.

Intoxicated Fire Bite: It will rear its head downwards and proceed to bite in a standard Flying Wyvern fashion except a blast of flame occurs during the bite which increases the radius of the attack and inflicts Noxious Poison alongside Fireblight. (This attack is very reminiscent of Pink Rathian's fire bite attack from 3rd/4th gen).

Fire Bites + Tail Sweep: It rears its head downwards to perform a flame bite but also walks forward to perform another flame bite before sweeping its tail in a 360 degrees angle from the left side.

Upwards Fireball Launch: It will rear itself upwards almost upright and shoot 3 intoxicated fireballs before then flying backwards and occasionally shooting a fourth. Inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight. (This was base Espinas's signature move in Frontier).

Many Intoxicated Fireballs: It will shake its body and take several steps back before rearing its head high into the air and shoot a fireball, starting from a right angle before then shooting a large barrage of fireballs as it continues to tilt its head to the left with each fireball it shoots out. Shooting up to 10 fireballs in a single succession in a 180 degrees semi-circle. Inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight.

Omega Intoxicated Firenova: It shakes its head around before a flaming steam emits from its mouth constantly, it will proceed to attack normally for 20 seconds until it proceeds to fly high into the air, its veins glimmer bright briefly before the Espinas unleashes a large fireball that hits the ground and creates a large-sized AOE of intoxicated flame while several explosions of the intoxicated flame occur all around the AOE. The flame can drain through the hunters HP if they're inside it but likely won't cart as it fades away after 5 seconds, the impact fireball attack can potentially OHKO hunters that have less than 600 defense and inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight.

Forwards Body Shake Thrust: It shakes its body around before charging in front of it briefly before biting at the target hunter and doing a horn thrust attack in a single combo succession. Inflicts Poison.

Body Shake Hipcheck: It will shake its body around before aiming its side at a hunter and hipchecking at the targeted hunter which deals very high damage.

Aerial Charge: It flies into the air and proceeds to divebomb at a hunter before then immediately chaining its divebomb attack with a homing charge attack.

Aerial Triple Explosion Flame: It flies into the air and rears its head upwards before then unleashing a large fireball that explodes onto the ground and triggers several more explosions in a larger area-of-effect. It is capable of doing this multiple times in a single succession - it almost always lands to the ground after doing this attack. Inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight - has a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis.

Aerial Flaming Divebomb: It flies into the air while its mouth starts huffing an aura of flame - it then proceeds to divebomb at a targeted hunter, during the impact, a stream of flame emits from its mouth which spreads a medium distance before fading away. Inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight.

Intoxicated Firewall: It rears its head downwards while a stream of flame forms from its mouth, the Espinas will take several steps backwards and proceed to spit out an aura of flame with a purple-coloured hue that gets larger and larger - the Espinas stops breathing the flame and flaps its wings several times to send the wall of flame outwards, spreading out before fading after either hitting area borders or fading after 5 seconds. Inflicts Noxious Poison and Fireblight. The size of the Firewall is based on how long Espinas breathes out the flame.

Intoxicated Flame Barrage Combo: It does its Intoxicated Firewall attack but then proceeds to immediately charge into the flamewall at the hunters position before then immediately doing the Omega Intoxicated Firenova and then flying downwards into the side and doing the Many Intoxicated Fireballs attack - ending off with a Stomp + Charge Combo and an Intoxicated Fire Bite. This combo-range of attacks is lethal and can cart entire parties of hunters in mere seconds. Its almost always in an exhausted state after successfully pulling off the entire attack, thus rewarding the hunters with many free hits.

Physical Damage Effectiveness

Base HP: 8020~8420 (Solo)

Body Part Great Sword Icon White.png Cutting Damage Hammer Icon White.png Impact Damage Shot Icon White.svg Piercing Damage
Head N/A (Enraged: ★★★) N/A (Enraged: ★★★) N/A (Enraged: ★★★)
Neck ★ (Enraged: ★★) ★ (Enraged: ★★) ★ (Enraged: ★★)
Wings ★ (Enraged: ★★★) ★ (Enraged: ★★★) ★ (Enraged: ★★★)
Body N/A (Enraged: ★★★) N/A (Enraged: ★★) N/A (Enraged: ★★)
Legs ★ (Enraged: ★★) ★ (Enraged: ★★) ★ (Enraged: ★★★)
Tail ★ (Enraged: ★★★) N/A (Enraged: ★) N/A (Enraged: ★)

Elemental Resistances

Element Element Fire.png Fire Element Water.png Water Element Thunder.png Thunder Element Ice.png Ice Element Dragon.png Dragon Element Earth.png Earth Element Wind.png Wind Element Nature.png Nature Element Aether.png Aether
Effectiveness ★★★ ★★ ★★★

Status Ailments

Status Ailment Status Poison.png Poison Status Sleep.png Sleep Status Paralysis.png Paralysis Status Blastblight.png Blast Status Stun.png Stun Status Blind.png Blind
Effectiveness ★★★

Item Effectiveness

Item Trap Icon Green.svg Pitfall Trap Trap Icon Purple.svg Shock Trap Ball Icon Yellow.svg Flash Bomb Ball Icon Grey.svg Sonic Bomb Dung Icon Brown.svg Dung Bomb Meat Icon Red.svg Meat
Effectiveness ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★


Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Green.svg Espinas Immortalscale The scale of an Espinas. Used to create specifically exquisite equipment. - 25% - 50% (if you capture Espinas instead).
Monster Part Icon Green.svg Espinas Darkcortex The cortex of an Espinas. Used to create specifically exquisite equipment. - 20% - 40% (if you capture Espinas instead).
Monster Part Icon Red.svg Espinas Thorn The thorn of an Espinas. Used to create specifically exquisite equipment. - 15% - 40% (if you break any part of the Espinass body).
Monster Part Icon Magenta.svg Espinas Toxinspike The toxic spike of an Espinas. Used to create specifically exquisite equipment. - 10% - 30% (if you specifically break the backspikes).
Monster Part Icon Dark Green.svg Espinas Heavywing The wing of an Espinas. Used to create specifically exquisite equipment. - 10% - 30% (if you specifically break Espinass left or right wing)
Medicine Icon Dark Purple.svg Espinas Poisongland The poisonous gland of an Espinas. Used to create specifically exquisite equipment. - 5% - 15% (if you capture Espinas instead).
Ticket Icon Light Green.svg Espinas Ticket A Ticket granted to those that have hunted down the fabled Espinas. Can be used to grant access to a distinct display of equipment. - 50% - 80% (if you capture Espinas instead).
Ball Icon Dark Green.svg Espinas Ruby The extremely rare gem of an Espinas. This is a once in a lifetime material. Is used for crafting equipment. - 5% (remains the same percentage regardless).
Espinas Icon by az-games200 and Rathalosaurus.png Wyverns with a thick carapace that is filled to the brim with intoxicated spikes that boosts the wyverns external defenses. They're relatively docile but will go utterly ballistic on a provocative aggressor until it no longer draws breathe.


Strange sharp thorns can be gathered from the Ancient Forest once the DLC completes installation, gathering just one immediately grants a new mission to talk to the Commander.

In either Astera or Seliana - the Commander gathers the research commission to identify the background on the thorns but to no avail, the group then starts wondering if its a brand new creature that they have never seen before. The hunter is then given the Special Assignment to hunt down a Rathian that has been "behaving strangely"...

Unknown Encounter_____ LV MR★★★★
Rathian Fanon World Icon.png
Hunt a Rathian
Reward: 12600z Location: Wildspire Waste
Contract Fee: 0z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: N/A
Other Monsters:

Kelbi, Kestodon, Vespoids, Tobi-Kadachi, Espinas

Client: The Commander

A Rathian in the Wildspire Waste has been acting strange as of late and I'm thinking those thorns may have something to do with it. Go out there and see what you can uncover.


The Rathian becomes invincible mid-quest as it automatically enters Sector 2 when weakened to trigger a cutscene.

When the Rathian enters Sector 2 while weakened, it will be met face to face with a strange Wyvern that seems to look similar to the Rathian but... different. Its glimmering eyes indicate that it is enraged as it glares at the Rathian. The Rathian proceeds to attack the unknown Wyvern in which the Wyvern responds with a tail whip, Rathian hovers to dodge the tail whip and moves in to tackle it before then being penetrated by the wyverns horn right into th gullet. The Rathian dies from the impact as the wyvern unleashes a roar that causes the fauna to run in fear, the Wyvern then turns its attention to the hunter and charges at them without hesitation. The hunter trips and seemingly is about to be blasted with fireballs but then the Huntsman jumps onto its back briefly while avoiding its thorns and jumps to the side while slashing its wings which causes the Espinas to flinch. The Huntsman readies his longsword as the flying wyvern gets back into position and glares at the huntsman, preparing to shoot a fireball but then suddenly, the Handler leaps from the bushes and shoots a Dung Pod at the Wyvern which causes the Wyvern to leave the vicinity. The Huntsman and the Handler rush to your hunter to check on you before the screen fades to black.

Your Hunter awakens from their bed and walks outside to be greeted by the Admiral, Commander, Serious Handler, Handler, Huntsman, Field Team Leader and Excitable A-Lister. The Huntsman mentions about the wyvern they encountered and talks about an encounter with it he had in the past, "a Wyvern from the region of Mezeporta, Espinas, known to have fought off an elder dragon and won with little to no injuries, a truly fabled creature". The other members discuss about the creature while the Commander suggests "Whatever triggered that creature into such a state of rage, a creature with the power to fight off or even kill elder dragons that is angry is a huge problem!". An Fifth rushes into the conversation, apologising for his barging in and states that a "Wyvern with thorns has made its way into the Ancient Forest and is causing a huge disturbance", then goes on about the danger it poses if it decides to attack Astera. The Commander then gives you a Special Assignment to hunt down the Espinas once and for all before it starts wreaking a havoc that can cause severe damage to the ecosystem.

The Juggernaut from Mezeporta_____ LV MR★★★★★★
Espinas Icon by az-games200 and Rathalosaurus.png
Hunt an Espinas
Reward: 36000z Location: Ancient Forest
Contract Fee: 0z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: N/A
Other Monsters:

Aptonoth, Kestodon, Mernos

Client: The Commander

With what you've witnessed, what the Huntsman has told us and what the Fifth has informed us, this flying wyvern poses a genuine danger to our commission and to the ecosystem. It needs to be stopped before it starts causing some serious damage.


A special cutscene of Espinas will play, of it sleeping in Sector 12 and accidently killing a Kestodon mid-sleep with a tail swipe while another Kestodon proceeds to bite the thorns and dies from the poison, the hunter shoots a pod at the boulder which causes it to fall on the Espinas, awakening it and immediately setting it off in a state of rage, it lets out a loud roar and notices the hunter, it immediately charges at the hunter whom responds with a dodge, the cutscene then transitions back into gameplay. - The Espinas in this specific quest starts off Enraged.


Rage of the Thorn Wyvern_____ LV MR★★★★★★
Espinas Icon by az-games200 and Rathalosaurus.png
Hunt an Espinas
Reward: 36000z Location: Ancient Forest
Contract Fee: 0z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: N/A
Other Monsters:

Aptonoth, Kestodon, Mernos, Pukei-Pukei, Savage Deviljho

Client: The Commander

An Espinas has been wreaking havoc in the Ancient Forest. It needs to be hunted down ASAP before it leaves the Ancient Forest in a barren state.


Unlocked after completing the Assignment Quest - The Juggernaut from Mezeporta.

Lullaby of the Juggernaut_____ LV MR★★★★★★
Espinas Icon by az-games200 and Rathalosaurus.png
Capture an Espinas
Reward: 37200z Location: Wildspire Waste
Contract Fee: 0z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: N/A
Other Monsters:

Kelbi, Kestodon, Gajau, Rathian, Ebony Odogaron

Client: Analytics Director

The fabled Espinas has made an appearance in the Wildspire Waste, I can't begin to wonder on all the research I can do on it... um... well if its captured. atleast, please bring me a live specimen but be careful.


Unlocked after completing the Assignment Quest - The Juggernaut from Mezeporta.

The Danger Zone_____ LV MR★★★★★★
Espinas Icon by az-games200 and Rathalosaurus.png Espinas Subspecies Icon by az-games200 and Rathalosaurus.png
Hunt an Espinas and an Auburn Espinas
Reward: 54000z Location: Wildspire Waste
Contract Fee: 0z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: N/A
Other Monsters:

Apceros, Noios, Vespoids, Diablos

Client: The Admiral

An Espinas has been wreaking havoc in the Ancient Forest. It needs to be hunted down ASAP before it leaves the Ancient Forest in a barren state.


Unlocked after completing the Optional Quest - Rage of the Thorn Wyvern + Guiding Lands pursuit levels up to 5.

Turf Wars

Espinas vs Anjanath

Espinas will yawn in front of the Anjanath in which Anjanath responds with a bite at its carapace, the Anjanath has 1500-2000 damage dealt to it when it bites the carapace, letting go as the thorns pierce its tongue, screaming in pain. Anjanath is also inflicted with poison after the Turf War.

Espinas vs Rathian

Espinas will yawn in front of the Rathian in which Rathian responds with a tail whip that misses as Espinas turns to the side, Rathian then proceeds to grab Espinass back but then take 1200-1800 damage as a result as Rathian lets go and trips onto the ground due to the thorns puncturing her toes. Espinas will then walk off while Rathian flies away.

Note: This Turf War is the same with Pink Rathian.

Espinas vs Rathalos

Espinas will yawn in front of the Rathalos in which Rathalos responds with a fireball into Espinass face, Espinas mildly flinches from this and proceeds to whip its tail at Rathalos to which Rathalos dodges, the Rathalos then attempts to grab onto its wings with his claws but then Espinas aims its horn and punctures Rathalos's stomach, Espinas then hurls Rathalos and tosses him onto the ground, dealing 2200-3000 damage to the Rathalos. Espinas will then yawn and walk off while Rathalos flies away.

Note: This Turf War is the same with Azure Rathalos.

Espinas vs Diablos

Espinas will yawn in front of the Diablos in which Diablos responds with its hallowing scream before then getting ready to charge, Espinas notices this and proceeds to get ready to charge as-well. As both charge at each other, Espinass horn penetrates Diablos's neck and then rams Diablos, sending the Desert Tyrant tumbling down into the ground with 2200-3000 damage dealt to it. The Espinas then flies away while Diablos burrows and goes elsewhere.

Note: This Turf War is the same with Black Diablos.

Espinas vs Nargacuga

Espinas will yawn in front of the Nargacuga in which Nargacuga responds with a tail slam, the tail slam slightly flinches Espinas but Nargacuga's tail winds up stuck on Espinass carapace, the Espinas bites the tail and proceeds to spin Nargacuga around before then slamming the Wyvern of Wind onto the ground, dealing 2200-3000 damage to it. The Nargacuga squirms away while Espinas walks off.

Espinas vs Tigrex

Espinas will yawn in front of the Tigrex in which Tigrex responds with a boulder dash which flinches Espinas a fair bit, Tigrex then leaps onto its back to attempt to bite Espinass neck while ignoring the spikes puncturing its scales but then Espinas hovers its wings to fly into the air which sends Tigrex tumbling down onto the ground, Espinas then falls on top of Tigrex, dealing 2200-3000 damage to Tigrex. The Espinas walks off while Tigrex squirms away.

Espinas vs Glavenus

Espinas will yawn in front of the Glavenus in which Glavenus responds with seering its tail into the ground and getting into position to fight. Espinas looks the other way, waiting for Glavenus to strike but Glavenus's glare onto its shell makes it understand how thick its carapace is so it decides to surge its tail straight to Espinass neck, Espinas notices this and immediately hovers upwards into the air, dodging the tail slice and proceeds to aerially charge to Glavenus's side and ram its horn into Glavenus's torso, sending the Glavenus tumbling to the ground, dealing 2200=3000 damage to it. The Espinas flies away while Glavenus walks off.

Espinas vs Zinogre

Espinas will yawn in front of the Zinogre in which Zinogre responds with a charge and tail slam, which flinches Espinas. Espinas dodges Zinogre's aerial flip and proceeds to grab fly and divebomb at the Zinogre mid-air, sending Zinogre flying while its body is penetrated by Espinass horn, Zinogre tumbles onto the ground with 2200-3000 damage dealt to it. Espinas flies away while Zinogre runs away.

Espinas vs Yian Garuga

Espinas will yawn in front of the Yian Garuga in which Yian Garuga responds with a charge, Espinas thrusts its horn at the bird wyvern, Garuga dodges this and proceeds to tail flip Espinas which deals 500-1000 while also flinching Espinas, Yian Garuga then slams its beak into Espinass belly, dealing 1700 damage to Espinas. Espinas gets enraged and slams its tail onto Yian Garuga's head, dealing 500-1000 damage to the Bird Wyvern before then ramming its horn into Garuga's underside and charging while ramming Garuga's belly. It then tosses Garuga onto the ground, dealing 1700 damage to Yian Garuga. Espinas flies away while Yian Garuga gets up and remains in the same area.

Espinas vs Bazelgeuse

Espinas will yawn in front of the Bazelgeuse in which Bazelgeuse reponds with a divebomb, the impact combined with the concussive explosions deal 1000-2500 damage to Espinas, resulting in Espinas getting enraged and flying backwards while shooting a fireball at Bazelgeuse's bombs, triggering all of them to explode at once, Bazelgeuse flinches before then Espinas charges and jams its horn into Bazelgeuse's neck while also stomping the Bazelgeuse's body, dealing 1000-2500 damage to Bazelgeuse. Bazelgeuse gets up and flies away while Espinas remains in the same area.

Espinas vs Deviljho

Espinas will yawn in front of the Deviljho in which Deviljho responds with a tail whip which flinches Espinas right before Deviljho grabs Espinass neck and proceeds to slam it onto the ground, dealing 1000-2500 damage to Espinas, Deviljho lifts Espinas up into the air, right then, Espinas will become enraged and proceeds and use its tail to slam Deviljho's belly which causes Deviljho to flinch and let go, Espinas hovers and immediately divebombs at Deviljho, ramming its horn into the Brute Wyvern's neck and then running as Deviljho's impaled neck is dragged along with the flying wyvern, the Espinas then tosses the Brute Wyvern onto the ground before then then proceeding to continuously stomp the Deviljho over and over with sheer ferocity while biting its head and ravaging it, dealing 1000-2500 damage to the Deviljho. Espinas remains in the same area while Deviljho gets back up and walks off.

Espinas vs Rajang

Espinas will yawn in front of the Rajang in which Rajang responds with it grabbing a boulder from the ground and jumping into the air to slam the boulder onto Espinass back, dealing 1000-2500 damage to Espinas and causing it to fall over, Rajang runs over to attempt to punch its head but then Espinass tail swipes against Rajangs leg which causes the Fanged Beast to trip, then Espinas rams its horn into Rajangs belly and runs while dragging the impaled Rajang with it, Rajang proceeds to punch its back multiple times but to no avail, Espinas grinds the Rajang into the floor before then throwing Rajang extremely high into the air and crashing down onto the ground extremely hard, dealing 1000-2500 damage to the Rajang. Espinas remains while Rajang walks off.

Espinas vs Espinas

Espinas will yawn in front of the other Espinas in which the other Espinas will also yawn, they then both walk off in separate directions with no damage dealt to one another.

Espinas vs Kushala Daora

Espinas will glance at the fabled Elder Dragon that stands before it, acknowledging the genuine threat that the Kushala Daora poses to it. Espinas will growl at it while the Kushala Daora takes to the skies and rears its head before shooting a massive burst of wind that aims directly at Espinass legs, forcing the Flying Wyvern to trip and be dealt 500 damage to. The Espinas gets back up and charges straight at the Elder Dragon but misses as Kushala Daora forms a massive tornado right on top of Espinas - the sheer impact deals 1500-2500 damage to the Flying Wyvern as it shaken about by the twister. Kushala Daora roars into the sky in 'victory' before Espinas runs out of the twister and hovers upwards briefly to grab the Kushala Daora from its leg and throws it down onto the ground, the Kushala Daora is sent tumbling down while Espinas rams jabs its horn into Kushala Daora's neck and belly several times, dealing a total of 1000 damage to the Kushala Daora. Espinas then proceeds to trample the Dragon of Steel with its feet before then grabbing onto its neck with its mouth and and mauling it, consisting of slamming its head into the ground repeatedly, over and over before the Espinas rears upwards and tosses the Kushala Daora onto the ground, dealing 2500 damage to the Elder Dragon. Espinas roars and flies away while Kushala Daora gets back up and remains although usually leaves the locale after this Turf War has occured.



終わりなき迷路 樹海(凄腕)戦闘曲【メゼポルタ開拓記Ver】

(Espinas Calm Theme)


MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST Disc 3 - 19 - Great Forest Battle (HR100)

(Espinas Enraged Theme)


  • A New PS4 Avatar is added along with Espinas - this Avatar depicts Espinas.

Espinas Render 2 by Capcom.png

  • The Clutch Claw cannot pierce its shell when non-enraged, but will be able to when it is enraged and function normally.
  • Tempered Espinas is Tier 3.
  • Fire resistant armour with negate paralysis is highly recommended against this monster.
  • This incarnation uses the HR5/100 Great Forest theme as its battle track due to it beign dedicated to Espinas - the remixed version is for one its calm but then auto-switches to the original version when Espintath is enraged and remains so until Espinas enters its calm state again.
  • Espinas is a romanised translation of Espinas - created due to the rename being present to the Subspecies of Espinas being present in a crossover collaboration with a separate game.
  • Espinas comes in the DLC along with its Subspecies and Rare Species: both of the latter are not revealed through promotion and kept a secret until the players discovery.
  • Espinas is considered the flagship of the Monster Hunter Frontier series.
  • Espinass first mainline appearance was originally going to be in a portable version of Frontier that would have served as the next game in the Freedom series before Portable 3rd was announced:
  • Espinas still will use its original roar sound:
  • Espinas is the third monster from Monster Hunter Frontier to make an appearance in the main series.
  • Fittingly 'Espinas' is Spanish for 'Thorns'.
  • Its horn, chest, wings and back can be broken, and its tail can be severed.
  • It must be near death for its horn to break and tail to be severed.
  • Espinas' roar requires HG Earplugs to block.