The Drowning Cliffs is a cold and wet Area in a Mountain Range, rain is commonplace, creating waterfalls from the clifftops, it is the starting Area for hunters of Jango Village. During the day the area is covered by thick clouds and there's occasional rain which may prevent explosives from being used, during the night the rain intensifies and the area is covered in an ominous mist.


Drowning Cliffs Map
  • Base Camp: A secluded cliff that hosts the tent and item boxes, there is also a steam-powered elevator that connects the Base Camp to Jango Village, a narrow path of stone leads upwards to Area 1, while a one-way dropdown leads to Area 2.
  • Area 1: The highest point in the cliffs, one can see the endless ocean in the distance, many Large Monsters come here often, stone roads lead to the Base Camp and Area 3, while a cave entrance leads to Area 4.
  • Area 2: A low cliff populated by Herbivores, Large Monsters come here to feed, there's a dropdown into the muddy Area 5, and a cave entrance to Area 4.
  • Area 3: A cliff area overlooking a ravine where nothing can be seen, on the other side the bamboo forest extends for miles, it has stone paths leading to Areas 1 and 2, a cave entrance to Area 4 and a downward path to Area 5.
  • Area 4: A cave with many pillars for support, it has a pond used by Piscines and Leviathans, Cave Dwellers are mostly seen here, it exits to Areas 1, 2 and 3.
  • Area 5: A muddy bamboo forest, the lowest zone, the ground here doesn't allow trap placement, it leads to Areas 2 and 3.

Common Resources

Ore Icon GreyStone Ore Icon GreyIron Ore
Ore Icon PurpleMachalite Ore Ore Icon GreenDragonite Ore
Ore Icon Special 6Raw Steel Ore Icon OrangePelagicite Ore
Ore Icon GreyCoal Whetstone Icon YellowWhetstone
Herb Icon GreenHerb Herb Icon Dark GreenRainy Herb
Herb Icon YellowDay Herb Herb Icon Special 4Nightshade
Mushroom Icon BlueBlue Mushroom Mushroom Icon YellowParashroom
Mushroom Icon RedNitroshroom Mushroom Icon PurpleToadstool
Mushroom Icon RedDragon Toadstool Mushroom Icon WhiteSpecial Mushroom
Bug Icon WhiteGodbug Bait Icon BrownMoth


Very few Hebivores appear here, they are the Burukku and Erupe in the high cliffs, and Mosswine in the cave and bamboo forest.

Large monsters seen here include the Rathalos, Rathian, Gurenzeburu, Kuarusepusu, Deviljho, Qurupeco, Shogun Ceanataur, Plesioth, Congalala, Velocidrome, Giadrome, Nargacuga, Hyujikiki, Doragyorosu and Espinas.

Elder Dragon activity is limited to Kirin, Yama Tsukami and Chameleos.