Drounca Krama
Titles Devil Horn Bug
Nicknames Devil
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Almost all Areas
Size 2470.55 cm
1670.20 cm
Relatives Drounca Ora
Signature Move Dragon Blast
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Ailments Element Dragon Dragonblight
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon, Element Fire Fire
Creator Setheo


The Drounca Krama's most powerful weapon it its horn, which it uses mainly in thrusting and sweeping. The horn is infused with traces of rare, powerful ores the beast consumed while in child form. Breaking one requires weapons with incredible sharpness, but the equipment is well worth it. It's six legs allow it to move across unstable terrain with relative ease, but this makes tripping it rather easy.


The Drounca Krama is known to be very brash when defending itself or its turf. It often gets into fights with agnaktor over territory, or when an agnaktor notices its children missing. The Drounca Krama will challenge any monster who invades its territory, even an elder dragon. A newly-hatched Krama will defend its nest from a Deviljho if it needs to. The Krama mainly competes with passing Revolvidont who invade its territory, and can drive one away with a mere glance. Guild researchers speculate that the Revilvidont and the Drounca Krama are equal in terms of strength, but the Revolvidont will only battle members of its own species.


  • GS: Krama Hornblade
  • LS: Beetle Spiritslasher
  • DS: Stag Blades
  • GL: Stag Sentinel

Breakable parts

  • Back (x2)
  • Wings
  • Horn (x2)
  • Legs (all 6)