Titles Furry Cave Volk
Nicknames Derp
General Info
Species Lynian
Habitats Desert, Old Desert
Size N/A
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Slime Vomit
Elements N/A
Ailments Defense Down
Attack down
Status Sleep Sleep
Status Poison Poison
Status Paralysis Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Setheo

A fuzzy little Lynian. It mostly sticks on the roof of caves in the desert and spits at hunters for no good reason.


Being able to use the thin hair in their fur to attach themselves on cave walls and ceiling it is known to researchers that these creatures have an odd fluid organ in them which can produce all kind of ailments. It is said that these cells in that organ are somewhat the prototype of basic cells for fluids that are used in ailments. They also can produce small thread strings from the tips of their hair to get a stronger attachment to where it is placed.

Its fur has a chemical combination which makes it hard as iron, making it into an iron furry ball, thus it is rarely attacked or aproached by other creatures.


Lurking in caves it waits until creatures and hunters come enar it to spit on them. No one knows why, as it seems these lil idiots are just there in this world to make the world of others a bit harder and more annoying with their existance.


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