Dawn Forest
Name Dawn Forest
Japanese Name 暁森
"A rich lush maple tree forest. Its benign climate and abundance of resources make it a paradise, that, however, strong monsters seem to avoid. According to legends, a hidden presence lurks in the shadows..."
Area No. 8
Hazards None
Small monsters Bullfango, Kelbi, Mosswine, Vespoid, Felyne, Melynx, Altaroth, Ludroth, Gargwa, Slagtoth, Konchu, Norados.
Big monsters Yian Kut-Ku, Gypceros, Bulldrome, Royal Ludroth, Arzuros, Kecha Wacha, Najarala, Malfestio, Yyillbis, Pereteco, Kishuun
Creator/s Dry-Bawful + YukiHerz
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Climate Temperate
Weather Clear
Secret Areas 1
Aquatic Areas None
Shortcuts 2

The Dawn Forest (Japanese 暁森) is a forested location covered in maple trees.


Dawn Forest Map
  • Base Camp: Set in the calm shores of a small stream, one can follow the grassy path into the fields of Area 1, or descend a road into the path of Area 2.
  • Area 1: An open plain of golden and red grass, the stream runs through one side, splitting into two ways, one into the unknown and another one into Area 3, the other side is limited by a small cliff, with a path into Area 2.
  • Area 2: A small path between cliffs, several red maple trees are lined on the edges, creating a natural leaf roof.
  • Area 3: The stream continues here and the tree density starts ascending, the stream goes into Area 4.
  • Area 4: The stream fills the northern portion of the area and then leaves into a lake, a giant maple tree is seen in this area.
  • Area 5: A dense forest path which ascends into the peaks, one can drop back to Area 3 from here.
  • Area 6: A warm cave where Felynes have set their villages up.
  • Area 7: A cave where many ore nodes can be found.
  • Area 8: The forested mountain top, one can see the endless forest and the crystalline lake, along with the giant maple tree, you can also drop into the stream below which will carry you into Area 1.


Herbivores such as Kelbi, Gargwa and Mosswine are common. Neopterons also thrive, due to the climate being optimal for them. A Felyne tribe lives in the secluded caves of the forest, and they can be seen foraging for food in the stream or in the fields. There's a small population of Leviathans living near the lake. Predators include Najarala, Malfestio and Yyillbis. The Guild is still documenting on the region's creatures, knowing they haven't seen everything yet, as even powerful and adaptable monsters such as Rathalos and Deviljho seem to avoid the area.