The Crystal Canyon is an area far to the north from Jango Village, accessible only by boat. The name Crystal Canyon comes from the fact that the ice that forms said canyons is as clear as glass, reflecting light during the day.


Crystal Canyon Map
  • Base Camp: A peaceful beach of cyan sand against an ominous cliff, the bed is inside a boat.
  • Area 1: A grassy opening where herbivores feed, there's many pine trees growing in one end, leading into the banned regions of the Crystal Canyon where herbivores will flee if startled.
  • Area 2: A large area consisting of ice canyons, ramps, extreme height variations and complex roads, there is many open spaces where monsters can be fought without problems.
  • Area 3: A two way road, the lower road leads into other areas, while the other ascends into the higher grounds, where a giant ancient temple can be reached, it cannot be accessed as the gigantic doors remain oblivious even to strong monsters ramming onto them.
  • Area 4: A cave that connects several areas together, cave dwellers can usually be found here, along with small numbers of Neopterons.


Antekas and Popos roam the lower levels of the canyons, the uniquely adapted Armored Epioth can be seen from the distance in the base camp, and inside the actual camp during the cold season.

Large monsters adapted to cold environments or that travel to such places, like the Tigrex, Barioth, Blangonga, Rajang, Gammoth, Giaorugu, Giadrome, Great Baggi and Deviljho can usually be seen here.

Kushala Daora, Kirin and Harudomerugu have been sighted in the area.