Cryoshell Turbotaur
Titles Frozen Stronghold
Nicknames Cryo Turbo
General Info
Species Carapaceon
Habitats Frozen Seaway
Polar Sea
Arctic Ridge
Polar Field
Size Large
Relatives Turbotaur
Kaiser Turbotaur
Toxic Kaiser Turbotaur
Signature Move Freezing Barrage
Elements Element Ice Ice
Ailments Severe Iceblight Iceblight
Status Frostbite Frostbite
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Cryoshell Turbotaur (氷河要塞カイザーオニザミ, Hyōga Yōsai Kaizā Onizami, "Glacier Fortress Kaiser Onisami") are Deviants of Kaiser Turbotaur.


Cryoshell Turbotaur strongly resembles normal Kaiser Turbotaur but with some noticeable differences. First, its pincers are slightly are are now entirely black. The gray spots on its body have become marbled streaks. The shell on its back is now made out of ice and has several pores in place of spikes. Its tail is visible inside this icy shell.


Thanks to the pores in its shell, it has the ability to launch several steams of liquid nitrogen at once in various directions.



Cryoshell Turbotaur
N/A With a shell made of solid ice, the name "Cryoshell" is very fitting. The pores in its shell allows it to shoot streams of freezing liquid in several directions. Requires special permission to hunt.


  • Order: Decapoda
  • Infraorder: Anomura
  • Superfamily: Turban Crab
  • Family: Turbotaur

Cryoshell Turbotaur are Deviants of Kaiser Turbotaur.

Habitat Range

Cryoshell Turbotaur is known to inhabit the Arctic Ridge, Tundra, Frozen Seaway, Polar Sea, and Polar Field.

Ecological Niche

Despite their usually gentle disposition, Kaiser Turbotaur are active hunters, using their freezing fluids to incapacitate prey. Their diet seems to mostly consist of Bullfango, Anteka, and Popo. They don't often go after prey that is of equal or greater size. They need to wary of more dangerous predators such as Tigrex, Deviljho, Rajang, Khezu, Gigginox, and Barioth.

Biological Adaptations

Cryoshell Turbotaur possesses many of the same adaptations as Kaiser Turbotaur, albeit many of Cryoshell Turbotaur's adaptations are enhanced versions. Its pincers have become cubic which apparently gives it more strength. It has lost its original shell, so it crafted a new one from ice. This new icy shell has pores in it. Due to these pores, it has lost the ability to launch its shell, as the pressure it would use would simply escape through the pores. However, this gives it the ability to emit streams of liquid nitrogen through the pores. This gives it more range with its attacks.


Cryoshell Turbotaur are extremely aggressive and attack unprovoked, so they require special permission to hunt.


  • Cryoshell Turbotaur's pincers, shell, and tail can be broken.
    • The shell needs to be broken twice in order to be destroyed.
      • When its shell is broken it simply emit a cold mist from its rear should it attempt to shoot its freezing liquid. Walking into this mist causes Iceblight.
  • When low on stamina, Cryoshell Turbotaur will fail to shoot its cold streams.
  • It will prey on a certain Herbivore to recover stamina.
  • When enraged, it produces froth from its mouth.
  • Like Stonefist Hermitaur, Cryoshell Turbotaur has an improved cold water blast attack that covers a wider area.