Conquest War Alatreon
Alatreon (Conquest War) by Ukanlos Subspecies
Titles Blazing Black Elementally Unstable Dragon
Nicknames Ala
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Scared Land
Size Large
Relatives Alatreon, Solstice Conquest War Alatreon, Sapphire Alatreon, Conquest War Sapphire Alatreon, Disufiroa
Signature Move Elemental Combination
Elements Questionsmark
Ailments Questionsmark Element Dragon Element Fire Element Ice Element Thunder Element Blaze Element Golden Dust Status Snowman Status Bleeding
Weaknesses Any Element combined with Element Dragon
Creator BannedLagiacrus (Adopted by Chaoarren)

The G-Rank form of Alatreon and one of the strongest Conquest War Monsters created by BannedLagiacrus.


The Alatreon of legends. The one that can truly cause many natural disasters at once!

Aesthetic Differences

Phase 1

Small bits of ice on tail, claws on fire, lightning and dragon surging on horns, glittering ice and dragon on wings, black-purple eyes, missing spikes and fin on tail, chest glowing purple in color, and mouth constantly on fire.

Phase 2

Fire circulating around tail, claws on fire, dragon glittering on wings, dragon surging on horns, chest glowing a dark red in color, orange-red eyes, and fire along with dragon constantly breath out of mouth.

Phase 3

Frozen icy horns, lightning surging around horns, chest glowing light blue, ice forming new fin and spikes on tail, ice constantly breath out of mouth, blue-white eyes, frozen icy claws, lightning glittering on wings, and lightning surging around legs.

Phase 4

Fire surrounding claws and tail, lightning and dragon surging around horns, eyes constantly changing colors, chest constantly changing colors, certain scales randomly changing colors, darker roars, completely frozen tail, dragon and fire circulating around front legs, lightning and ice circulating around back legs, sparkling scales surrounding wings, and a combination of all four elements constantly breath out mouth.


This Alatreon is said in legends to live in the Sacred Land, where gods fear to tread...


Phase 1

The cutscene begins with the hunters on an airship above the Sacred Land and slowly descending down onto the Scared Land. As the ship descends, lightning begins to strike around the ship and fire begins to surround the ship. Hunters look off the ship to see a lava geyser under the ship before they jump off the ship. As they regain their footing, the hunters look up to see the ship destroyed by the lava but as the lava disappears a roar is heard. Something slowly flies down from the skies as the hunters look up in shock as it descends. While looking, the monster's chest surges with dragon and the weather turns a lot more violent than it already was. As it lands, the monster roars into the air and reveals itself to be Alatreon before the real battle begins!

Phase 2

The cutscene begins with Alatreon falling to its knees and roaring in pain. Suddenly, a huge lava geyser pops up under Alatreon and hits Alatreon with tremendous heat. The Alatreon falls to the ground and seemingly dies. The hunters put away their weapons and walk towards the Alatreon preparing to try to carve it. When one of the hunters put their hand on the Alatreon, their hand is burnt from the heat and is set on fire, causing the hunter to panic and run around the area. The other hunters quickly react and try to put the fire out. As the hunters run to help their comrade, the screen zooms to Alatreon's seemingly lifeless body and an eye opens. The screen switches back to the hunters putting the fire out with a Cool Drink but in the background you can see the Alatreon slowly standing up. One of the hunters look back and freezes out of pure fear before the rest do the same. Fire and Dragon surround the Alatreon's body before it charges forward at the hunters as they enter Phase 2!

Phase 3

The cutscene begins with the hunters fighting Alatreon with its new found fire-dragon abilities as the Alatreon knocks one of them away with its claws. The hunters get up slowly and two of them help another hunter get up on their feet. One of the hunters runs in front of the others and draws their weapon at Alatreon. The Alatreon roars at the hunters and prepares to breath fire at them, making the one hunter run straight at it. Right as Alatreon is about to breath the fireball, it stops and looks at the sky before flying up into the air, disappearing in the clouds. The hunters drop the injured hunter on the ground and look at the sky. They proceed to pick up their comrade and walk towards the destroyed airship until all of sudden a huge icicle falls from the sky in front of them. They look up to see a thunderstorm over the area and see Alatreon slowly descend from the clouds. As it descends, ice forms around some parts of its body and lightning begins to surge throughout its body before it lands to the ground. The Alatreon lands in front of the hunters and summons lightning bolts to rain down around them before icicles rain down upon them, knocking them closer to Alatreon. The hunters get up and Alatreon descends to the sky again before the hunters enter Phase 3!

Phase 4

The cutscene begins with Alatreon in the air, looking at the hunters, and preparing to strike them down. Suddenly, it lands on the ground before slowly walking to the center of the Sacred Land. It than stabs its horns into the ground and slams its tail into the ground. A ring of fire will surround the Alatreon as icicles will land on the fire and lightning will surges from each icicle. The Alatreon will than spread its wings as dragon surges from its body very violently. With each wing flap the lava boils, lightning strikes, ice rains down from the very heavens, and dragon erupts from the ground. The hunters look in terror before Alatreon flies up and slams down into the ground forming ice around itself. The hunters grab their weapons but the moment a hand goes on their weapon, Alatreon bursts from the frozen tomb and reveals its true power! Hunters enter Phase 4!

Attacks and Moves

Phase 1(Level 1-90)

The G-Rank Alatreon uses a combination attacks from both Monster Hunter Tri's Alatreon and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Alatreon while also having some new attacks. This Alatreon will also fight use all of its attacks from both its Ground Mode and Sky Mode.

Fiery Shield: When Alatreon does any fire-based or dragon-based attacks it will cover itself in a barrier of fire that will decrease a hunter's health while the hunter is close up on Alatreon. Even if hunters break certain parts on Alatreon it will still be able to summon this barrier when it does certain attacks.

Unstable Attacks: Now hunters must be careful and watch attacks performed by this Alatreon because a lot of its attacks are unstable and unpredictable. Sometimes when it does attacks, the attacks will sometimes be larger and have a wider radius than usual. Some attacks will even strike multiple times on the same spot or just leave an elemental trail the ground, causing either Fireblight, Dragonblight, Thunderblight, or Iceblight.

Flying Horn Uppercut: Alatreon will jump back before flying towards the hunter and using its horn to thrust into the volcanic rock. Rocks fly around the Alatreon when it finishes the uppercut.

Raging Beast: After being staggered, Alatreon will jump over the hunters before breathing a fireball at hunters, much like the HC Kushala Daora. After breathing the fireball, the Alatreon will turn around and bite hunters with a powerful surging dragon bite. This counter can cause either Fireblight or Dragonblight depending on which attack hits the hunter.

Spinning Tornadoes: Alatreon will stand up upright and slowly gather wind currents around it before flapping its wings and sending multiple small tornadoes at hunters with its immensely, powerful wings. These tornadoes will randomly move around the area for 10 seconds before disappearing. If hunters get hit by any of these tornadoes, it will cause Iceblight.

Circling Lightning Summon: Similar to Disufiora, Alatreon will smash the ground with its feet before flying backwards and in a complete circle around hunters. While flying in a circle, lightning will rain down around the hunters in a complete circle and catch hunters off guard. After circling around the hunters, it will breath a huge block of ice on the ground before crashing into it like Disufiora. When it destroys the ice, three large pieces will fall around the Alatreon while it recovers. This attack causes both Thunderblight and Iceblight.

Phase 1(Level 91-453)

Super Fire Pillars: Alatreon will slam its tail into the ground before multiple pillars begin to appear behind it. It will than pull its tail out of the ground and roar into air as ten large fiery pillars shot up into the air behind it. If hunters are hit by the pillars, the pillars will send them flying into the air and cause Fireblight.

Freezing Shield: When Alatreon does any ice-based or thunder-based attacks it will cover itself in a barrier of freezing air that will decrease a hunter's stamina while the hunter is close up on Alatreon. Even if hunters break certain parts on Alatreon it will still be able to summon this barrier when it does certain attacks.

Phase 1(Level 454-9999)

Dragon Sphere: Similar to Teostra(4th Gen.), Alatreon will fly up into the air before dragon violently discharges from its body. This dragon will form a powerful sphere of dragon around Alatreon before Alatreon flies forward and sends the sphere to the ground, causing a large explosion of dragon. This attack causes Dragonblight.

Electro Ball: Alatreon's tail will begin to glow a shiny gold yet will surge with blue lightning. It will than turn around and swing its tail sending a large ball of lightning at hunters. This ball slowly descend to the ground before exploding much like Rajang's Spirit Bomb. This attack causes Thunderblight.

Phase 2(Level 1-90)

Blazing Darkness Mode: When the Alatreon loses 25% of its health, it'll go into this ultimate form of its Ground Mode. In this mode, it specializes only in the Fire Element and Dragon Element. Any attacks it had in the past dealing with those two elements will be used in this mode along with some new attacks. Its defense also decreases in this mode, its attack power increases, and its speed increases.

Supreme Blazing Beam: Alatreon will rear back before shooting a huge beam of fire and dragon at the hunter, in a similar fashion to Disufiroa. After shooting it, it will fly forward at hunters before landing in front of hunters. This beam will cause Blazeblight.

Lava Storm: Alatreon will roar before jumping back and shooting a huge ball of fire on the ground causing a huge geyser of lava to appear out of the ground. After coming out of the ground, small balls of lava will land randomly on the ground and explode into huge balls of fire. The geyser will stay in the area for a seconds before disappearing. This attack causes Fireblight.

Blazing Darkness Charge: It will turn towards the hunters and breath fire down on the ground in front of it. It will than charge forward with dragon covering its body and leave behind deadly flames for hunters to run through after this attack. Shortly after performing the charge, multiple meteors will strike the ground behind it. This attack causes Blazeblight.

Charging Fire Tornadoes: Alatreon will summon two meteors beside it to land next to it. When the meteors land, they will turn into powerful tornadoes of fire and Alatreon will than raise up its claws. Once Alatreon raises up its claws, it will swipe them forward at hunters. Once the tornadoes get to a certain range, they will stand in place before disappearing and they will cause Fireblight if they strike a hunter.

Ring of Dragon: Alatreon will flap its wings on the ground and form a ring of dragon around it. This dragon will disappear into the ground before the ground begins to shake. The dragon will burst out of the ground and it will erupt out of the ground around Alatreon five times in a row. This attack causes Dragonblight.

Dragon Body Slam: Its body will begin to surge with dragon before it flies into the air and slams down into the ground. The dragon will erupt from under it the moment it smashes into the ground causing Dragonblight.

Deadly Fire Combo: Alatreon will spin into the air and slam down into the ground, knocking hunters into the air, before breathing a burst of fire out of its mouth that knocks hunters away from it and to the ground. This attack is used to leave hunters open to large amount of damage and to try to pick more than one off. This attack causes Blazeblight.

Dragon Horn Thrusts: Alatreon will perform its usual Double Horn Thrust but unlike before, its horns will surge with dragon and send two slices of dragon at hunters causing Dragonblight, unlike before.

Fiery Tail Swipes: Alatreon will jump over hunters and swing its tail from side to side to hunters. When it swings, its tail multiple geysers of lava will appear behind Alatreon and meteors will rain down in front of Alatreon, both causing Fireblight.

Phase 2(Level 91-453)

Intense Heat: Alatreon will send its razor sharp scales on to the ground, causing a tall wall of fire to rise around Alatreon before Alatreon flaps its wings twice. When it flaps its wings twice, the wall of fire will intensify and Alatreon will discharge dragon from its body as the fire surrounds it. After a few seconds, Alatreon will roar, making the fire wall larger and a burst of dragon exploding from the fire. After this attack, Alatreon taunt for a few seconds. This attack causes Blazeblight.

Spiral Dragon Beam: Alatreon will jump backwards before taking flight and charging forward in the air as it breaths a beam while spinning in the air forward. After performing this attack, it will quickly turn around and breath another beam of dragon at hunters behind. This attack causes Dragonblight.

Lava Slam: Alatreon will hook its claws into the volcanic rock below it before jumping upwards with the volcanic rock and slamming down on the ground with it. After slamming down on the ground with the rock, a huge geyser of lava will burst out of the causing Fireblight.

Meteor Summon: Alatreon will breath a stream of fire into the air, making three meteors rain from the sky in front of it causing Fireblight. It usually does attack after the Spiral Dragon Beam.

Phase 2(Level 454-9999)

Circular Meteor Summon: Just like the original Meteor Summon but each meteor will land around the Alatreon before it a burst of dragon sends the blast of the meteor towards the hunters. This attack causes Blazeblight.

Phase 3(Level 1-90)

Brilliant Darkness Mode: When the Alatreon loses another 25% of its health, it'll go into this ultimate form of its Flight Mode. In this mode, it specializes only in the Ice Element and Thunder Element. Any attacks it had in the past dealing with those two elements will be used in this mode along with some new attacks. Its defense also increases in this mode, its attack power decreases, and its speed increases. It also has a new found resistance against aliments such as Sleep and Paralysis.

Avalanche: Right after the cutscene, Alatreon will breath a stream of cold air down on the ground, forming a circle around the hunters that traps them. After breathing the cold air, ice forms from the cold air and traps hunters before Alatreon breaths cold air into the air, making huge blocks of ice fall from the sky on top of the hunters. This attack causes Iceblight and can deal large amounts of damage to hunters.

Lightning Over Charge: Alatreon's horns will overcharge with lightning as it charges lightning throughout its body before it breaths a surge of lightning from its mouth. The lightning surge will hit the ground in front of Alatreon, causing multiple lightning strikes in front of Alatreon and catching hunters off guard with ease. This attack causes Thunderblight.

Ice Pillar: Alatreon will breath cold air on the ground continue to breath the cold air as it flies up into the air, forming a tall, large pillar of ice. Alatreon will than fly behind the pillar of ice before flying into the pillar of ice and knocking it down to the ground. The pillar will break into huge chunks of ice and fly in all sorts of directions after the pillar crashes to the ground. Some chunks will even fly all the way to hunters on the other side of the map. This attack causes Iceblight.

Countering Lightning Summon: If Alatreon is KO'd or falls to the ground, Alatreon's horns will surge with lightning and as it falls to the ground, lightning will strike around it and on it as it tries to recover after being KO'd or falls to the ground. The lightning has no pattern at all so it can't be predicted where each strike will hit at. This counter attack cause Thunderblight.

Frozen-Electrical Horn Thrusts: Due to its horn being frozen and surging with lightning, Alatreon is now able to cause Gold Dustblight with its beautiful yet destructive horns with much ease.

Icicle Claw Swipe: When ever Alatreon performs its claw swipe now, three large icicles will rain down from the sky and catch most hunters off guard without much warning. Its claw itself causes Gold Dustblight while the icicles cause Iceblight.

Phase 3(Level 91-453)

Ice Clones: Alatreon will violently breath a cloud of freezing air into the area, making it blurry and hard to see. After breathing it, Alatreon will disappear but three large ice sculptures that look like Alatreon will be seen in the area. One of them is Alatreon while the other two aren't. The real Alatreon can be identified by an occasional gold dust seen around it instead of white cold air. After a few seconds, Alatreon will burst from the ice before rushing out the ice and summoning lightning to strike down on the other sculptures. This will cause the sculptures to break apart, causing Gold Dustblight to any hunters to close to the sculptures as they fall apart.

Lightning Rods: Alatreon will summon multiple icicles to randomly strike around the area before Alatreon crouches down as it attracts lightning around it. Lightning will violently strike around Alatreon before it stands up violently roars. When it roars, the icicles will begin to surge greatly with electricity and will explode with electricity, leaving behind a Gold Dust. This attack can cause Thunderblight, Iceblight, and or Gold Dustblight.

Icicle Barrage: Similar to Duremudira, Alatreon will quickly jump backwards before breathing a barrage of icicles at one hunter it has targeted as it tracks them for a few seconds. Unlike Duremudira, it will quickly breath down a ball of snow under it right as it lands after performing , putting hunters under it in a Snowman state.

Phase 3(Level 454-9999)

Lightning-Icicle Barrage: Similar to the original Icicle Barrage but lightning will surge from each icicle before exploding, causing Gold Dustblight.

Grand Lightning Pound: While flying in the air, Alatreon will rear its claws back and slam its feet onto the ground with much more force than usual, causing the ground to shake. As the ground shakes, Alatreon will proceed to snap its jaws together causing ice to burst from the ground catching many hunters off guard. It'll repeat this attack three more times before taunting. This attack will cause Gold Dustblight.

High-Voltage Beam: Alatreon will breath freezing air onto the ground before landing behind the block of ice and breathing a beam of lightning at it. The beam will go into three different directions from the block of ice. As Alatreon breaths the beam, Alatreon will slowly walk around the block of ice as it breaths the beam before stopping after the attack. This attack can causes Snowman, Thunderblight, Iceblight, and or even Gold Dustblight.

Phase 4(Level 1-90)

Natural Disasters Mode: When the Alatreon loses 25% of its health, it will go into this final form. In this mode, it specializes in using the Fire Element, Dragon Element, Ice Element, and Thunder Element. Now it uses all of its attacks no matter what element and regains about 10% of its health along with some new attacks. Its defense, attack, and speed increase. It even has a new resistance against all aliments and elements, excluding the Water Element and Combo Elements with the Dragon Element as one of the Elements.

Razor Scales: If Alatreon's scales are changing color and a hunter hits those scales the scales repel the attack and even send the scales flying at the hunter. If those scales hit the hunter, it will cause Bleeding to the hunter instantly.

Spiritual Fire: Alatreon will slowly walk forward as blue flames surround it. As Alatreon walks forward, the blue fire will engulf it before of all sudden it clears and the Alatreon is no longer there. All of sudden, fire and lightning will be seen on the ground behind one hunter before all of sudden Alatreon teleports behind them and spits a ball of blue fire on hunters. This attack causes Fireblight and Thunderblight.

Razor Scale Trap: The Alatreon will fly forward before swing its tail forward, knocking any nearby hunters down. A meter will than pop up and Alatreon will proceed to summon multiple icicles around it before it flaps its wings violently, sending a large storm of scales down on the hunters below it. Every second damage is dealt by the scales and the scales already cause Bleeding. In order to get out of this pin, hunters must hit the Alatreon with a single Dung Bomb, however, each time a hunter is hit by this pin it requires an additional.

Elemental Beam: Alatreon will stand up on its hind legs before jumping backwards. When it jumps backwards, its claws will rip the ground apart as it staggers backwards before Alatreon gets back on its feet. As it gets back on its feet, Alatreon will deeply inhale and breath a beam of fire at hunters in front of it. When it breaths the beam, lightning will rapidly strike in front of it, icicles will rapidly pop in front of it, and dragon will greatly surge around the beam to increase the beams radius. After shooting the beam, Alatreon will quickly jump to the side and shoot the beam in a similar style to Rukodiora. This attack causes Blazing Darknessblight.

Dancing Lightning Strike: Alatreon will quickly swipe its tail from side to side without looking behind itself. After swiping, its tail lightning will strike the ground but with a twist. The lightning strike will turn into a ball of electricity that will dance on the ground from side to side while moving forward. After a few seconds, it will explode and multiple lightning strikes will hit around it randomly. This attack causes Thunderblight.

Ice Shockwave: Alatreon will slam its feet down on the ground as a blockade of ice appears around it. The Alatreon will than surround air around its face before biting the air. When it bites, multiple icicles will rain down on the hunters but they will stick to the ground. After a few seconds, Alatreon will bite again and large spikes of ice will pop up from the ground for unsuspecting hunters. To finish the attack, Alatreon will fly backwards and crash into the ice blockade to knock chunks of ice towards any nearby hunters. This attack causes Iceblight.

Elemental Combination: The Alatreon will taunt three times before flying into the air as it begins to make a huge block of ice. After making the the block of ice, it shoots a large ball of fire and, lightning and dragon on the ice before flying into the air. As it flys into the air, the elements begin to randomly appear in the area before the Alatreon smashes the block of ice, causing the blocks to fly around the area and hit anything around them. After hitting something, lightning and dragon will surge on the area it landed on and huge lava geysers will appear around the spot. If any hunter is hit by the lava, then they will be knocked into the lightning and dragon before a huge spike of ice comes out of the ground and damages the hunter. This attack can instantly kill hunters, even with Guts, and causes Blazing Darknessblight.

Circling Dragon Summon: Similar to how it enters Flight Mode, Alatreon will run around in a circle and as it runs dragon will shock the very ground after running in place. This attack causes Dragonblight.

Phase 4(Level 91-453)

Frozen Lava: Now when it enters Phase 4, ice will cover where the lava is in the middle of the area. This allows hunters to actually run over the lava without the worry of dying. However, occasionally Alatreon will jump onto the frozen land and smash it so hunters can fall in. This instantly kills them once they touch the lava.

Blazing Darkness Homing Charge: Alatreon will look at one random hunter before breathing a stream of fire on the ground and charging forward. As it charges forward, lightning and icicles rain down on the fire as dragon surrounds its body as it charges forward. Alatreon will proceed to perform the Elemental Combination after doing the charge. This attack can cause Fireblight, Iceblight, Thunderblight, Dragonblight, or Blazing Darknessblight.

Through Space and Time: Alatreon's scales will begin to rapidly change color before Alatreon's horns and wings begin to shake rapidly until all of sudden a flash happens and Alatreon disappears without a trace. For a few seconds, the sky will glow a multitude of colors with beauty and grace but than the sky begins slowly turn dark until a flash is seen in the sky. A rainbow colored shadow will be seen in the area and suddenly something crashes through the ground, revealing the lava under the area. As it seems its over, a massive lightning strike will hit where the crash was and than suddenly Alatreon reappears in the area. Both the crash and the massive lightning can instantly kill hunters. This attack can cause Fireblight or Thunderblight.

Phase 4(Level 454-9999)

Through Space and Time-Elemental Rain: This is Alatreon's strongest attack. Alatreon will roar into the air before flying into the air and flying to either side of the area. As Alatreon begins to produce the white cloud, all of sudden its scales will begin to rapidly change color before another flash is seen. Alatreon will disappear but the area will be rained on by meteors, icicles, lightning, and lava-filled with the dragon element. After a few seconds during this storm, Alatreon will randomly teleport from parts of the area and before it disappears, it will randomly do one of the many attacks it has except its stronger ones that can instantly kill hunters. As the elemental rain ends, a large meteor will be seen flying down from the sky before crashing into the area with an explosive radius that covers the whole area. After the meteor, Alatreon will reappear where the meteor was at and taunt. This attack can cause Blazing Darknessblight, Fireblight, Dragonblight, Blazeblight, Iceblight, Thunderblight, Gold Dustblight, Bleeding, and Snowman.


Phase 1

Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) OST - Alatreon Fight

Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) OST - Alatreon Fight

The Ultimate Judgment

Phase 2

Diablo 2 soundtracks - Hell

Diablo 2 soundtracks - Hell

Awakening of the Blazing Darkness

Phase 3

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Soundtrack - Snowy Mountains

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Soundtrack - Snowy Mountains

Coming of the Brilliant Chills and Shocks

Phase 4

FFXIV OST - Ultima Weapon's Theme

FFXIV OST - Ultima Weapon's Theme

The Living Unstable Natural Disaster

Death Scene

Alatreon will begin to lose control of the elements and than suddenly fire begins to rapidly burn its body as ice freezes some of its scales. Alatreon will roar out of pain from the two elements until dragon begins to overcharge in its horns, causing its horn to explode from the element's intensity, and lightning strikes violently on Alatreon before it falls over and dies.


Blademaster Set

  • Fire 0
  • Water 0
  • Ice 0
  • Thunder 0
  • Dragon 0

Skills: Unstable Dragon

Gunner Set

  • Fire 0
  • Water 0
  • Ice 0
  • Thunder 0
  • Dragon 0

Skills: Unstable Dragon


  • Conquest War Alatreon was inspired by some of the items belonging to Alatreon along with its concept of using almost all elements and Disufiroa.
  • This Alatreon's armor has only one unique skill known as Unstable Dragon. This skill gives hunters random skills from other Elder Dragon armors during each hunt depending on the monster and the area along with some of their negative skills.
  • This Alatreon has master the control of all the elements but it was doing something that was thought to only be in legends. This legend is talking about another more powerful Alatreon.
    • Its rumored that these Alatreon may have one more thing they must learn.
  • Its rumored that this Alatreon is an adult.
  • Its estimated that a Conquest War Alatreon maybe about 100,000 years old, according to some old Wyverians.
  • The Guild will secretly send hunters to hunt this monster down whenever it appears.
  • Only elements using the Dragon Element combined with another element can damage this Alatreon.


  • Chaoarren's first ever contribution to the MHFanon sites was a comment left on the OldFanon page of Conquest War Alatreon on February 7th, 2015. It read, "I really hope this is finished soon, I find this one of the best monster creations here".
    • And on August 19th, 2018, Chaoarren adopted the page from BannedLagiacrus.


Ukanlos Subspecies: Thank you for making the render for the Alatreon(Conquest War)!