Scelidians (Japanese 獣の竜種) are a class of monsters first introduced in Monster Hunter Venture, and created by TheBrilliantLance. They are wyverns that do not have wings, but instead have fully developed limbs. Due to this adaptation, all members of this class are capable of quadrupedal movement, and some are capable of bipedal movement as well. Though they may outwardly resemble Behemoths at first glance, they have different limb structures (their limbs are carried directly under the body, and do not sprawl to the sides), they are endothermic ("warm-blooded") rather than ectothermic ("cold-blooded"), and in fact they are more closely related to the Brute Wyverns. Like their distant relatives they typically resemble dinosaurs, although they tend to resemble herbivorous species such as ornithopods or ceratopsians rather than theropods. Scelidians are highly varied in their diets, habitat range, and appearance, with some being slow, heavily armored herbivores and others being swift, vicious predators. Their high metabolism and adaptable body plan allow them to survive almost anywhere, from scorching volcanoes to freezing tundras. Scelidians also commonly sport unique defensive body structures, such as the armor and tail club of Vulpaeoras or the noise-generating body parts of Unarophos.

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