Rooted Wyvern is a rather odd monster class that has been recently found. Not much is known about them beside that fact, that they are half plant and half creature. 

Rooted Wyvern Introduction

Rooted Wyverns seem to be a rather strange, new found Wyvern class kind that have been kept secret from the Guild and other various scientists due to the fact these creatures seem to have a habit to settle down at very dangerous places. Also they seem to have a very high regenerating nerve system in their bodies which allows them to heal even in a fight! This, and mainly because of this, the Guild has kept those Wyverns secret to prevent unskilled hunters a painful death.

There are some things that separate the common Wyverns from the Rooted Wyverns such as habit, "Rage mode", resistance, eating habits and some other things.

Evolutionary outcome

The evolutionary come out of this Wyvern Class is rather a mystery itself. It is said that a Wyvern once was forced away into a deep forest where it became one with the forest. So the Wyvern took off its skin and moved the spirit into a tree where it got a new body and a new life. But due to the modern scientist the explanation of this new type was rather combined with logic rather than with myths. They said the only reason there was for this species, was that these Wyverns once as the myth itself said were normal Wyverns but due to the very few options of prey they started eating plants and used the effect of the plants itself. So during the evolution the dragons started to „trade“ their blood system with chlorophyll to create photosynthesis, the legs grew together and the feet as also the claws started to take shape of roots. But even though the Rooted Wyverns have changed their appearance some haven’t lost their aggressiveness and eating habits as we know it from other true Wyverns.

Rooted Wyvern Evolution Tree

Rooted Wyvern Habits

Rooted Wyvern grow up at one point and stick to it. So Rooted Wyvern don't travel or go from area to area for normal, this makes it easy to locate it with just one psychoserum. Once located the hunter can gather peacefully all materials in the maps without fearing to get surprised by this creature. The hunter should avoid gathering near of the Rooted Wyvern, plus he shouldn't get mushrooms, seeds and plants because it seems as if the Rooted Wyvern is connected with every plants in the map and will notice as soon as you start gathering these.

Rooted Wyvern "Rage Mode"

To get a Rooted Wyvern into Rage Mode there are only two things to keep in mind. First depending on which kind of Rooted Wyvern you handle; second with what element a hunter must attack. A hunter should look for its roots which can only be found by hitting on the ground near the creature itself. A skilled hunter will take notice of the rhythm of his opponent and will strike on the ground to reveal the roots as also to hit the Wyvern itself to not waste a strike. When the roots are revealed by the final hit the Rooted Wyvern is stunned for a few seconds. In this time the hunter can place a bomb or even two if he has the right skills and is fast enough. Once the bombs explode the roots are destroyed and separated from the Wyvern. Now it can’t regenerate during the fight to the fact that its roots were the reason for regeneration (sucking the water and minerals/nutrients out of the ground form around itself helps the Wyvern to grow back even broken or even severed parts). Once bombed the wyvern will start moving and scrabbling around faster, gaining some new attacks and will start to shoot seeds at the hunter which cause a new blight, the „seeding blight“. It lowers, depending on the color, the stamina or the health of the hunter. The two seed colors differ from Wyvern to Wyvern. So that a hunter will first have to fight against it a few times to find out what color does what damage. To stop the „seeding blight“ a sonic or a dung bomb is necessary. The sonic bomb disturbs the nervous system of the seeds and the dung bomb will destroy the inner cells of the seeds what will prevent the seeds from sucking. Once in Rage Mode it will stay enraged till death.

Eating Habits

The eating habits are quite simple. True Plant Wyverns gain their energy from sunlight, water and minerals/nutrients. They gather these from their leaves, roots and even from flowers around them. The other group, Carnivorous Plant Wyverns are equipped with a mouth and stomach with a strong digestive system. This allows them to transform its prey quickly into energy that gets stored in a special cell pouch for bad days. Another interesting thing is that both kinds can also get minerals from dead animals near them as also other plants. Even mushrooms seem to be no problem for them. It is even said that there are some kinds of Rooted Wyvern that seem to consume the energy of other trees.

Resistance And Weakness

The weakness of all Rooted Wyverns are mostly first fire. Due to the heat the Rooted Wyverns started to evolve a smart anti-heat liquid which is pressed out of the cells if summer days are getting too hot or they're being attacked from other fire using monsters. This layer will raise their defense extremely making cutting weapons not always the best choice for slaying those species. They have a very high resistance to poison as also paralysis making it even possible to help them heal when poisoned instead of harming them.

Two Types Of Rooted Wyvern

Something also very interesting is that during the evolution the Rooted Wyverns seemed to split into two different Subclasses. Why? Nobody knows that but scientists assume that those Rooted Wyverns that only gain their strength from sunlight seem to live in more harsh and lifeless habits which forced them to photosynthesis. The other kind of Rooted Wyvern seem to not have lost all abilities of a "normal" Wyvern. So they are capable of eating meat by any chance. Scientists split up those Rooted Wyverns into Carnivoric Plant Wyverns and into True Plant Wyverns. There are also some Subgenera even in the Rooted Wyvern evolution tree though not even scientists know much of members of those Subgenera.


This fan-made class was made by Setheo.

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