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Icon Creation Notes!
  • Now, for some other things, you MUST please use following Categories on the following Icons
    • Monster Icon: "Monster Icon"
    • And other Icon: "Icon"
  • Note:If you have questions please type up a message of a Local staff member first before creating a new Page.
  • Before creating a new Icon please keep some things in your mind:

ALL ICONS MUST BE CATEGORIZIED! Thanks. If you're not sure what to label them please ask for help, I'm sure people and Staff will help you! When creating an Icon, please make sure to render it properly Upload them as small as possible Do not create icons of elements/blights/statuses unless given permission. Note: Write on the talk page of a Local Staff if you want to create an icon for a new Element/blight, see also Section:New Elements/Blights/Stauses


All monster icons fanon and canon are listed here.

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