The Hexaduran class (created by Chaoarren) are made up of monsters with six or more fully functional limbs. A characteristic build for them is an upper body with two arms, and a lower body with four legs and a tail, resemblant of the mythical Centaur. However, there are several different types of this class, with some having four arms and two legs, a skeleton very similar to that of the Magalas with two large arms by its sides, or rarely some truly bizarre looking one. Hexaduran's are often rare to find, as they tend to be elusive monsters and species numbers often don't reach a high level due to selective breeding patterns and long lifespans.

There also exists Hexaduran's with more than six limbs, which are as rare, if not rarer, as Elder Dragons and due to their unique abilities because of their many limbs, are mainly just as dangerous as them. Monsters like these defy many of the other fundamental monster classification standards, from the extraordinary body structures that they possess.

The class idea came from the idea of alternative animal evolution, where in fish ancestors with six main fins manage to become the top animals, thus allowing them to evolve into animals with six limbs.

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