A listing of all Giant Monsters on the fanon.

Giant Monsters, as the name suggests, are monsters whose size are far beyond any Small and Large Monsters. They are gargantuan in scale, big enough that many of them have parts that hunters can walk or climb on like a solid surface. Traps do not work on these monsters, so the only way for hunters to defeat one is by repelling or slaying them. Due to their scale and danger, many hunts against Giant Monsters give hunters siege weapons to attack them, involving the use of ballistae, cannons, binders, Dragonators and sometimes Demolishers. Giant Monster fights usually have a heavily scripted series of events take place during them, a common example being that the hunter must deal enough damage or break a part for one to move to the next area. Some Giant Monster hunts also require hunters to protect something from the monster and the quest will fail if it is destroyed.

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