Fanged Beast (Japanese 牙獣種, also known as Pelagus and Primatius) is a class of monsters that are beastly mammalian creatures that operate with only arms and legs and no wings. They are often much faster than other larger threats.

Equilleons are a Fanon sub-class of Fanged Beast, meant to create a classification for monsters designed around horses, deer and other animals like them. Monsters in this sub-class are characterised by their tall height, powerful legs, and have very fast speeds during running and fighting. Depending on how endurable they are and their metabolism, they can live in a wide range of locations from mild hills, humid plains and especially resistant species can live in extreme biomes, near volcanoes and in tundras and deserts. Equilleons usually aren't aggressive, fleeing in the scene of danger. Ones of large classification however can be rarely territorial and most are very protective of their own kind and won't hesitate to defend themselves from things smaller than themselves. Commonly, they sport special body structures that assist in their running traits, like a lance shaped horn or specially shaped hooves.

Flying Beasts are a second Fanon sub-class of Fanged Beast. They, unlike True Fanged Beasts, have the ability to fly for extended periods of time similarly to Flying Wyverns. They have two main types, ones almost identical to Flying Wyverns and Flying Bird Wyverns, and those with special appendages or other parts that give them the ability to fly. When not in flight they will often walk like Fanged Beasts, with many having unique behaviours unlike either Fanged Beasts and Flying Wyverns.

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