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Caution! Please Read!

Please, before you create an Area, take a look into the Category Area. Perhaps there was already someone before you who created a place just like you had in mind. If not then please keep in mind:

  • We want Complete Pages - if you create a page please add as much data to it as possible. If you have an Idea but not too much data to it, we'd suggest that you write it down on a Word Doc and save it there. 
  • Pictures/Maps - No low Quality images please. No pictures from Phones with low Quality, or poorly drawn/PS Pictures.
  • OC - Original Content. Please, we don't want X Variations of one place. Make something Original, come up with new Areas (realistic;No Outer space, other dimension etc.), go out and watch your surroundings, read a book, watch a Movie (Just don't rip-off the source inspirations though). Perhaps you might get an Idea that nobody has had yet!
  • Copyrights - No stealing Idea/Editing from other peoples creations. (Local Staff may do so if required - Adjustment/Correction etc)

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