Cantios by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Environment Master Wyvern
Nicknames Can't, Brown Cantios, Kantosu:(JPN name)
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Fallen Woods, Old Jungle, Jungle (2nd), Great Forest, Flooded Forest, Primal Forest, Jurassic Frontier, Ancient Forest, Evergrow Canopy, Muddy Jungle, Emerald Fields, Inpreid Glens, Storming Wilderness, Spotted Coast, Virescent Cliffs, Greychoked Waters, Arctic Ridge (Snowy Mountains), Tundra, Frozen Seaway, Blistered Glaciers, Ishavet Gulf, Old Volcano, Volcano (2nd), Volcano (3rd), Volcanic Hollow, Elder's Recess, Scarlet Field, Desert (2nd), Sandy Plains, Dunes (Old Desert), Wildspire Waste, Twistspire Desert, Zubani River, Verdant Hills (Forest and Hills), Deserted Island, Misty Peaks, Ancestral Steppe, Heaven's Mount, Ruined Pinnacle, Coral Highlands, Sherin Peaks, Rocky Hills, Lighthaven Mountain, Old Swamp, Marshlands (Swamp (2nd)), Sunken Hollow, Rotten Vale, Seamarsh Swamp, Trashed Goldmine, Darkshine Caves, Ciemran Ruins, Defunct Factory, Devastated Town, Great Arena, Moat Arena, Arena (3rd), Water Arena, Arena (4th), Slayground, Arena (5th), Special Arena, Glistening Lake, Great Sea, Verdant Summit, Sand's Heart, Ingle Isle, Forlorn Arena (Tower 3), Tower Summit, Solence Tower, Battlequarters, Defiant Stronghold, Everwood
Size Very Large
Relatives Shadow Cantios, Optiaster Cantios
Signature Move Undrea Breath
Elements Element Fire Element Ice Element Water
Ailments Status Undrea Severe Fireblight Severe Iceblight Status Snowman Severe Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Dragon Element Thunder
Creator Chaoarren

"It can travel across all terrains, no matter how extreme they are. Wherever it goes it numbs the nerves of its victims, then silences them completely..." -Drake Waydan, a Blacksmith, one of the few creators of Cantios equipment.

Cantios (Cahn-tee-oas) are Flying Wyverns able to hunt in all environments.


Cantios Wyverns that are able to adapt in surviving across every environment possible. They are able to release a silver mist that causes any affected to become unaware of their injury's. Heat is always present in the wyvern's unique veins, creating a zigzag shaped red pattern on their bodies. With deadly combat styles that change depending on the air, earth, and water they easily dominate ecosystems they travel upon.

Cantios' main shape is that of a Flying Wyvern's, significantly larger than the average Rathalos. Its wings are bladed, and on ground has clawed hands like a Tigrex's, which are not visible while flying. Its head is embodied with horns like a crown. Its talons resemble that of a Rath's. The tail is like a mace, two arcs from the top and bottom, and two thinner ones from the sides. Along its neck is what appears to be gills like of a fish. Several spines cover behind its feet, back and over its chest. The chest has extra thick scales to protect the essential organs needed to produce the Undrea clouds.

Its body is a light brown, with red zigzag patterns across its legs, tail and wing webbing. Its wings, hands, feet and tail blades are a deep green. Its chest is blue.

Cantios by Setheo


This wyvern doesn't see many as a threat as it knows how to fight on all terrains. However once such a foe arises, it shows that skill in combat attacking with claws on ground, breath and wings in air, and tail with body in water.

If it finds itself outclassed it has no hesitation to quickly flee the area to escape the stronger monster.

Like most of the Flying Wyvern class it is highly aggressive and will attack those who seem like a threat.


Encounter Intro

Sword Shatterer: Area 3 Fallen Woods: Bleeding Forest (In the quest, Seregios avoids Area 3 until near death, and no parts can be wounded/broken.)

The hunter tracks down a Seregios that has been wounded by his/her hand. It goes to sleep near the poison pond. Something is seen swimming in the river above the area, it looks like a wyvern only meant for flight. It erupts out of the river in a jump similar to Tigrex, slicing off the Seregios' tail in a single slice. This unexpectedly immediately awakes the Seregios and enrages it. The hunter quickly dashes for safety as the two wyverns fight. Cantios flings fire from its claws which miss the Seregios, only for it to receive a deadly kick to the face and breaking its horn. Seregios sends its shards towards Cantios but it takes off and flies like it was a Rathalos. It gives chase in the sky to claw Cantios. It reacts by breathing out a silver mist at Seregios. Seregios no longer appears to protect its damaged parts anymore. Cantios uses its wings to send out blue wind at the tail stump, freezing it in place. Cantios torpedoes into Seregios, breaking its wings and back. Defeated Seregios falls into the poison pool as Cantios flies away. The scene swifts back to the hunters view, next to the now dead Seregios.

(The quest then scriptedly abandons)

Hunt Intro

All Terrain Wyvern: Area 3 Old Jungle: Environmental Master

Down the river a dark figure swims down the humid Jungles waters, it is the Cantios. The Cantios bursts from the river, flies up into the sky and breathes a cloud of Undrea briefly and lands on the ground. There it dashes towards a Kelbi and slays it with a single slash of its claw. The wyvern then proceeds to eat its prey. The hunter is seen behind and Cantios takes notice, abandoning its previous meal. It swiftly breathes Undrea with a single roar, and the hunt to defeat the Cantios begins.


Cantios is unique in being able to fight in all environments. The fight will be a challenge for that reason, with strategies changing on the go.


(On the ground it can have a Pseudo Flying Wyvern stance or a True Flying Wyvern stance. The stances change which attacks it can do.)

(True Flying Wyvern Stance)

  • Cantioes Roar: Cantios takes a step backwards while raising its head and wings backwards. Then, it brings its head forward and roars while shaking its head with its wings out of reach. After this it'll bring its wings back to normal position and begin/resume fighting.
  • Tail Club: Turns around 180° and slams its tail. Can be done twice with far less build up time. It is the tail spin attack of Cantios.
  • True Flying Wyvern Charge Backs up, then rushes forward with its mouth open and finishes it up a bite.
  • Hip Check: Bends to its side and tackles with its wing. Done to hit opponents by its side.
  • Undrea Ball: Raises itself up and breathes downward firing a ball of Undrea. There is a chance it will remain skyborne and go into air mode after this.
  • Kick: Cantios pounces at a target and lashes out with both talons. When enraged this will do Fireblight.
  • Tail Swing: Swings its tail in a fast arc that can be done to its left or right side that near reaches its face.

(Pseudo Flying Wyvern Stance)

  • Threatening Roar: Cantios swings out both wing talons from its sides as it raises itself up and slams them back into position and swings its head back down and roars. The wing claw swing part of this roar can knock back and damage hunters and even cause Fireblight when enraged.
  • Pseudo Flying Wyvern Charge: Cantios charges forward towards a target and skids to a halt.
  • Tail Smash: Looks behind it as it raises its tail. Cantios makes a short but quick jump backwards towards a target and smashes it down at a quick speed enough to cause quake.
  • Recoil: Occasionally if a head flinch is done to Cantios in this stance it will dash forwards in a short burst and do a ground level bite in an attempt to get revenge for that hit.

(Both Stances)

(The animation for these attacks is slightly different depending on what stance it is in)

  • Side Bite: A slight bite to the left while swinging its tail up to the right, does minor damage.
  • Double Side Bite: This time it will take a step forward once it does the first one, then take another in a follow up that is a bite to the right while swing its tail up to the left.
  • Jaw Snap: Cantios raises its head and wings and lunges forward in a chomp. Enraged this is done twice.
  • Claw Of Fire: Its claw is dragged into the ground and flung up, sending fire sparks out.
  • Slashes: In an arc it swipes the ground in front of it with both claws one after the other.
  • Backhand: Cantios takes one of its arms up off the ground and moves a small bit away from the direction it is going to aim. Once its arm is right under its head it sweeps the arm right across to the aimed side. The distance covered is wide and Cantios will turn the rest of its body to where the hand stopped at after it has completed the attack.
  • Undrea Breath: The Cantioses signature and most well known attack it is recognised by. The Cantioses chest will turn grey as the grey coloured mist begins emerging from its jaws, and it spreads its wings out and it breathes out a cloud of Undrea right at its chosen target. This will cause the Undrea status.
  • Undrea Breath Sweep: A one second delay happens with the build up for its normal Undrea Breath, and it'll take two steps to position itself correctly. Then, it'll swing its head to either its right or left side and breathe its Undrea Breath from there and then turn it to the other side in a wide arc.

(Enraged Only)

  • Side Bite Combo: Cantios will do its Double Side Bite attack faster than usual and then chain the second bite into a Jaw Snap.
  • Fiery Slashes: As the attack is being prepared its claws flare orange. The two slashes reach further than the normal version and when the slashes are done fire is left on the ground where the claws hit.
  • Fiery Undrea Breath: The attack will begin as before. Unlike before its wingclaws both slam down and cause a spark of fire. A bright orange glow will travel along its zigzag patterns on its body to its head and ignite the Undrea in its mouth. Cantios will then shoot the breath directly in front of it, unleashing a fire ball like breath. If the attack hits a obstacle it explodes.

(G Rank Only)

  • Turning Charge: Upon doing its Rath styled charge, it has a chance of extending its claws, turning around, and does another in the style of Tigrex and being put into a Pseudo Flying Wyvern Stance.
  • Slide: Walks forward quickly with a single shake of its body then quickly leaps forward, morphs its wings into fin form and does a fast Plesioth like slide forward. It can only be done in its True Flying Wyvern Stance when near water or on an icy surface and if the attack connects to the border of an underwater area it will jump into the water and go into water mode.


  • Aerial Roar: Shakes its head and roars to the ground.
  • Headbutt: Violently turns its head to the side while turning.
  • Wing Slash: Extends its claw to swipe while spinning with the other wing to keep it airborne.
  • Bite: Bites downwards causing minor damage.
  • Airborne Undrea Breath: Inhales, then exhales Undrea fumes in a straight stream. It can move forwards or backwards while doing this.
  • Talon Smash: Cantios springs up with both of its talons and strikes down at the ground.
  • Talon Pin: If low on stamina, it will aim at a hunter. Cantios glides back, readies its talons and slams into the ground. If successfully done it will proceed pin the hunter and then bite him/her repeatedly. If its not escaped from in time Cantios will do the Undrea Ball attack on the hunter pinned.
  • Glide: Moves back and rushes forwards. Borrowed from Rathalos.
  • Surprise Ruined: If any attack Cantios from behind it will upswing hunters in front of it using its tail.
  • Tail Sweep: It will bring its tail by its side and swing it widely around it to its other side.
  • Rock Throw: Slams both talons in the ground, pulling out a piece of earth. It swings back and then forth tossing the rock. Can inflict Iceblight, Waterblight, or Fireblight when in environmental areas.
  • Air Freeze: Cantios curls its wings, using its heat veins to absorb the heat of the air around it and flaps forward a gust of cold air causing Iceblight.
  • Earth Ripping Glide: Goes to the ground and extends its claws and talons, using them to tear the ground and unearth rocks that fly behind. When enraged this will do Fireblight.

(Enraged Only)

  • Airborne Fiery Undrea Breath: Cantios raises its head and makes a bunch of Undrea in its mouth. As soon as it forms the heat veins across its neck emit a orange glow which travels to the breath and ignites it. Once on fire Cantios hovers up and fires the breath at a hunter. This can be shot right underneath it, at a distance, or at a hunter climbing/jumping above it.
  • Talon Scrape: With its red hot talons it scrapes the ground with sparks of fire being left behind.
  • Fiery Scrape: It begins its talon scrape attack but will move downwards a second and claw into the ground then spring up, kicking forward fiery shrapnel at hunters.

(G Rank Only)

  • Undrea Glide: Breathes a cloud of Undrea that surrounds its wings. With a wide span it flies overhead, leaving the Undrea cloud behind.
  • Dive Slam: Will suddenly extend its wing talons and slam directly down into the ground.


  • Underwater Roar: Does a leviathan styled roar.
  • Bite: A simple bite forwards.
  • Swinging Chomp: A bite that begins on one side and reaches around to its other side.
  • Double Bite: Will bite forward twice.
  • Double Swinging Chomp: Does the attack two times and both bites reach around to a 180 degree angle.
  • Wing Flap: Takes its wings out of fin form and pushes forward a current of water. The wings causes modorate damage while the current inflicts Waterblight.
  • Claw: Will extend one of its claws and slash. A very quick attack.
  • Talon Kick Down: If hunters are underneath Cantios it will preform this attack. It moves up slightly while raising up its foot talons and then dives down and delivers a kick from both talons.
  • Tail Flip: Raises its tail and back flips, if the tail isn't cut off it can inflict Waterblight.
  • Spin: Dashes to its side and spins itself in a circular motion.
  • Undrea Wave: Breathes out three balls of Undrea that move in a wave like pattern.
  • Underwater Undrea Breath: Cantios opens its mouth as a small bunch of Undrea emits. Suddenly it a forceful blast erupts from its mouth, causing Waterblight to those affected by it. Then following from the left or right is a stream of Undrea Breath that travels to the opposite direction. This attack is almost identical to the Flamethrower attack by the 4th Gen Fatalis, with differences being that this attack is done faster and the initial burst doesn't do the full damage of the stream.
  • Dash: Swims backwards and charges into a faraway opponent.
  • Tail Swipe: Will swing itself around to hit hunters with its tail.
  • Curling Tail Swipe: Cantios opens its jaws and does a bite that reaches directly to its tail, which it in the direction of its mouth making Cantios appeared curl up. Just before the fangs reach it, the tail is swung around to where its head was previously. After this attack it will be facing the opposite of the original direction it was at.
  • Flinged Undrea Ball: If hunters attack from land from a considerable distance it will fire an Undrea Ball in an arc like way not unlike the Lagiacruses (3rd Gen) attack.
  • Sweeping Undrea Breath: If hunters are on land and are close Cantios will arise out the waters surface and exhale out Undrea Breath that moves left to right/right to left very quickly two times and then submerge.

(Enraged Only)

  • Quintuple Sweeping Undrea Breath: In its rage its raises up more faster than usual and looks sky high, gathering a large amount of Undrea and then it shall do its Sweeping Undrea Breath four times even faster than the original one.
  • Fiery Flinged Undrea Ball: Its build up animation will have a seconds delay as it ignites the Undrea Ball. When this version hits it will explode upon impact, giving more range.
  • Boiling Undrea Wave: The heat veins on Cantios glow bright orange and then the light then goes to its head. The heat causes a flash with Cantios rearing back with the bright flashing cloud of Undrea in its mouth. The Cantios then blasts forward the cloud in a wide arc shape that expands with distance. Even though it cannot cause Fireblight the cloud will still cause fire damage.

(G Rank Only)

  • Freeze Flap: An unexpected attack as it uses its wings not as fins. It repeatedly flaps them and drains the heat from and exhales into the cloud formed. It bursts to hit anything in its range with Iceblight.


  • Undrea Blast: Will breathe in a huge breath and fire a cluster bomb like Undrea ball. Its animation changes depending on its mode and when enraged there will be more projectiles.

(Enraged Only)

  • Blazing Undrea Blast: An upgraded version of the Undrea Blast. All the heat veins on its body will glow at once and all head to the head region of Cantios as it prepares its Undrea Blast making its head rear slower. The heat ignites the entire blast and causes the main projectile to create a larger explosion than the normal version. The other projectiles also explode if they travel too long, and the way they do depends on the mode. If in air the explosion causes fire sparks to rain down directly below. If in water a shockwave effect happens and on ground several flaming pebbles are launched.

(G Rank Only)

  • Taking Aim For The Big Attack: Cantios will snarl before beginning the Undrea Blast attack but a twist occurs. Cantios opens its mouth as it was about to shoot the blast but will do another snarl and then suddenly turn towards the nearest hunter and fire the blast much faster than the normal version. This attack can easily catch players off guard.

(Enraged Only)

  • Environmentalist Master Undrea Blast: Cantioses strongest attack. It will breath in and absorb the air around it with a colourful air effect. If in hot environments it will breathe in red/orange air, if it cold locations it will breathe in light blue/white air, and in water it will breathe in exactly that. Cantios will then do the Blazing Undrea Blast charge up to power the already enhanced Undrea cloud in its mouth. It then moves towards a player in a movement that knocks attackers away then stops and prepares itself as the cloud reaches its full power. Then Cantios fires the blast straight forward which knocks the wyvern back far, the very force of the firing causing a shockwave that causes a Blight that depends on the environment it is in to emit around the area where it was launched. The main projectile is two times larger than all the other blasts and it will glow brightly as it moves across the area and once it impacts an object/hunter or gets too bright it shall create an huge explosion. Along with that its more projectiles from it than any other. From every single one of them comes a shockwave that depends on the environment. Cantios will become vulnerable for a few seconds after doing this and four minutes must pass before it can be done again. This attack can well one hit cart a hunter who has a bad weakness to one of the elements of this attack.
    • In non special environments the shockwave will be a pillar of Undrea on the ground and a cloud break up further cluster in the air.
    • In hot environments the shockwave will be a health draining AOE for the main projectile, and embers will spray from the rest. All forms of the shockwaves cause Fireblight.
    • In cold environments the shockwave will create a sphere of Snowman inflicting cloud for the main projectile, and ice spikes will fly out from the rest. All forms of the shockwaves cause Iceblight.
    • In water the shockwave will be a large ringed wave from the main projectile and a sphere wave from the rest. All forms of the shockwaves cause Waterblight.

Rage And Tired States

  • Enraged: Undrea fumes from mouth and heat veins begin to glow brighter.
  • Tired: Drools from mouth, chest will shrink if not broken, heat veins glow fades, and Undrea attacks will fail.


  • Head (2x): Horns then scar up the middle of head.
  • Chest (2x): Spines broken which weakens hardness of the underside scales, then scars and fleshy wound which reveals its main weak point.
  • Tail Wounded: Tips of blades broken and wounds across tail.
  • Tail Sever: Tail must have been wounded first before it can be severed.
  • Left Wing
  • Right Wing
  • Left Wing Claw Weakens fire attacks from the left claw.
  • Right Wing Claw Weakens fire attacks from the right claw.
  • Back Spines
  • Left Leg And Left Foot Talons
  • Right Leg And Right Foot Talons

Damage Effectiveness

Physical Damage Effectiveness

  • Head = (Cut): ★★ (Impact): ★★ (Shot): ★★
  • Neck = (Cut): ★ (Impact): ★ (Shot): ★
  • Claws = (Cut): ★ (Impact): ★★ (Shot): ★★
  • Wings = (Cut): ★★ (Impact): ★★ (Shot): ★★
  • Back = (Cut): ★ (Impact): ★★ (Shot): ★
  • Legs = (Cut): ★ (Impact): ★★ (Shot): ★
  • Chest = (Cut): ✖(★) (Impact): ★ (Shot): ★
  • Chest (Wounded Once) = (Cut): ★ (Impact): ★★ (Shot): ★★
  • Chest (Wounded Twice) = (Cut): ★★★ (Impact): ★★★ (Shot): ★★★
  • Tail = (Cut): ★★ (Impact): ★★ (Shot): ★

  • Bold parts are weak points.
  • (★) means Cantioses chest can be damaged by cutting attacks when it prepares or does a breath attack, or by exceptionally powerful attacks or by attacks with Purple and higher sharpness.

  • ✖ = Immune to damage type under normal circumstances
  • ★ = 1-30% effective damage
  • ★★ = 30%-70% effective damage
  • ★★★ = 70%-100% effective damage

Element Effectiveness

  • Fire = ✖
  • Water = ✖
  • Thunder = ★★
  • Ice = ✖
  • Dragon = ★★★
  • Earth = ★
  • Wind = ★
  • Nature = ★
  • Aether = ★

Status Effectiveness

  • Poison = ★★★
  • Sleep = ★★
  • Paralysis = ★★
  • Blast = ★
  • Stun = ★
  • Blind = ★

Shiny Item Drops

Material Items

  • High Rank: Cantios Scale
  • G Rank: Cantios Masterscale
  • Account Items: Wyvern Tear, Large Wyvern Tear

Slinger Ammo

The Cantios will drop Bomb Pods.

Death Animations


Cantios has a shiver throughout its whole body and falls to the floor. With its wing claws extended now it makes a few movements to get itself back up but the fatal wounds take their toll once it gets up. Cantios raises up and makes its dying moan and collapses directly straight onto the ground and dies.


Cantios will cry out and plummet to the ground. With the majority of its body so wounded they only twitch, Cantios can only make a pained yell to the sky before its head and tail flop down as it dies.


Cantios extends its wings and its claws to try and make it to air, but it fails and with a few flaps, turns on its side and dies.


High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Brown Cantios Scale Grown to bare through all environmental threats, this scale is the perfection of nature.
Carapace Icon Brown Cantios Carapace Light, strong, adaptable, there is little this armor has wrong. The equipment made from it is extremely powerful.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Cantios Mace Despite its thickness it can be swung quickly and moves through water easily and served as a secondary weapon for its master.
Horn Icon Grey Cantios Hardhorn A head brace from The Master's head that offered it protection and a crown.
Fang Icon Grey Cantios Fang A tooth of several from its master that ended the life of prey from multiple environments.
Claw Icon Dark Red Cantios Claw Its masters hunts have made this claw red from heat and blood. Not safe for bare hands to touch.
Claw Icon Dark Red Cantios Talon Although used less than most other parts of the Cantios, they are still useful in travelling across temperate ground and in sky combat.
Wing Icon Dark Green Cantios Morphwing A limb that is able to go from wing to fin instantly. Less useful now no longer with its master, the Cantios.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Red Cantios Heatvein Located inside the Cantioses red zigzag patterns. These hold and conduct heat enough to cause flames when used on command.
Monster Parts Icon Pink Cantios Tongue A Undrea invested organ taken from a Cantios. Its believed this alone can inflict the Undrea.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Brown Cantios Masterscale There is literally no environment that can defy this shards strength. Its colour and shape are iconic to the world.
Carapace Icon Brown Cantios Cortex A shell that has lived through many hazards that many any other shell would dissolve under. The Master, Cantios wore this with glory.
Monster Parts Icon Brown Cantios Bludgeon A sturdy yet light tail that canon moves through water with ease. One strike leaves skulls cracked.
Horn Icon Grey Cantios Stronghorn The Master's crown of steel hardness of power. No temperature can affect its shape.
Fang Icon Grey Cantios Greyfang Fang from an experienced master of environments. The Undrea has stained it to the point where a mild prick will inflict it.
Claw Icon Dark Red Cantios Skinner Sharp and thick claws that have become red hot from multiple hunts by its master. Only by it's Master's death does the claw cool down.
Claw Icon Dark Red Cantios Burntalon Should these talons cut flesh, they would immediately burn the wound closed thanks to the high heat when it action. Despite that its severed it still somehow holds a fraction of that heat.
Wing Icon Dark Green Cantios Transwing A wing that works perfectly on land and in water. Those who live through obtaining it use it in exploration of the skies and ocean.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Red Cantios Heatvessel A full section of heat veins from a Cantios. They can only be gained in a stable state from a strong Master that has fallen in battle.
Monster Parts Icon Grey Cantios Lung The main source of Cantios' Undrea. Dragon element and the remains of its food mixtures seem to be the thing that makes the substance of Undrea.


  • Cantios can be attacked on the back, head or chest and can be done in all three states. The land shake off animation can be of that of a Tigrexes or the standard Flying Wyvern/Piscine Wyvern one depending on which stance it was in when the mounting attack occurred. The sea mount can involve it rushing around in circles.

Ecological Information

Placement In Food Chain

The Cantios are the main apex predators of the Sherin Peaks, gaining that status from its extreme adaptability, its abilities and its resilient scales. In the many other locales where they travel, Cantios are considered a nomadic species, meaning they battle with the apex level monsters of those places for the top spot in the food chain. Cantios however are not completely unrivalled, as they very often have to fight off other apex level monsters outside and inside the region of the Sherin Peaks. Their biggest threat is their own subspecies, the Shadow Cantios at night. Cantios can also be defeated by Elder Dragons and powerful Deviants.

Behaviour Towards Other Monsters

Cantios don't bother towards monsters smaller than it that are at a distance from them, sometimes even letting them wander right near past them. Unless they clearly look to attack it or intrude on territory, a Cantios won't attack a small monster on sight.

For monsters of moderate size, and hunters, Cantios will give warning signs towards them by giving low pitched roars and displaying its parts in an intimidating fashion. As a final warning, a Cantioses heat veins increase in temperature and glow, it spreads out its wings and emits a small fiery burst with a small roar. If the monster or hunter gets any closer or they fail to leave, the Cantios will proceed to enter combat with them.

If a monster of equal size or another apex predator monster appears, the Cantios may give a single warning roar towards them to back off. If they get any closer, it immediately attacks. Due to the danger, a warning roar is only done if other monsters are moving towards it. Any monsters that give a sign of aggression or rush into the area makes a Cantios instantly engage in a fight.

An enraged, Frenzied, Apex, Hyper or Tempered Cantios often forgoes warnings and attack on sight.


  • Common: Cantios Footprints, Eaten Carcass
  • Unique: Undrean Ashes

Cantios creates footprints wherever it walks and creates carcasses from prey it kills and eats.

Cantios creates Undrean Ashes by breathing Undrea smoke on a single spot, often to mark territory or expel built up smoke. It can do this underwater too.

Specific Locale Interactions

Cantios have the most prominent interactions in the Sherin Peaks. Area 2 is where it will often rest when no danger is around, and it can also do the same in Area 10 when there are other dangerous monsters in the locale with it. Some Cantioses start in Area 10, and will breathe Undrea breath onto eggs in the nest to deter predators as those eggs are of its own. This egg protecting behaviour is also seen in all other locales where there is a wyvern egg nest area and the Cantios starts in or near that area. When threat is high in the Sherin Peaks, Cantioses patrol the whole environment to search out any dangerous monsters in the locale and keep notice on them. If a large battle breaks out near its territory, the Cantios, similarly to the Bazelgeuze, shall fly into the conflict and join it to repel them away from its turf.

In the Fallen Woods, a Cantios can swim out of Area 2 into the river and emerge from the river in Area 3 to preform a powerful leaping attack reminiscent of its introduction cutscene with Seregios.

In environments of extreme heat, they can use the warmth to quickly power up their heatveins and give themselves the fiery variant of the Undrea Breath fast.

In environments containing water deep enough to swim in, they can swim in them and use the water to change its Undrea clouds to a more spread-out form.

In environments of extreme cold, their slide attack can be used when not near water and can travel faster with it but with a shorter range.

Special Behaviours

The Cantios across all locales that have a clear day and night time, be it fixed by quest or as a cycle will only be active by day. When night falls, a Cantios will go to the nearest cave area or, if unavailable, any area that provides significant cover. There if not in combat, they find a safe spot and either wait until day returns or go to sleep.

Battle Theme

Cantios has its own unique theme. But since the creator (Chaoarren) couldn't make one, he decided to upload this for it.

Dragon's Dogma OST Extended - Impulse - Dragonkin Battle Theme

Dragon's Dogma OST Extended - Impulse - Dragonkin Battle Theme

Cantios/Shadow Cantios Battle Theme

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper State/Tempered/Apex

Cantios can become infected by The Frenzy as Undrea cannot block it out. Its red zigzag markings become purple and its roar becomes a much lower pitch.

Cantios when in the Hyper State will have its AOE attacks widened when the part the attack is preformed from is affected by the vapor. Along with that there's the usual faster attacks.

Tempered Cantios are considered Lv2 Threat Monsters but have the same Hunter Rank requirements to hunt them as Lv3 Threat Monsters. Tempered Cantios use their breath attacks more often.

Cantios can overcome The Frenzy and become Apex Cantios. The brown hide it has turns much darker. Its roar becomes completely unrecognisable from its normal one. When on ground its claws spread off fire sparks when it does any attack involving them. Its Undrea blast increases in wideness. It becomes truly deadly, gaining another set of attacks to go with the original.

Apex Cutscenes

Transformation To Apex

Tundra: Area 2: Corruption Of The Cantios

The evening sun shines over the Tundra as a familiar shadow dashes past. The camera shows that its a Cantios fleeing from what looks like another one, only frenzied. The frenzied one let's out a distorted screech striking out and hitting the normal Cantioses back. Despite this it continues to flee, with frenzied one in pursuit. After a while the frenzied one hits the tail of the normal making it lose balance, followed with a dive bomb that sends it directly into the area with cracked ice surrounding its seemingly dead body. Right next to it is a Popo which the frenzied lands directly on, killing it instantly. The frenzied wyvern eats from the meat, then proceeds to sleep on the areas right edge.

As night comes, The Frenzy starts to taint the Cantios, unexpectedly causing clouds to form as it fails to fully infect the Cantios. A blast of purple lights the area as the clouds now begin coming from the Cantios' body. This awakes the frenzied Cantios, who fails to see the danger and rushes right at it lashing with its wing talons. The talons completely break from the hardness of the shell causing it to emit a pained yet distorted scream. The new Apex replies with a roar of its own, a horrifying scream distorted beyond recognition. The frenzied one dashes and takes flight from fear from the Apex, only for apex to leap at it in Tigrex fashion biting off its tail and seemingly burning its wings from its claws.

As the frenzied struggles to get up, a wing arm broken the apex predator lands directly in front, biting its severed tail into shards. Its wing talons glow orange, melting the snow on which it stands. The frenzied is pushed down as the Apex brings its right claw to its throat. The screen turns black just as the Apex slashes...

The Aftermath

Tundra (Night): Area 2: Brutal Aftermath

A camera pans across the area, turning towards the right. The sight seen is grim. The skeleton of a Cantios is seen, with several parts of its flesh remaining however burnt. Ice around is stained red with several holes in the floor. In the centre is a crater like impact zone, with a Popo skeleton next to that. The dead Cantios is seen to have died brutally, with its wing talons missing along with its tail, a broken wing and many fractures. It appears to have had its throat cut, mauled then eaten. A yelp from a Barioth interrupts the scene, seen flying overhead from area 4 as a dark figure knocks it straight into the area...

Apex Intro

Tundra: Area 4: Cruel Master

The hunter appears and with no waiting there is already action! A heavily wounded Barioth charges at the Apex Cantios, affected by Undrea. Cantios swiftly dodges a bite and with a reflex it pounces and slashes its wing claw at Barioth's chest wound, killing it as the flames burns through and smashes against a wall. The Cantios' gaze turns to the hunter, slowly turning towards him/her. It gives out its distorted roar, causing him/her to leap out of the way as ice spikes fall from the ceiling. Before he/she can react Cantios' picks him/her up in its talons! And proceeds to even leave the area!

Above Area 3 the hunter manages to use a Wystone to make it drop him/her. The apex theme begins to play as Apex Cantios hovers over and roars in annoyance, then the hunt begins from there!

Apex Exclusive Attacks


(These attacks can be done regardless of stance, with animations being different for the stance the attack was preformed in)

  • Leap: In ground mode it pounces and slashes in a Tigrex fashion causing Fireblight.
  • 360° Tail Strike: Spins its tail in a complete circle.
  • Power Of A Single Slash: Leaping at a target it delivers a powerful slash from one of its wing talons causing hunters to get knocked back far.
  • Apex Master's Maul: Will strike both wing talons together in an attempt to trap a hunter. If it succeeds it will repeatedly slash at him/her with its right wing talon. If not broken out of in time it picks him/her up with its left wing talon, drops him/her only to violently slash him/her away with its right. The hunter can actually hit another one, causing damage to him/her as well. The worst part is that this pin is very hard to mash out of.

(G Rank Only)

  • Double Slash: When enraged it will repeat the attack immediately on a different target.
  • Slash Maul Combo: If it misses its slash attack twice in a row it'll do its maul grab as it lands.


  • Aerial Glide Down: Climbs to a high altitude and glides to the ground with foot talons out. When enraged it fires down a single ball of Undrea.

(G Rank Only)

  • Gliding Undrea breath It always fires a ball of Undrea even when not enraged. When it is, the ball turns into a full continuous stream of it.


  • Turning Tail Whip: Does a Plesioth style tail strike, inflicting Waterblight.
  • Advancing 360° Spin: Dashes forward a bit bringing up its tail before dashing more as it spins that tail around.

(G Rank Only)

  • Spin Undrea Add On: As it does its spin it breathes out Undrea during it.


  • Dark Roar: Its head and wings fall low as frenzy clouds cloak its face. In a blink of an eye these parts raise straight up again with a terrifying scream like roar emitting from its mouth. As the roar is emitted its glow intensifies and sends a rippling effect aimed right at the player that will cause them to flinch if they look right at it if their weapon is sheathed. The roar itself requires High Grade Earplugs to successfully block out.
  • Undrea Mist: Now whenever it does an Undrea attack it will remain on the ground as a mist for a few seconds to infect any who are unaware.
  • Frenzy Shockwave: Cantios when Apex has the shockwave effect on its Environmentalist Master Undrea Blast become a wave of damaging Frenzy for the main projectile, and Frenzy clouds form for the rest.


Bleeding Forest

Seregios Fanon Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt a Seregios
Reward: 25680z Location: Fallen Woods (Night)
Contract Fee: 2315z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: None Environment: Unstable
Other Monsters:
  • Cantios
Client: Lumberjack

I 'ere ther' be free wood i'n ther' parts. But this 'ere Seragas or whatevr you call it is makin this a pain! G't rid of it, NOW.

  • This is a one time only quest.
    • This is Cantioes first appearance. Once Seregios goes to Area 3 to sleep a cutscene will play out this will have Cantios kill the Seregios and will cause the quest to abandon.
Environmental Master

Hunt a Cantios
Reward: 27800z Location: Old Jungle (Day)
Contract Fee: 2450z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: Scar Cantioes Head Environment: Stable
Other Monsters:
Client: Jungle Chieftain

Our way of life is under threat from this ever changing wyvern. Not even our strongest warriors could defeat it. Do whatever's necessary but make sure that we are rid of it.

Master's Cap

Cantios MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Capture a Cantios
Reward: 27800z Location: Deserted Island (Day)
Contract Fee: 2450z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: Wound Cantioes Claw Environment: Unstable
Other Monsters:
  • Great Jaggi
  • Lagiacrus
  • Deviljho
Client: Wycademy Researcher

We have need of a monster that will aid us greatly in our Undrea research. The monster needed: its producer, the Cantios, a wyvern well known for its ability to survive everywhere. The Wycademy needs it captured alive for accurate results.

Pain In The Peaks

Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon Great Maccao Fanon Icon Cantios
Hunt a Prime Scofisl, Great Maccao, and a Cantios
Reward: 32400z Location: Sherin Peaks (Day)
Contract Fee: 2860z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: Deliver a Large Wyvern Tear Environment: Stable
Other Monsters:
Client: Agonised Man


Tainted Perfection

Cantios Frenzy Quest Icon
Hunt a Frenzied Cantios
Reward: 28600z Location: Flooded Forest (Day)
Contract Fee: 2490z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: Sever Cantioes Tail Environment: Stable
Other Monsters:
  • Altaroth
  • Wroggi
Client: Haughty Perfectionist

Just look at it. Clouded eyes, tainted scales, broken voice, truly this Cantios is ruined beyond repair! Do me a favour and please put it out of its misery would you?

Mist Of Evil

Cantios Apex Quest Icon
Hunt an Apex Cantios
Reward: 34000z Location: Tundra (Night)
Contract Fee: 3600z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: None Environment: Stable
Other Monsters:
  • None
Client: Frenzy Investigator

In all my years studying Frenzied monsters I've never come across something like this... This Cantios has learned to control The Frenzy and use its powers in a shocking way. Please, you must end its wrathful rage and its dark grasp over the Tundra!

Can't Beat Cantios

Cantios MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt a Cantios
Reward: 29400z Location: Ancestral Steppe (Day)
Contract Fee: 3400z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: None Environment: Unstable
Other Monsters:
  • Jaggi
  • Great Jaggi
  • Kecha Wacha
  • Rathian
  • Rajang
Client: Wreaked Hunter

My gosh.. The Cantios is unlike anything I've ever seen! A wyvern with the flight of a Rathalos, the brute power of a Tigrex, and even the swimming of a Plesioth! It did my head in, and it'll do yours in if you can't find a way to fight it!

Undreavering Heat

Cantios MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Capture a Cantios
Reward: 29400z Location: Volcanic Hollow (Day)
Contract Fee: 3400z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: Wound Cantioes Foot Talons Environment: Unstable
Other Monsters:
  • Ioprey
  • Iodrome
  • Gravios
  • Deviljho
  • Savage Deviljho
Client: Wisecracking Youth

What does this Cantios think he is? An all purpose smoker wyvern that thinks he's the top guy around? I ain't havin that crap around mah Volcanic Hollow boys. Trap this punk so we can show him a lesson or two.

Master And Leader

Cantios Iodrome Fanon Icon
Hunt a Cantios and a Iodrome
Reward: 29800z Location: Primal Forest (Day)
Contract Fee: 3500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: None Environment: Stable
Other Monsters:
  • Ioprey
  • Slagtoth
Client: Forest Patrol

Things have become chaotic in the Primal Forest! An Iodrome has been commanding Ioprey all across the land to find and kill the Environmental Master, Cantios. The Cantios appears to be set on chomping the toxic avian's head off. I don't care who started this conflict but both must be put down!

Who Owns The Skies? (Kokoto Request)_____ LV 6★
Cantios Rathalos Fanon Icon
Hunt a Cantios and a Rathalos
Reward: 30420z Location: Verdant Hills (Day)
Contract Fee: 3640z Time Limit: 50 Min
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Velociprey, Vespoid

Client: Kokoto Chief

We've got a big problem in the Verdant Hills kiddo! There's a new wyvern with the swimming skills of a Plesioth, the fury of a Tigrex, and the flight of a Rathalos! Sheesh! Whatever happened to the good old days when wyverns only had one environment and style? Even a local Rathalos is offended by this. You go show this new thing how we took care of problems back in the day!



Foreign Striped Conflict (Pokke Request)_____ LV 6★
Cantios Tigrex Fanon Icon
Hunt a Cantios and a Tigrex
Reward: 30420z Location: Artic Ridge (Day)
Contract Fee: 3640z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Giaprey, Blango

Client: Pokke Chief

Oh my! A monster with stripes similar to the Tigrex has appeared on the Artic Ridge and have engaged in battle! I don't want anymore drama than there already has been, so they both unfortunately have to go!



Scales On Fur (Yukumo Request)_____ LV 6★
Cantios Zinogre Fanon Icon
Hunt a Cantios and a Zinogre
Reward: 30420z Location: Misty Peaks (Day)
Contract Fee: 3640z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Jaggi, Bullfango

Client: Yukumo Chief

We have a unfortunate situation here hunter. A Cantios and a Zinogre will soon engage in battle. It will end badly for us if they are allowed to meet. You will go and prevent this encounter from happening, and you will hold yourself responsible if you fail.



Heats A Clash (Bherna Request)_____ LV 6★
Cantios Glavenus Fanon Icon
Hunt a Cantios and a Glavenus
Reward: 30420z Location: Jurassic Frontier (Day)
Contract Fee: 3640z Time Limit: 50 Min
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Maccao, Rhenoplos

Client: Bherna Chief

Problems have arose yet again in the Jurassic Frontier. A Cantios has finally appeared, and it currently battles against a Glavenus for supremacy over the area, blade against claw! Hunter you must stop them before they burn down the whole forest!



Unawesome Sickness_____ LV 6★
Cantios Frenzy Quest Icon MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt a Frenzied Cantios
Reward: 30400z Location: Old Swamp (Day)
Contract Fee: 3600z Time Limit: 50 Min
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Genprey, Ioprey, Vespoid, Ceanataur, Gendrome, Iodrome, Gypceros, Shogun Ceanataur, Deviljho

Client: Oblivious Boy

I saw a Cantios! And it was like purple it was, and very angry! It looks awesome! If you fought that thing it would be like the most awesome thing ever!



Cantios Have A Good Time_____ LV 7★
Hunt a Hyper Cantios
Reward: 32405z Location: Scarlet Field (Day)
Contract Fee: 3660z Time Limit: 50 Min
Subquest: Wound Cantioses Claws Sub.Reward: 1040z
Other Monsters:

Ioprey, Konchu

Client: Bad Artist

What is wrong with people these days?! They tell me that the Scarlet Field's red biome and I go and see it and I see brown, blue, grey, black, white, and green! I hate this job! Maybe they should have instead told me to go- (SECTION MISSING)



An Irritant Smoke_____ LV 7★
Hunt a Tempered Cantios
Reward: 31230z Location: Ancient Forest (Day)
Contract Fee: 3320z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Jagras, Gajaulaka, Great Jagras, Tobi-Kadachi, Pukei-Pukei, Rathalos

Client: The Commander

Attention field team! We've received word that an abnormally powerful Cantios has appeared in the Ancient Forest. This monster is more than capable of causing havoc to the ecosystem, and it must be dealt with ASAP!



The Pain Bearer_____ LV 7★
Cantios Apex Quest Icon
Hunt an Apex Cantios
Reward: 31380z Location: Emerald Plains (Day)
Contract Fee: 3360z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Suppress Cantioses frenzy Sub.Reward: 2000z
Other Monsters:

Sarleen, Bullfango

Client: Distressed Gardener

I've seen my share of terrifying wyverns come to these plains... but THEY left after no more than a day. This... This one however... has the most awful looking aura I've even, and a look of infection! Its been a whole week... but it still roosts here, attacking innocents... I swear they don't seem to in any pain even though it rips thr-AGGGHH!! NO!! PLEEEAASSEEEE!! I CAN'T WATCH THIS ANYMORE!! I CAN'T GO BACK THERE TO RISK SUCH A FATE!! THIS SO CALLED CANTIOS MUST BE SLAIN!!



Obscured Blades_____ LV 7★
Cantios Seregios Fanon Icon
Hunt a Cantios and a Seregios
Reward: 31200z Location: Desert (Day)
Contract Fee: 3200z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Deliver 1 Large Wyvern Tear Sub.Reward: 800z
Other Monsters:

{{{Other Monsters}}}

Client: Cowardly Seller

I-I-I-I just wanna sell what ever I find here! I don't mean ha-ha-harm to anyone! Why are they attacking me?! I never did anything to them! Its not like I disrupted a fight or any- NOOOO!! THEY'RE COMING BACK FOR ME!! AAAAAAAAAA-



Threat Or Pet_____ LV 7★
Protection Fanon
Cantios Voluron Icon by Narwhaler
Protect the Voluron from the Cantios
Reward: 31200z Location: Spotted Coast (Day)
Contract Fee: 3200z Time Limit: 20 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Strange Boy

GRRRUUUUMMMPPPHHHH!! I just want one freaking day where my pet, Voluron, doesn't get pestered by that bullying Cantios! Won't that thing just leave it alone?! If Voluron dies I'll have to make a Solmaron my next pet...



Literally Everywhere_____ LV 10★
Hunt a Cantios
Reward: 33230z Location: Rocky Hills (Day)
Contract Fee: 3420z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Hunt 10 Sarleen Sub.Reward: 2560z
Other Monsters:

Sarleen, Beta Sarleen, Rasendebar, Swilla, Faichcoln

Client: Strangely Frustrated Miner

Rgh! I'm so sick of the Cantios. No matter where I am sent to, this wyvern always finds a way to get to there and causes a scene. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! CAN'T ANY OTHER MONSTER APPEAR INSTEAD?! AGGGHH I HATE IT! You've got to get rid of it for what it does!



An Burning Test_____ LV 10★
Cantios Rathalos Fanon Icon Bazelgeuse Fanon Icon
Hunt a Tempered Cantios, a Tempered Rathalos, and a Tempered Bazelgeuse
Reward: 39230z Location: Elder's Recess (Day)
Contract Fee: 3820z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Lord Of A Fiery Nation

You claim to walk the flames without burn. But! Can you walk through my test without failing? No man has made it through this quest alive, and you may be the one who succeeds!



A Masters Intruder_____ LV G3★
Hunt a Cantios
Reward: 37230z Location: Sherin Peaks (Day)
Contract Fee: 3420z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Break Both Of Cantioes Claws Sub.Reward: 3260z
Other Monsters:

Scofisl, Prime Scofisl, Yian Garuga, Duramboros, Shadow Cantios(If it turns to night), Bazelgeuse, Deviljho

Client: Injured Climber

I... was attacked... and I don't feel anything! I could say it was good but its not at all! This wyvern soared down and charged right at me even though I never did anything to it! I'll give extra Zenny if you break those vicious claws.



Environmental Rivals_____ LV G3★
Cantios Cantios
Hunt two Cantios
Reward: 38980z Location: Flooded Forest (Day)
Contract Fee: 3620z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Break Both Cantioes Heads Sub.Reward: 3860z
Other Monsters:

Slagtoth, Wroggi, Great Wroggi, Gobul, Rathian, Bazelgeuse, Deviljho, Savage Deviljho

Client: Disgruntled Soldier

Whenever a Cantios appears and attacks, its a big operation to repel it. But two of them fighting over territory is nothing I wish to take part in. You have got to take them both out before the general discovers this!



All Time Hate_____ LV G3★
Cantios Shadow Cantios Icon by Chaoarren
Hunt a Cantios and a Shadow Cantios
Reward: 41580z Location: Darkshine Caves
Contract Fee: 3950z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Cantios Researcher

The battle between the two Cantios species has gone on for too long. This one pair has been fighting for over a year! There is only one way to stop this, taking out both of them to serve an example to every other one of them that this will happen to them if they don't stop fighting!


This quest will unlock on hunting a Cantios and Shadow Cantios in G-rank, and completing this quest begins the questline to unlock Optiaster Cantios.

Coughing Up Virus Blood_____ LV G4★
Cantios Apex Quest Icon
Hunt an Apex Cantios
Reward: 46360z Location: Volcano (3rd) (Night)
Contract Fee: 4250z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Break Cantioses Talons Sub.Reward: 3800z
Other Monsters:

Rhenoplos, Agnaktor, Uragaan, Brachydios, Shadow Cantios

Client: His Immenseness

Good day hunters. The Guild has received notice of a black aura covered Cantios with claws of fire in the Mogan Volcano. We have taken it as an urgent target -- I have every faith you'll succeed.


Should the Shadow Cantios be in the map, hunters will see the Apex Cantios and it fighting with the Shadow Cantios severely wounded. Then, the Apex Cantios either repels the Shadow Cantios, or it will kill it.

Undrean Attack_____ LV G4★
Frezzed Epioth Icon Obsidian Deviljho Icon by Chaoarren Cantios
Hunt a Frezzed Epioth, an Obsidian Deviljho and a Cantios
Reward: 47480z Location: Sherin Peaks (Day)
Contract Fee: 4480z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Or Sever The Tails Of All Target Monsters Sub.Reward: 4000z
Other Monsters:

Scofisl, Bnahabra, (Large monsters can appear after one target is down) Terra Shogun Ceanataur, Gravios, Steel Uragaan, Shadow Cantios(If it turns to night)

Client: Ruined Chef

Just one sprinkle... just one sprinkle of that stuff made my customers not think about how much chilli they were eating! And they blame it on ME?! Its that Cantioses fault it happened-no! Every monster carrying that Undrea dust is responsible! And THEY are the ones who must be punished for this!



Challengers To The Master_____ LV G4★
Rathalos Fanon Icon Tigrex Fanon Icon Plesioth Fanon Icon Cantios
Hunt a Rathalos, a Tigrex, a Plesioth, and a Cantios
Reward: 49850z Location: Sherin Peaks (Day)
Contract Fee: 4700z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound The Heads Of All Target Monsters Sub.Reward: 4350z
Other Monsters:

Pikfrin, Aptonoth

Client: Mineguarde Baron

Look at them, all fighting for the title of "Environmental Master". Their squabbles are interrupting my trade routes through the Sherin Peaks. Do me a favour and get rid of those pests from the land, no everywhere!



Cantios Royale_____ LV G4★
Cantios Shadow Cantios Icon by Chaoarren Optiaster Cantios Icon by Chaoarren
Hunt a Cantios, a Shadow Cantios and a Optiaster Cantios
Reward: 56850z Location: Sherin Peaks, Darkshine Caves, Greychoked Waters or Defiant Stronghold
Contract Fee: 5040z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Fully Wound The Chests Of All The Cantioses Sub.Reward: 4680z
Other Monsters:


Client: The Unfelt One

I have one final urgent quest for you hunter. Another Optiaster Cantios has appeared, and it leads two Cantios of opposite species with it. Thanks to its presence, they do not battle, instead they fight together. The chaos they could cause cannot be allowed to even be began. You will need all the experience you have in order to defeat all three. Good luck.



The Master's Meeting_____ LV G Special★
Cantios Shadow Cantios Icon by Chaoarren Apex Quest Icon
Hunt an Apex Cantios and an Apex Shadow Cantios
Reward: 66840z Location: Ciemran Ruins
Contract Fee: 9680z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Purple Cloaked Elder

Why do you wait hunters? Your guests are just dying to meet you! They're both in a special place, just for you. Surely you wouldn't turn down this offer right? If you don't meet them, I'll just have to ask them to go and find you themselves!

Notes: Both the Cantios and the Shadow Cantios will both be in Area 5 and will not move at all during the quest, so they are stuck together until one of them dies.




Body Biology

Has the appearance and body of a Flying Wyvern like Rathalos. Its bone structure and muscles are able to change to become able to move through water, or become more bulky and take a Pseudo Flying Wyvern like appearance. Its wings can bend to become fins, along with a pair of gills next to its throat that allow water filtering. The wings can also shrink in the webbing and bulk in the arms, causing its wing talons to swell and become hands like that of a Tigrex's. The tail acts like a mace on land, which Cantios uses to smash through tough hides or the occasional rock. In water it becomes a fin, propelling it through the water.

A unique ability that surprises most is Cantios being able to go underwater. With its wings and tail in a fin shape, it will flatten its spikes and scales to prevent forces slowing it down. Gills next to its head expand to allow breathing in the water while sealing off the tubes in the nose.

It's body also contains a lot of heat, its claws being naturally warm. If angered its body temperature will rise, causing the zigzag patterns on its body to glow red along with its claws and talons. These patterns are actually special organs which conduct heat when needed. An example of the organs being used is them transferring a wave of heat to Cantioses mouth to ignite its Undrea breath. Cantios can controls said organs manually, as in the fiery breath only being used on its own command.


The Undrea from Cantios is created from its stomach acid, substances in its lungs and dragon element which it cannot use purely. It affects the brain and pain sensors of whoever it affects, making them unaware of their wounds and effects instincts to become evasive or protect those wounded parts, leaving them to a potential fatal strike.

Cantios can make many different variants of this breath raging from a simple stream, balls, wave form, mist clouds and in its most deadly version a cluster bomb blast of it that is enough to kill an enemy rather than affect it with the substance. Some of the strongest individuals can use the temperate and surrounding air or water to amplify its blast to the strongest any regular Cantios can handle. Said blast is only used rarely and a direct hit by it is almost sure to end a battle to Cantioses favour.

Since Cantios uses its lungs when using Undrea it cannot breathe in while using it, making it use the weapon when needed. In use of its most powerful attacks meant for an exceptional foe, it will have to have a recovery time from using all that air and to restore its substances to make it. Should one be stupid or crazy enough to abuse the breath, the lack of air can potentially kill the Cantios.

Although they are naturally immune to it, should two Cantios fight, wounds sustained can lead to one becoming affected by the others Undrea, and result in the same affected movements and behaviour as any other monster.


The Cantios Species can live in any environment possible. The only locations they avoid are areas that are ruled over by an extremely powerful monster, or places that are completely uninhabitable.

All known species of Cantios have been seen in high numbers in the Sherin Peaks region. This is where they mainly gather in, as they are mostly solitary wyverns elsewhere. It is believed the Undrea filled ashes in the region are the main cause of their liking to this place.

In the Food Chain

Cantios will eat whatever meat it gets its talons on. It has been seen eating herbivores like Aptonoth, Apceros, Epioth, Rhenoplos, Kelbi, Anteka, Popo, and fish. It sometimes will eat more dangerous monsters like the Larinoth, Bullfango, Maccao, Jaggi, Scofisl, Velociprey, and sometimes some wyverns like Yian Kut-Ku, Quropeco, Dromes and carapaceons like the Daimyo Hermitaur. In occasions if a Cantios is especially hungry it might eat a monster that tried to kill it.

They have been known to have a rivalry with the Prime Scofisl and their species over territory and the fact that they have the same zigzag patterns on them. The Cantios is usually the winner of skirmishes as they unarguably have the overall better ablities compared to them. The only ways it could lose is if it is unusually weak, injured, is very old, is still quite young, is attacked by an army of Scofisl, is attacked by another monster while fighting them, or has an accident during combat that results in it being unable to move.

Despite their high status they can fall victim to other Apex predators like the Deviljho, Rajang, Teostra, Kushala Daora, Deviants and in the Sherin Peaks they have been confirmed to have been eaten by the Dasamios. They have also been known to in rare cases even cannibalise each other if dire enough. Their subspecies the Shadow Cantios have been known to eat them should they fail to escape being killed by them.

Hunting Style

Cantios prefers not to ambush prey unless its colours blend in with the environment it is currently in. They often attack head on with their claws and fangs. They also process a mace shaped tail to stun with a strike often aimed at the head. During combat the Cantios will transfer the heat it has into its special heat veins and make them glow fiercely. This also heats up its claws if they haven't already and makes it able to use a fiery breath. The fiery breath isn't the only breath it has, it also has the ability to use an ailment known as Undrea. With a direct hit from this breath its prey/enemy will become numb and their behaviour will often change. Many instances of the behaviour change make them unaware of their injuries and only blindly attack without any sense of evasion or blocking. Once infected by Undrea most hunts quickly end with Cantios striking an already wounded part to rupture an internal organ of its prey and kill it.

Since Cantios can fight in sea and air as well as land its fighting styles change depending on it too. In the air it attacks using its wings and talons to cut prey down before descending down on them and finishing them off. From this style of attack prey are most likely prone to being inflicted by Undrea breath. Cantios often fly to their preys side before they glide or attack with their talons.

In the seas Cantios mainly uses its fangs and tail to shred and smash prey to pieces. This attack pattern has been compared by hunters to be that like the Plesioth, which is a Piscine Wyvern. It is here where Cantios mainly do their rarely done ambush attack, as reported by a hunter on a quest contact to hunt a Seregios.

A noted often fact is that Cantioes that aren't affected by any nature affecting condition never hunt in nighttime. This is an evolutionary trait that passed onto it after changing from its ancestors. This is also to avoid encountering the Shadow Cantios as in that time period they are at their prime and can easily out speed and can kill a Cantios without problem. A lot of Cantioes ablities also weaken as it naturally tires in night, making it essential they don't run into any trouble during this time and find a spot to sleep.

Life Cycle

Cantios begin as eggs laid in any environment, even in water. The nest is surrounded by Undrea, giving would be predators the appearance that they are rotten, and any who persist get infected and then likely killed by the parent, who stays with the eggs until they hatch. The new born Cantios has a unique appearance that differs depending on the environment it hatched in, but the other abilities to deal with the other environments develop over time. Food is mainly supplied by the parent Cantios, during the first few weeks. Should the parent dies of age or of other causes while in the presence of the young, they will eventually eat it out of hunger, confirming that the wyverns can be cannibals. During the next six months it develops and learns to interact in other environments. Those that fail, or have a disability that prevents its adaptation to other environments, very often die, abandoned by the parent or flat out killed by its siblings. It is believed an imperfect Cantios exists, but there has been no confirmed sighting.

If the parent contracts The Frenzy at any stage this will be passed onto its young. They might even become Apex, resulting in the deaths of the parent and all its siblings.

Those who do survive grow into fully fledged Cantios' able to live on their own.

An aged Cantios can be told from battle wounds or scars across its body, as well as sharper talons and fangs. Of course Cantios will eventually die, from age, effects of The Frenzy, killed by other monsters or slain by hunters as part of a quest contract.


Cantios evolved from an ancestor unknown which didn't lose its fish abilities when moving to land because of unique genes. It later evolved wings, becoming a Flying Wyvern and through new muscle stretching could change it back to a land monster.

The Undrea ability began as a poison, and through changes in its lungs and other chemical factors it fused to become the iconic Undrea breath.

There are two types of Cantios that evolved from this ancestor, this one who is a power based wyvern that hunts in daytime, while the other is a more agile and stealth nighttime hunter. This other one is known as the Shadow Cantios, classified as a subspecies this one strikes fear into many, including many Cantios (See that page for more info). However if infected, this fear completely dies, and they are more than happy to take them head on without feeling any fear, and mainly if Apex it'll be them fearing it.

There is also a very rare species that didn't evolve from this ancestor. These ones are created from a successful crossbreed between a Cantios and Shadow Cantios that are both healthy and are significantly powerful. They leave care earlier than usual and begin going to all known environments they can possibly go to over the span into their adulthood. These species can hunt at both times of day, the time determining how it fights. By going through all the environments before its colours even began to form, where it was supposed to be green has turned Bronze and where it was to be red is silver. It also has silver coloured horns, a gray coloured chest and silver eyes. This colour change is because the Heatveins aren't Heatveins, their Elementveins that have gathered all five known base elements. Whenever it uses an element its grey and silver parts will change accordingly. Also depending on daylight its scales are either golden or black. When endangered the rare species reveals its full potential and merges its day and night styles along with their powers into one, turning its scales a dark crimson red. These Cantios are known as Optiaster Cantios, the grand ultimate of the species. Cantios and Shadow Cantios alike respect them once fully grown and matured, and are even able to set aside their battling with each other when one is around.




Icon Name Description
Great Sword Icon Dark Red Cantios Claymore A Greatsword made from a Cantios. It swings with the same force in all environments it is in.
Great Sword Icon Orange Cantios Masterclaymore The Master's Greatsword shall sever in half enemies of all kinds. Even the deepest seas, the hottest volcano or freezing tundra can't weaken its slash.


Icon Name Description
Long Sword Icon Dark Red Cantios Blade A Longsword made from a Cantios. Its reach is as wide as all the areas it can visit.
Long Sword Icon Orange Cantios Masterblade The Master's Longsword shall deliver slashes wide enough to kill all enemies with a single swing. The slashes are as infinite as the locations it will withstand in.

Sword & Shield

Icon Name Description
Sword and Shield Icon Dark Red Cantios Sword A Sword made from a Cantios. This weapon has as much adaptability as the wyvern it was made from.
Sword and Shield Icon Orange Cantios Mastersword The Master's Sword reflects the ablities processed by The Master into a versatile weapon. Everywhere it goes it finds no need for change from environmental effects around it.

Dual Blades

Icon Name Description
Dual Blades Icon Dark Red Cantios Claws Duel Blades made from a Cantios. The two claws strike with the power like it was still on the environmental travelling wyvern.
Dual Blades Icon Orange Cantios Masterclaws The Master's Duel Blades burns those in the forests and tundra's, and tears apart those in the mountains and volcanoes.


Icon Name Description Charge Up Effect
Hammer Icon Dark Red Cantios Smasher A Hammer made from a Cantios. Designed in the shape of its tail, it can swing effortlessly in all locations just like the Cantios used its tail. The Hammer head will morph into the shape of Cantioses tail at a Lvl 2 charge with a spark of fire.
Hammer Icon Orange Cantios Mastersmasher The Master's Hammer smashes the heads of enemies, and leaves the same impact shock wave in every location it slams down in, even in water.

Hunting Horn

Icon Name Description
Hunting Horn Icon Dark Red Cantios Flute A Hunting Horn made from a Cantios. Its songs grant the powers of the wyvern to ones who hear it.
Hunting Horn Icon Orange Cantios Masterflute The Master's Hunting Horn when used shall emit a roar that all across the world will hear. Its tunes grant The Master's strength to the weaker allies.


Icon Name Description
Lance Icon Dark Red Cantios Spear A Lance made out of a Cantios. The tip being made out of its claw unleashes fiery stabs and even remains scalding underwater and in ice.
Lance Icon Orange Cantios Masterspear The Master's Lance shall allow a charging chase to fleeing enemies and will for certain, run them through in the end. Its charge is devastating no matter which place it may be.


Icon Name Description
Gunlance Icon Dark Red Cantios Gunlance A Gunlance made out of a Cantios. It is aided by the heat of fiery locations for shots, and aided by the cold of freezing locations for stabs.
Gunlance Icon Orange Cantios Mastergunlance The Master's Gunlance shall blast away and burn the hard flesh of enemies, then pierce through the exposed tissue with well aimed stabs.

Switch Axe

Icon Name Description
Switch Axe Icon Dark Red Cantios Morpher A Switch Axe made out a Cantios. Its changeable state reflects the nature of the wyvern's ability to change to handle all the environments of the world.
Switch Axe Icon Orange Cantios Mastermorpher The Master's Switch Axe is the personification of the ability to adapt to an all extremely different variety of locations. Both modes present two different but equally powerful ways of attack.

Charge Blade

Icon Name Description
Charge Blade Icon Dark Red Cantios Waraxe A Charge Blade made from a Cantios. The morphing weapon that reflects the wyvern's ablities has very few things it cannot do like the Cantios itself.
Charge Blade Icon Orange Cantios Masterwaraxe The Master's Charge Blade shall only reveal its true power once it spills blood as red as the claws that makes its edge. Once powered it leaves enemies in piles of burnt and torn flesh.

Insect Glaive

Icon Name Description
Insect Glaive Icon Dark Red Cantios Glaive An Insect Glaive made from a Cantios. Its attacks land with speed that can outmatch the original speed of the wyvern itself.
Insect Glaive Icon Orange Cantios Masterglaive The Master's Insect Glaive brings an apprentice into the hunt. The Kinsect's extracts grant power that further enhances The Master's powers to being unstoppable.


Light Bowgun

Icon Name Description
Light Bowgun Icon Dark Red Cantios Shooter A Light Bowgun made from a Cantios. Its appearance has earned it the nickname of "Verpa" among some, to creatures of the unique world, "Danger".
Light Bowgun Icon Orange Cantios Mastershooter The Master's Light Bowgun shall overwhelm enemies with its thick and fast shots before they can retaliate or flee. Its shaft is covered with heat veins that glow when the weapon is firing flame shots.

Heavy Bowgun

Icon Name Description
Heavy Bowgun Icon Dark Red Cantios Blaster A Heavy Bowgun made from a Cantios. It can do one thing many other bowguns can't, dealing full firepower in all possible environments.
Heavy Bowgun Icon Orange Cantios Masterblaster The Master's Heavy Bowgun shall blast through solid rock and many hard shells of lower monsters. Just a few shots can seriously cripple a being unlucky enough to be struck by this weapon and leave scorch marks on the ground from its blazing power.


Icon Name Description
Bow Icon Dark Red Cantios Bow A Bow made from a Cantios. Its arrows travel quick and far even under the unrelenting seas or the blizzard covered mountains.
Bow Icon Orange Cantios Masterbow The Master's bow launches its arrows in a pattern not unlike an Undrea stream. The arrows however shall not grant a peaceful death, and shall impale its enemies and immediately burn inside the impact wound for a painful end.

Weapon Pictures


High Rank Armor

Icon Name Description
Helmet Icon Dark Red Cantios Helm Like the wyvern it came from this helm will view a variety of places. Any normal helm would break or melt in areas it can visit.
Chest Icon Dark Red Cantios Mail Although it looks to be a jungle themed chestpeice, it can take every single environment there is without any damage.
Arm Icon Dark Red Cantios Vambraces With these on all types of rock and much more can be handled regardless of temperature of areas.
Waist Icon Dark Red Cantios Faulds They glow in the ice, they blaze in the heat, they boil in the oceans. There's no stopping the veins on them from dying off.
Leg Icon Dark Red Cantios Greaves Boots that can walk on all environments of the known world. If there's no land it can survive water just as well.

G Rank Armor

Icon Name Description
Helmet Icon Orange Cantios Helm X The Master shall view all that there is to see in this world. Its gaze shall fall upon beauty and horror alike.
Chest Icon Orange Cantios Mail X The Master's armor shall be attacked by hazards of all kinds and survive. Its design demands worldwide respect from all.
Arm Icon Orange Cantios Vambraces X The Master shall grasp prey in these gauntlets of steel and scale. Victims face being dragged off into an climate that will kill them in seconds.
Waist Icon Orange Cantios Faulds X The Master's waist is webbing patterned with red hot veins. Nothing smaller than The Master shall live should they glow violently.
Leg Icon Orange Cantios Greaves X The Master shall walk across every known location reachable and not suffer any effect from any of them. It tramples all doubters of The Master's power.

Elemental Resistance

  • Fire: 15
  • Ice: 10
  • Thunder: -5
  • Water: 10
  • Dragon: -20


  • Environmentalist is a compound skill that combines Olympic Swimmer, Heat Cancel, Cold Cancel and Marathon Runner.

Prowler/Palico Equipment



Icon Name Description
Palico Blade Icon Dark Red F Cantios Knife A Palico Blade made from a Cantios. It's sharp, effective, and can be used everywhere! But don't wield it in public though!
Palico Blade Icon Orange F Cantios Meowsterknife The Meowster's Knife chops up all who think its wielder is weak. They will all think otherwise after facing it.


Icon Name Description
Palico Hammer Icon Dark Red F Cantios Pounder A Palico Hammer made from a Cantios. Its quick, fiery, and all around usability in all locations makes this a truly worthy wolooper!
Palico Hammer Icon Orange F Cantios Meowsterpounder The Meowster's Pounder hits the heads of all who mock it. And it shall do it until they realise its power or face a much grimmer result.



Icon Name Description
Palico Helmet Icon Dark Red F Cantios Cap A Palico Helmet made from a Cantios. This cap will keep the felyne from being blinded by blizzards and ashes.
Palico Helmet Icon Orange F Cantios Cap S The Meowster's Cap shall grant a intimidating stance on a non scary being via the horns on the top and the vein like glowing patterns around it.


Icon Name Description
Palico Armor Icon Dark Red F Cantios Plating Palico Armor made from a Cantios. Any negative effects from environments will not affect its defences.
Palico Armor Icon Orange F Cantios Plating S The Meowster's Plating has an environmentalist power making The Meowster be able to travel everywhere. It may be small but the things The Meowster can do in it are huge.

General Trivia

  • Cantios' creation came from a simple idea: What if there was a creature able to hunt everywhere without being unsuited?
  • Its wing claws where originally always extended regardless of mode, but due to the render made, Chaoarren decided to make them only appear in ground mode.
  • Apex Cantios' pin comes from the original idea of Seregios pin, in which the "damage other hunters" concept never happened in the final game.
  • They seem to have a hatred for Seregios, possibly from them viewing of them as weak, and Cantios' natural hatred for monsters that are evasive.
    • Plus, Seregios shards don't seem to harm them much, sometimes having no effect.
  • If a Cantios is preparing to or is doing a breath attack and its chest is wounded twice, if it is flinched by enough chest damage then a unique animation will happen.
    • The Undrea smoke will burst from its wounded chest and from its mouth, the chest smoke having a tint of red from blood and the substances that make Undrea leaking out. This immediately cancels the attack and instead Cantios makes a long scream upwards as it covers its chest with one hand to stop anymore damage. This will make it drop a shiny item.
  • In the Old Monster Hunter Fanon it is the flagship of Monster Hunter Tri Frenzy, a FanGame that is not active here.
    • Like most fanon flagships it is the users favourite creation.
  • Despite being in the most part a day time only active monster, its first appearance is in the Fallen Woods at nighttime.
    • This can be overwritten as it appeared that Cantios is a strong individual of its kind, able to stay awake and powered longer and perhaps doesn't know of the Shadow Cantios.
  • The Undrea ailment was first designed for Cantios in mind. It was designed so that Cantios would have a new and special ailment for it in the OldFanon FanGame.

User Credits

  • Rathalosaurus: For the main render, suggesting the wing claw feature and using Cantios in his fangame.
  • Ailuromancy: For creating the icon for Cantios.
  • Tigrexhunter: For creating the Hukk monster that is a basically hybrid of all fanon Cantios species.
  • Setheo: For the re-version of Cantios (the sketched version), and creating renders for the weapons.
  • Democide: For suggesting the idea of the Environmentalist skill.
  • Ligalig960: For the quest template.
  • Werequaza: For using Cantios in his fangame.
  • MonsterHunterFlacko: For using Cantios in his fangames.

Below are versions of Cantios from other users Fangames

Cantios (Monster Hunter - Fusion Of Eras)

Cantios (MHFE)
Cantios (MHOGen) by Rio
Titles Environmental Master, The Shapeshifter, Undrea Killer
Nicknames Can't, Kantosu
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats All Main Areas In MHFE
Size Large
Relatives Shadow Cantios
Signature Move Undrean Claw Slash
Elements None
Ailments Status Undrea
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Old Design: (The above section of the page): Chaoarren

New Design: (This section): Rathalosaurus rioreurensis

This is a very special Flying Wyvern, that has been seen inhabiting all environments, much like Seregios. However it is has the strange and shocking ability to change its shape by flexing and by pumping more blood into for example his arms, and can live and hunt in every type of area he is currently in.


Cantios Icon by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis A Flying Wyvern, known in Manano for a long time. The population had been small for ages only to explode in current times. Where did the huge amounts come from?

Cantios looks just like an average Flying Wyvern, with (at first look) no special features. But as soon as he starts fighting you, it reveals its true power. The Cantios found in the Belurius Region look different than those found in any other regions, because they are sort of a subspecies of the regular Cantios. Because of this, those special Cantios have found new ways to use the Undrea, performing new, strong attacks.


Because of them being a Separate Species, they can use the Undrea in more unique ways - though some attacks are done in fashion of Rathalos, Deviljho, Barioth, etc.. Whenever a Cantios appears in an area, he will claim it and will kill everything that could be a potential threat.

Introduction Cutscene

King Of All Terrians!

  • Location: Jungle (2nd gen), Night, Area 7
  • Synopsis: The Hunter enters the cave, looking upwards, only to see something enter the area through a hole in the high ''roof''. It is a Cantios! The Wyvern lands and walks towards a carcass, lying almost in the centre of the area. The hunter tries to sneak up to the Cantios, as it turns around, blood coming out of its mouth. The hunter freezes, as the Cantios opens its wings, grabs the carcass and tries to smash the hunter, hitting only the floor several times. The hunter wants to throw a knife, but the Cantios grabs it with its mouth and crushes it. The hunter starts to run away, the Cantios is faster. It grabs the hunter with its foot claws. The hunter starts to shake and shrug, but the Cantios has an iron-like grab. The Cantios hisses and the fight starts with the hunter being pinned...

Beginning Quest Of Cantios In MHFE

Master over Everything_____ LV ★★★★★★★★★
Cantios MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Hunt 1 Cantios
Reward: 8100z Location: Jurassic Frontier
Contract Fee: 900z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Wound the Cantios's chest Sub.Reward: 1200z
Other Monsters:

Maccao, Rhenoplos, Nalmados

Client: Manano Village Chief

I already figured out how we can defend ourselves against the Nalmados. I will forge a special armor for myself, so that I can help you with that. For that armor I need Cantios materials - the Cantios that roams the Jurassic Frontier comes in handy!



MHFE Trivia

  • A Cantios can be fought in Low Rank in a one time only quest.