Brichonis Orichadea Bratachia
BoB by Setheo
Titles Strong Green Flower Creature
Nicknames BoB
General Info
Species Chloro Wyvern
Habitats -
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Relatives None
Signature Move Pedal Leave Smash
Elements N/A
Ailments Status Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Fire,Element Ice
Creator Setheo


This true plant wyver is often found in high areas as also underground caves. Its sizes changes depending on temerature, place as also age. So that a hunter might once fight against a rather smaller Bob in the night and then a bigger example during the day. Its „wings“ which were once acctuatly limbs that grew during evolution to leaves or also flowers.They are often used to knockback enemies with raw power or through flapping.




A Bob has also a poison pouch, even though scientist wouldn’t call it realy poison but rather more an agressive liquid. When injured a Bob will press this poison out of its poison pouch and start covering itself with it. With this liquid it gains the ailment paralysis. It is said that there are quite a lot of lower evolved chloro wyvern that came out of this branch of evolution. So that a hunter might fight some similarities from this Wyver in a other kind.

This species is rather a distance combat wyvern, meaning it can also shoot seeds even not in rage mode.


It produces a sweet smell to lure Insects and other small creature and lay seeds in them. The seeds start to drain the water in their bodies and will so kill them. When dead a Bob will use its roots as arms and drag the prey under itself were all essential minerals are drained.

Most of the time it spreads its wings to gather as much sunlight as possible, making it hard for ojter plants around it to grow. This species curls itself together during the night to prefent the loss of warmth.

Breakable parts / Weakness Chart

Breakable parts

  • Wings
  • Antenna can be served
  • Roots
  • Head (can be broken thrice)


Possible Materials

  • BriOrchiBra Wings
  • Chloro dragon wings
  • BriOrchiBra antenna
  • dragon roots/ dragon roots+
  • heavy dragon roots/rotten dragon roots
  • burned dragon roots (only if bombed)
  • BriOrchibra thorns
  • BriOrchiBra leaves
  • Simple dragon leaves
  • BriOrchiBra poison pouch