Titles Small Sea Lotus Creature
Nicknames Lotus Head
General Info
Species Lynian
Habitats Ponds, Swamp
Size N/A
Relatives N/A
Signature Move N/A
Elements N/A
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator Setheo

Lynians who have made the Lotus to their "Symbol" and way of life. Much like Veggie elders.


None really known, aside that they just float on the water surface. Hunters are able to place bombs on them in water areas, making it able to "bomb" sleeping Creatures that float on the water surface, thought this will result that all other Bulbobs near the Hunter in that area will dive and hide underwater.


Floating all day on the water suface, these creatures do nothing but sunbathing and eating from small critters. Hunter have said to see these creatures as "Transporters" for other Lyninans to bring them from one side of a river, sea or Pond to another. Perhaps they would do the same for hunters if they would be feed? ...


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