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MHW Unknown Monster Icon.png
Titles Crystalline Colossus
Nicknames Ben
General Info
Monster Class Sauridian
Habitats Wildspire Waste
Elder's Recess
Hoarfrost Reach
Guiding Lands
Size Large
Gold Crown Large.png1704.73 cm
Gold Crown Small.png1483.25 cm
Relatives Close Relatives

Warsunder Xerdralos

Distant Relatives

Signature Move Crystal Battery
Elements None
Ailments Status Crystallization.png Crystallisation
Weaknesses Thunder Thunder
Wind Wind
Creator Aucoustism

Benitrilos is a Sauridian first appearing in Monster Hunter World Cataclysm.


Benitrilos is a mid-sized yet long Sauridian, with a tail like a spiked whip. It is covered in many light and dark blue scales, with black scales along its back and on its legs. Like all Sauridians, it possesses four stout and powerful legs, and a long neck. This neck stretches horizontally, in a manner similar to a Diplodocus, though shorter. Its tail is very long and ends in a point not unlike a whip, studded with crystals along its length. Its head sports a pair of small horns, jutting backwards from its head, which are crystalline in nature. Its eyes are an orange-red in colour. Its back is covered in crystals, pale blue in colour, the largest situated above its shoulders.


Benitrilos is on the weaker side for a Sauridian, though can still batter its predators with its crystal-studded, whip-like tail or by kicking them with the spiky crystals on its legs. One manner of defence that works well however are the crystals lining its back, legs and tail. They can be detatched and stick to other creatures, draining their stamina as they do so, however are not strong enough to explode like the crystals on Akura Vashimu or Gemstone Dirudon.

Ecological Information

Placement in Food Chain

Benitrilos are strictly geovores, though are lower on the food chain, becoming prey to larger predators, particularly when separated from their herds.

Behavior Toward Other Monsters

Benitrilos will ignore almost all monsters, but will defend itself when predators try to take it down.


Benitrilos can leave Large Footprints and Crystal Chips on the ground, and Snapped Crystals on walls.

Specific Locale Interactions

Benitrilos will sometimes be seen wandering an area, munching on crystals or looking around nervously. Sometimes it can be seen sitting down to rest, watching the world go by around it.

Special Behavior

Benitrilos will sometimes be seen shaking a few crystals off its back when a predator is nearby, making the ground jagged between it and them.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State: Benitrilos will huff steam and the crystals on its back will glow slightly.
  • Tired State: Benitrilos will move more slowly and a couple of crystals will fall off its back, these may cause Crystallisation.



  • Roar: Benitrilos will release a loud bellow at Hunters, which requires Level 3 earplugs and above to block.
  • Forward Kick: Benitrilos will kick at a Hunter with one of its forelegs, which can damage and knock back any Hunters hit.
  • Back Kick: Benitrilos will kick at a Hunter with one of its hindlegs if they are behind it, which can damage and knock back any Hunters hit.
  • Rearing Slam: Benitrilos will rear up and slam both of its forelegs down onto a Hunter, which can damage and knock back any Hunters hit while causing minor tremors.
  • Tail Whip: Benitrilos will whip its tail towards a Hunter as it turns it body slightly, which can damage and knock back any Hunters hit.
  • Status Crystallization.pngBack Shake: Benitrilos will shake its back when Hunters are close to its sides, which rains down crystals on these Hunters, damaging and knocking them back slightly while inflicting Crystallisation on any Hunters stuck.
  • Status Crystallization.pngCrystal Stomp: Benitrilos will raise up one of its forelegs and stomp with greater force, knocking down a crystalwhile it does so, which can knock back, damage and inflict Crystallisation on any Hunter hit.
  • Status Crystallization.pngCharge: Benitrilos will lower its head and charge at a Hunter, knocking them in the air and slamming into the Benitrilos's back crystals before falling to the ground which can damage and inflict Crystallisation on any Hunter hit.


When enraged the crystals on the Benitrilos's back and tail will become larger and more active
  • Head Swing: Benitrilos will rear back its head before swining it in a horizontal arc, slamming into any in front of it Hunters, which can knock back and damage any Hunter hit.
  • Ramgape Stomps: Benitrilos will walk forwards while stomping 5 times, which can knock back and damage any Hunter hit by a stomp, but will make no crystals fall from its back.
  • Status Crystallization.pngTail Slam: Benitrilos will raise up its tail before slamming it into the ground, causing crystals to fly off in all directions, which can knock back, damage and inflict Crystallisation on any Hunter hit.
  • Status Crystallization.pngCrystal Battery: Benitrilos will raise its crystalline tail before whipping a Hunter, causing them to fly up into the air, before being slammed back down onto the ground by the same tail, which can knock back, damage and inflict Crystallisation on any Hunter hit.


Benitrilos can be mounted on their head, back, or tail. When its head is mounted; it will thrash it about or smash its head into a wall to knock the hunter off. When its back is mounted; it will thrash, stomp or smash the side of its body into a wall to knock the hunter off. If its tail is mounted; it will smash it into the ground, whip it around or smash it into a wall to knock the hunter off.

Breakable Parts/Damage Effectiveness

Physical Damage Effectiveness & Breakable Parts

Body Part Great Sword Icon White.png Cutting Damage Hammer Icon White.png Impact Damage Shot Icon White.svg Piercing Damage
Head (Breakable) ★★ ★★★ ★★
Forelegs (Breakable) ★★ ★★
Back (Breakable x2)
Back (Once Broken Twice) ★★ ★★ ★★
Hindlegs (Breakable)
Tail (Breakable Twice, Second is a Sever) ★★★ ★★ ★★

Elemental Effectiveness

Element Effectiveness
Element Fire.png Fire
Element Water.png Water ★★
Element Thunder.png Thunder ★★★
Element Ice.png Ice
Element Dragon.png Dragon
Element Earth.png Earth
Element Wind.png Wind ★★★
Element Nature.png Nature ★★
Element Aether.png Aether ★★
Element Void.png Void ★★

Status Ailments

Status Ailment Effectiveness
Status Poison.png Poison ★★★
Status Sleep.png Sleep ★★
Status Paralysis.png Paralysis ★★
Status Stun.png Stun ★★
Status Blastblight.png Blast
Status Corrosion.png Corrosion ★★★
Status Bleeding.png Bleeding
Status Confusion.png Confusion ★★
Element Light.png Light X

Shiny Item Drops

  • Monster Part Icon Blue.svg Wyvern Tear
  • Monster Part Icon Blue.svg Large Wyvern Tear

Material Drops

  • Scale Icon Light Blue.svg Benitrilos Lamina
  • Ore Icon Powder Blue.svg Crystal Chunk

Slinger Ammo

Benitrilos can drop Crystalburst when hit with a Clutch Claw attack.


MHW Unknown Monster Icon.png "A small yet long Sauridian that is capable of using the crystals on its back to defend itself against all manner of predators, alongside its whip-like tail. It can easily devour crystals, similarly to others in its home."


  • To regain stamina, Benitrilos will got to set locations and eat some of the crystals there.
  • Benitrilos's roar can be blocked with level 3 Earplugs.
  • Benitrilos can be carved 3 times.