(Not Huntable)
Titles Old Bush Desert Volk
Nicknames Fluffy
General Info
Species Lynian
Habitats All deserts
Size N/A
Relatives N/A
Signature Move N/A
Elements N/A
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses N/A
Creator Setheo

These Lynians use bushes and twigs from other places to hide in the Desert and to cool them down a bit. They like to trade with hunters.


Aside from the Derp Lynians these are the second "smartest" of their type. Although being not really smart they can see right away if the are being targeted by hunters or other creatures. Even when being attacked their leaves and branches, which grow on them, become suddenly hard as iron making a lot of weapons bounce if they don't have enough sharpness. Even element attacks are pretty much useless to them as they suck up that energy to build up an resistance to that element.


These Lynians are knwon to literatly float away by stronger winds and storms then suddently dropping like little bombs in the weirdest areas. Hunters have reported to see them rain in various areas such as Volcanos, Deserts and Tundras.


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