Bakzaru by DinoHunter2
Titles Drunken Monkey
Master of Sake
Nicknames Zaru
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Jungles
Size Large
Relatives Congalala
Signature Move Alcoholic melon throw
Elements None
Ailments Status Stun
Weaknesses Element IceElement Fire
Creator DinoHunter2
Bakzaru is a Fanged Beast known for producing alcohol.


Bakzaru is a monkey-like beast with white and green fur. Its arms are long and end in quite sharp claws and its prehensil tail helps to carry its preciated melons or other objects. It has two small horns in the head and features a big sac-like nose and small fangs coming from the mouth.


Bakzaru is a clever but very lazy primatius that's learned how to create alcohol by hoarding overripe fruit and letting it ferment. The trick was passed on from generation to generation and now the whole species has an adoration for alcoholic melons. Bakzaru keep huge stores of fruit in their lairs and smaller stores throughout their territory, sometimes carrying one with their tail or a few in their arms.


Bakzaru Icon
A clever beast that's learned to create alcohol by letting fruit ferment. It hoards rare melons in its lair and cultivates them until they are stronger than sake. Can work itself into quite the rage when intoxicated...


Throughout a fight the Bakzaru will feast on its hoard of melons, becoming more and more intoxicated. The drunker it gets, the more violent and unpredictable its attacks become... though it also becomes much sloppier, providing more and more openings for attack and sometimes even hurting itself. As it becomes drunk it will forget why it's carrying the melons and start hurling them; the giant over-ripe fruit are so potent that getting hit by them actually makes the hunter drunk. Inflicted with the Nightmare status produces hallucinations and the hunter's moves will be slowed. The more times the hunter is hit by a melon the worse this becomes, until finally the hunter passes out- which counts as a faint! The same tactic can be used against Bakzaru, however- luring it toward stores of fruit to encourage it to eat will continue to make it drunker and drunker. After eating enough it too can pass out, giving hunters a free opportunity to sleep-bomb. When in rage its nose swells up and turns red; its attacks become especially reckless and it can easily be tricked into pitfall traps or even running into walls.


  • Its tail and head can be damaged.