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MHW Unknown Monster Icon.png
Titles Cloudy Behemoth
The Mistwalker
Nicknames Bai
Cloud Lizard
General Info
Monster Class Behemoth
Habitats Ancient Forest
Wildspire Waste
Coral Highlands
Rotten Vale
Elder's Recess
Caverns of El Dorado
Ruins of Astera
Guiding Lands
Size Large
Gold Crown Large.png2732.74 cm
Gold Crown Small.png1792.17 cm
Relatives Close Relatives


Distant Relatives

Signature Move Mystic Clouds
Elements Aether Aether
Ailments Aetherblight Aetherblight
Weaknesses Dragon Dragon
Void Void
Creator Aucoustism

Baixiling is a Behemoth first appearing in Monster Hunter World Cataclysm.


Baixiling is a large, quadrupedal monster with a mixture of white and light grey scales, with darker grey plating on its underbelly. Across its back are rows of plate-like scales, with gaps in-between them so that Aether mist can be ejected. Its shoulders have thick spiked plating shooting upwards, giving the appearance of vestigial wings. It is very similar to a gorgonopsid in appearance, with somewhat straighter legs than its close relative, the Kurdanoth, however the Baixiling does retain somewhat splayed legs. Its legs end in clawed feet, each claw thick and sharp, and good for climbing over any terrain. Its tail is long and ends in a small club, and can be used like a battering whip. Its head is more pointed, with saber-like fangs jutting from its upper jaw and curving backwards, however the rest of its teeth are almost flat, like grinders, to chew up plant matter. In its sockets are a pair of red eyes, making the Baixiling similar to creatures with albinism in appearance, though it does not suffer from the condition.


The Baixiling is a large monster with strong limbs, which it mostly uses for climbing over all types of terrain, but can also use them to crush any would-be aggressors. Its long tail can whip at its foes very easily, battering them or flinging them away. The Baixiling utilises the Aether element by creating chemicals in several glands on its body, but mainly through a throat-sac. This creates a mist of Aether that always enshrouds the monster, particularly when enraged. These Aether clouds protect the monster from some attacks and are dangerous for creatures that come too close.

Ecological Information

Placement in Food Chain

Baixiling is an apex-level monster which mostly keeps to itself, but will defend itself from any predators that wish for its demise. It eats many types of plants, mushrooms and barks that it finds throughout the various locales it comes across.

Behaviour Toward Other Monsters

Baixiling will become aggressive when a large predator threatens them, readying itself for a fight.


Baixiling can leave Large Footprints and Glowing Ground on the ground, and Smash Mark on walls.

Specific Locale Interactions

Baixiling can sometimes be seen munching on plantlife found in whichever locale it is in at the time, or wandering the area. It can also be seen basking in certain elevated spots.

Special Behaviour

If Baixiling sees a large predator, it will eye them warily, readying itself to face off.

Unique Statuses

Baixiling can be affected by the Frenzy Virus and turn Frenzied as a result, and they've even been known to be capable of overcoming the Frenzy Virus and attaining the Apex State as a result. Baixiling could also be found in the Tempered, Hyper and Furied States.

  • Frenzied Baixiling have the usual changes of a Frenzied monster, inflicting the Status Frenzy Virus.png Frenzy Virus with bites and scratches
    • In High Rank, Frenzied Baixiling can reward Frenzy Crystal Icon Purple.svg Frenzy Crystals and Frenzy Crystal Icon Purple.svg Vile Frenzy Crystals.
    • In Master Rank, Frenzied Baixiling can reward Frenzy Crystal Icon Purple.svg Vile Frenzy Crystals and Frenzy Crystal Icon White.svg Pure Frenzy Crystals.
    • In Monster Hunter World Cataclysm's G Rank, Frenzied Baixiling can reward Frenzy Crystal Icon Purple.svg Frenzy Crystals.
  • Tempered Baixiling are considered Threat Lv2 Tempered Monsters and have the usual changes of a Tempered monster.
    • In High Rank, Tempered Baixiling can reward Streamstone Icon White.svg Sullied Streamstones and Streamstone Icon Orange.svg Shining Streamstones.
    • In Master Rank, Tempered Baixiling can reward Streamstone Icon Purple.svg Spiritvein Gems.
  • Baixiling could become a Furied Monster, inflicting Status Fury.png Fury with bites and scratches via the toxin running through its bloodstream, but not in Monster Hunter World Cataclysm.
  • Hyper Baixiling have the usual changes of a Hyper monster.
    • In High Rank, Hyper Baixiling can reward Medicine Icon Dark Purple.svg Hyper Extracts, Sac Icon Dark Purple.svg Hyper Aether Sac, Claw Icon Dark Purple.svg Hyper Claw+ and Shell Icon Dark Purple.svg Hyper Baixiling Carapace.
    • In Master Rank, Hyper Baixiling can reward Medicine Icon Dark Red.svg Potent Hyper Extracts, Sac Icon Dark Red.svg Hyper Solar Sac, Claw Icon Dark Red.svg Hyper Stoutclaw and Shell Icon Dark Red.svg Hyper Baixiling Cortex.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State: Baixiling will cover much of its body in Aether clouds, and its eyes will leave a golden-white trail.
  • Tired State: There will be no Aether clouds around Baixiling and it will occasionally pause for breath.



  • Roar: Baixiling will raise its head skyward and then unleash a loud bellowing roar, only blockable with max earplugs.
  • Body Tackle: Baixiling will brace for a moment before slamming its body forwards into a Hunter shoulder-first, which can damage and knock back any Hunter hit.
  • Headbutt: Baixiling will lower its head before jolting forwards, slamming its head into a Hunter, which can damage and knock any Hunter hit away.
  • Claw Smack: Baixiling will sweep its foreleg in a horizontal arc, which can damage and knock any Hunter hit away. This attack can be repeated once.
  • Tail Sweep: Baixiling will sweep its tail as it turns, which can damage and knock away any Hunters hit. This attack can be repeated twice.
  • Tail Slam: Baixiling will turn to face a Hunter with its tail before slamming it down on them, knocking away and damaging any Hunters hit by the attack.
  • Element Aether.pngCloudburst: Baixiling will use this attack to replenish the Aether clouds around itself, roaring as it quickly emits the clouds, knocking away and damaging Hunters hit by the attack while inflicting Aetherblight.
  • Element Aether.pngCloud Strike: Baixiling will bare its fangs and send a tendril-like cloud forwards as it sweeps its forelimb, which can damage and knock back any Hunters hit while inflicting Aetherblight.
  • Element Aether.pngMist Creep: Baixiling will shake its back, causing clouds to form four lines that shoot out in front of the monster, which can damage and knock back any Hunters hit while inflicting Aetherblight.


  • Body Slam: Baixiling will rear up before slamming down with its entire body, damaging and knocking back the Hunter hit.
  • Sweep and Smack: Baixiling will sweep its tail along the ground, knocking up Hunters hit before smacking them away with another tail strike, both hits damaging any Hunters hit and the second hit sending any hit flying backwards.
  • Element Aether.pngCloud Breath: Baixiling will bare its fangs before breathing out a flood of Aether clouds from its maw in a cone in front of it, which can damage and knock away any Hunters hit while also inflicting Aetherblight.
  • Element Aether.pngMist Vortex: Baixiling will twirl its tail in the air, gathering Aether clouds before sending this swirling vortex forwards, dragging in Hunters slightly, damaging and knocking away any Hunters while inflicting Aetherblight on any Hunters dragged into the clouds themselves.
  • Element Aether.pngMystic Clouds: Baixiling will begin dragging in Aether clouds to its body before letting out a loud roar, sending clouds floating out in all directions, growing larger as they float out, which deal continuous damage and inflict Aetherblight on anything that walks inside.


Baixiling can be mounted on its head, back, or tail. When its head is mounted; it will bite, thrash, and swing its head into walls to knock the hunter off. If its back is mounted; it will stomp the ground, spin, or smash the side of its body into a wall to knock the hunter off. If its tail is mounted; it will smash it into the ground, wave it repeatedly or swing it into a wall.

Breakable Parts/Damage Effectiveness

Damage Effectiveness

Head Icon White.svg Part Great Sword Icon White.png Slash Hammer Icon White.png Impact Shot Icon White.svg Shot
Head - Unbroken 25 35 20
Head - Broken Twice 40 65 35
Forelegs 40 40 40
Chest 10 10 10
Back 25 25 25
Hindlegs 10 10 10
Tail 60 25 30

Head Icon White.svg Part Fire Fire Water Water Ice Ice Thunder Thunder Dragon Dragon Earth Earth Wind Wind Nature Nature Aether Aether Void Void
Head - Unbroken 10 15 10 15 35 15 10 15 5 30
Head - Broken Twice 10 15 10 15 35 15 10 15 5 30
Forelegs 10 15 10 15 30 15 10 15 5 30
Chest 0 5 0 5 10 5 0 5 0 10
Back 0 10 0 10 25 10 0 10 0 35
Hindlegs 0 5 0 5 10 5 0 5 0 10
Tail 5 15 5 15 30 15 5 15 5 30

Status Effect Resistance Duration Damage Effectiveness
Poison Poison High 17 sec. 41/Effect ★★★
Sleep Sleep Medium 30 sec. N/A ★★☆
Paralysis Paralysis Low 4 sec. N/A ★☆☆
Stun Stun Medium 12 sec. N/A ★★☆
Blastblight Blast Low N/A 110/Effect ★☆☆
Corrosion Corrosion High 47 sec. N/A ★★★
Bleeding Bleeding Medium 14 sec. 26/Effect, 42/Effect ★★☆
Confusion Confusion Medium 9 sec. N/A ★★☆
Light Light Immune N/A N/A ☆☆☆
Exhaust Exhaust Low 24 sec. N/A ★☆☆

Item Effectiveness Effect Special Notes
Trap Icon Green.svg Pitfall Trap ★★☆ 7 Secs. N/A
Trap Icon Gold.svg Shock Trap ★★☆ 7 Secs. N/A
Trap Icon Light Green.svg Peco Trap ★★☆ Instant. N/A
Flash Bomb Flash Bomb ★☆☆ 4 Secs. N/A
Sonic Bomb Sonic Bomb ★☆☆ Light FLinch N/A
Dung Bomb Dung Bomb ★★★ Clears the Area after 3 seconds. N/A
Meat Meat ☆☆☆ N/A Baixiling will never go for meat due to its diet.

Breakable Parts

  • Head x1: Some of Baixiling's head spikes will be cut off.
  • Head x2: Baixiling will have a scar over its right eye, as well as one on the left part of its lips, peeling it back and exposing teeth.
  • Forelegs: Either of Baixiling's forelegs will have several of its claws chipped and plating cracked.
  • Back: The plating on Baixiling's back will be cracked and scarred all across its surface.
  • Tail: Baixiling's tail will be cut off at the club-like portion's base.

Shiny Item Drops

  • Monster Part Icon Blue.svg Wyvern Tear
  • Monster Part Icon Blue.svg Large Wyvern Tear

Material Drops

  • Scale Icon White.svg Baixiling Lamina
  • Shell Icon Grey.svg Baixiling Plate

Slinger Ammo

Baixiling drops Thorn Pods when hit with a Clutch Claw.


MHW Unknown Monster Icon.png "A nomadic Behemoth covered in bright scales with large claws and a club tail. It is almost constantly surrounded by a cloud of Aether element, which makes it seems as though it is a moving cloud. Many believe it to be a sign of fortune, though some would hunt them down for medicines."



  • To regain stamina, Baixiling will find and eat ant kind of plantlife.
  • Baixiling's roar requires max Earplugs to block.
  • Baixiling can be carved 3 times.